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  1. My idea for how Legendary Infusions could work could be similar to how the new account Swim Speed infusion works, where the infusion itself is relatively cheap, but the real cost comes from upgrading it. Legendary Infusions could be the logical conclusion to this system, where a full set of 25 infusions would only set you back maybe 300-400g worth of materials, but once you make them they'd be really weak at first, and you'd have to spend more to upgrade them to make them good. After crafting your legendary infusions, you would unlock a vendor with the following options: Stat Upgrade - Adds selectable stats to all Legendary Infusions. Cost scales exponentially with upgrade tier. Caps at +5. Costs gold plus your choice of Fractal, Raid, or WvW currency. Agony Upgrade - Increases the Agony Resistance granted by all Legendary Infusions by 1. Cost scales exponentially with each upgrade, capping at +30. Costs Agony Infusions + Fractal currency. WvW Upgrade - Requires at least 1 Stat Upgrade. Adds either "Increase damage to guards in WvW by 1%" or "Reduce damage from guards in WvW by 1%" effect, depending on chosen stat, to all Legendary Infusions. Costs WvW currency, 1 Tier only. Note that all upgrades would apply retroactively to any infusions crafted after purchasing the upgrades. I think this would be a pretty good way to do Legendary Infusions if those are ever introduced.
  2. Another way they could do it is just copy-paste the code from the new account-wide Swim Speed Infusion and give us an upgradeable Agony infusion that we can sink all the excess Agony Infusions we get into to eventually be able to get our 150 Agony in just one slot. Or alternatively, just get to to root of my issue and greatly nerf the price of statted Agony infusions. Right now a full set of 20 Mighty +9 infusions will set you back roughly 1,800g. That's as much as a Gen 1 Legendary Weapon, and way too much for just small boost to a single stat on 1 character. For reference a stat infusion from raids is 15g + 75 Magnetite, or 300g + 1,500 Magnetite for a full set, which I think is much more reasonable. The only problem is the raid infusions only give +5 AR, so they wouldn't be enough to let you hit 150AR by themselves. What I would like to see is the raid infusions buffed to +9 AR while keeping their price the same, and/or the price of statted +9 Infusions from Fractals being adjusted to be comparable to the raid infusions. I'd even be happy with Raid infusions being buffed to just +7, since that would mean a full set of them plus the Lv2 Account Agony augmentation would get you to exactly 150 AR.
  3. Look, I just want an account-wide AR systems so that A: I can do T4 dailies on more than 2 characters without needing to buy an additional 60g worth of infusions per character (and remember it's per build on characters you don't have legendary equipment for) and B: be able to switch to using the much cheaper WvW Stat Infusions for all content (It's unacceptable to me that a set of statted agony infusions costs nearly as much as a Gen 1 Legendary.)
  4. I think I'd have less an issue with agony infusions if swapping them out wasn't such a pain. I have legendary gear, why can't i click a box to swap out all of my infusions at once instead of having to do them one by one? If it's such as issue with people who already got full agony resistance on multiple characters, would adding Legendary infusions be better?
  5. Simple, you can take the infusions you already have out of your gear and spend them on account-wide Agony resistance, and if you have any leftover after hitting 150 you can sell them on the TP. This could be solved by simply setting the cap for Agony Resistance to 150, with only things like the Fractal Account Augments and the Tear of Alba being allowed to go beyond this limit.
  6. I really don't like how you have to get Agony Resist to 150 on a per character basis (and if you don't have legendary gear, a per build basis.) It makes it a pain to do Fractals on multiple characters, and it prevents me from using stat infusions (and before anyone brings it up, yes, statted Agony infusions do exist, but they're way too expensive. A full set of Mighty +9 infusions cost nearly as much as a Gen 1 Legendary Weapon.) I think a good way to implement account-wide Agony Res would be to simply add another tab to the Fractal Account Augmentations vendor where you can spend agony infusions to gain account-wide Agony Resistance, up to a maximum of 150. This could be balanced by costing more infusions than it would take to get a single character to 150 Agony Resistance, and/or require you to reach Personal Fractal Level 100 to unlock it.
  7. They took a full third of his HP away (from 32m to 22m.) On top of that you're doing more damage because he's not constantly corrupting your boons.
