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  1. The IBS maps work better now they are complete. Bjora released in half maps never felt quite right, but combined it’s a lot better. IBS had so much potential and the VA, characters, dialogue, strikes, atmosphere had started to build something special before it completely fell apart.
  2. Fractals are 5player which we already have an instance of. If doing something new with him, it needs to be a strike or a raid or seasonal open world.. But again, I’m not a fan of having him all year round. It would water down both his appeal and take away from Halloween.
  3. He can’t be all year round. He specifically can only enter the World when the barriers weaken during Halloween. Im not against a raid or strike though. Didn’t really like the labyrinth additions and changes this year, so a sep strike instance would be more pref for me
  4. Adding servers for a 10 year old mmo seem unlikely, esp given the population needed to sustain wvw. Unless it makes long term, financial sense, I can’t see any new regional servers
  5. Because the alternative is we all pay more. So the story is still locked behind a paywall no matter what, just like any mmo. GW2 is generally regarded as the most new player, casual friendly mmo around, but it is impossible to find a business model to please everyone. This is the one that has worked very well for the game for nigh on 10 years and keeping the story free when you login has helped encourage those players to stay. The lack of ls1 or a proper bridge to ls2 and the poor communication of how the living world works up front is a viable piece of feedback.
  6. It can be killed with 3-5 but it codependent on the random mechanics assigned I’m not in disagreement it’s prob in need of an adjustment, but given it is regularly beaten, there’s not much chance it happening and by the time Anet might get round to it, you’d prob have completed it
  7. The GW1 wiki and by association the GW2 wiki, is the perfect site to browse pretty much everything you need lifted from in game sources. There are plenty of intro pages, links to follow, timelines, history of the world etc to fill you in as little or as much as you want. There are also plenty of streamers out there who do recaps, but I don’t watch them so can’t give any first hand recommendations. There are also 3 tie in novels to GW2 - Edge of Destiny. Prob the least well written, but the prequel to the game and sets up the Dragons and the original story characters. It’s
  8. I know it’s been said, but you will notice a dramatic change in how DE’s are used. Not everywhere, but Heart of Thorns is big on little events adding up to big chains and map wide stories. Later seasons mix it up a bit more, but they are def used with more purpose whilst still keeping many of the little events crucial to the system. Verdant Brink, Drizzlewood Coast, Dragonstand, Dragonfall are significant examples. Path of Fire let go of these, but they learnt that lesson for later. You can see the prototypes in Orr where they were originally interlinked (an idea scrapp
  9. No it doesn’t. It’s never referred to again that I remember or at least utilised in any way. It’s just a throwaway piece for that episode There was certainly comments made about Charr joining the Shining Blade at the time of release as well as other details. It’s the weakest episode for me, although I like the beginning puzzles to rescue the operative and the end fight Your understanding of the Sylvari is a bit off though. There’s a shared connection to the Pale Tree and The Dream, but it’s not really hive mind in the classic sense.
  10. You don’t need to do the JP anymore, this was changed yesterday
  11. Great to see the fix. Hopefully they can be more anticipating going forward, but a fast patch is still good work. The irony is I gave