  8. *Name pending until I think of something that sounds cooler.* Commanders are veterans of countless battles, leading battalions of soldiers to victory against impossible odds. Commanders are known for peerless focus and discipline, having attained far greater control over their abilities than common Warriors. Spec Mechanic: Selectable Burst Level and Focus. Commander have learned to control their Adrenaline and Burst abilities to a far greater degree than most Warrior, and this is reflected in their first class mechanic; Unlike other Warrior Elite Specs, Commanders retain access to all 3 Burst levels, similar to Core Warriors. Unlike Core Warrior, whose Bursts are all-or-nothing, Commanders can choose what level of Burst they use regardless of how much Adrenaline they have, using F1, F2, and F3 for Lv1, 2, and 3 Bursts respectively. Commander's other class mechanic is their Focus bar, found directly above the Adrenaline bar. The Focus bar acts as a sort of reserve source of Adrenaline, with a maximum capacity of 30 Adrenaline. When in combat the Focus bar will automatically drain itself to fill the Adrenaline bar, at a rate of 3 Adrenaline per second. Filling the Focus bar is done simply by gaining Adrenaline while the Adrenaline bar is already full. The Focus bar will also automatically fill itself when out of combat, being a thematic representation of a Commander's ability to fight at full capacity at a moment's notice. Spec Utility: Formations. The Commander's unique utility skills are called Formations. Mechanically Formations can be considered a hybrid of Shouts and Stances; they apply to you and up to 4 other allied players in a radius around you like Shout, and they grant a unique buff that applies effects to their recipient for a duration, like how Stances do. Here are two examples I came up with: Shield Formation: You and your allies gain Health and Aegis every second. Gain additional health when Aegis blocks an attack. Duration: 4s. Wall Formation: You and your allies gain Stability and knock back foes around them every second. Duration: 5s. And that's my idea. Is the concept good? Any ideas to further refine this?
  9. I think it would be a really cool feature. Collecting skins is a huge part of GW2's endgame, and having a place to display and show off your collection would be so cool.
  10. Rampart Splitter - In addition to it's current effects, extends Berserk duration by 2 seconds when healing or granting boons to an ally. -Heal Berserker struggles with maintaining Berserk mode due to needing its utility slots for Shouts and Banners and doesn't have room for Rage skills. This change would go a long way toward making Heal Berserker more comfortable to play, as you wouldn't have the sudden jarring change in flow caused by your Berserk mode suddenly ending. Smash Brawler - Move Berserk extension effect off of this trait and onto Fatal Frenzy. -Would make maintaining Berserk mode easier for Condi Berserker, and would allow Heal Berserker to take Savage Instinct instead of Smash Brawler. Heat the Soul - In addition to it's current effect, it also makes the effects of Burst of Aggression apply to allies in a radius around the user. -Makes maintaining Quickness on the group a bit easier by providing an initial buffer, and makes tracking group quickness uptime without 3rd party programs easier by having less sources of selfish quickness (less difference between self-quickness and group quickness uptimes.) Eternal Champion - The ability to manually leave Berserk mode removed from this trait and made available by default regardless of traits. -Very frequently requested, this would make fights with transitional or invulnerability phases more friendly to Berserker, as when said phases happen you'd be ably to immediately leave Berserk and start again with a fresh rotation when the boss becomes attackable again. This would also combo well with the Heat the Soul changes, as the extra chunk of Quickness would make up for when we are unable to provide through our usual means.
  11. It confounds me that we still don't have a way to save our fashion to some sort of template. Every other aspect of GW2's transmog system is superb, and this is the one blemish on an otherwise near-perfect system. Before I played GW2 I played FFXIV, and the transmog system in that game is otherwise inferior across the board; you had to keep the physical items to use them as skins, the dyes and transmog charges were consumables that took up inventory space, and you could only have a finite number of skins available at a time. The one thing it has over GW2 is its Glamour Plate system, where you could save up to 24 custom outfits and instantly apply them. You could even link glamour plates to equipment loadouts. This is something GW2 desperately needs, and it would make sense from both a player and business perspective; players would love it because we'd have more freedom to switch up our looks, which means we'll be buying more skins, which means you will be making more money Anet. This is a feature we should have had years ago, and I'm shocked we still don't have it.
  12. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Darkspear_(skin) https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Dragon_Decade_Staff https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Forged_Staff_(skin) https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Fox_Fire_Staff https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Red_Crane_Staff https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Saltspray_Staff_(skin) https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Steel_Lotus_Staff https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Sunspear_(skin) https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Vinelord_Edgebloom_Staff https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/War_God's_Staff_(skin) These would all be fantastic skins for the new Spear weapon and it would be a waste to not port them over.
  13. And not "Wilds of Janthir?" Why break the "X of Y" naming scheme we had going on?
  14. By best guess is stuff normally exclusive to lounges will be sold in the gem store, and that a fully tricked-out Homestead will cost more than a permanent lounge pass so as to not invalidate lounges.
  15. *sigh* And here I thought I found a way to get rich quick.
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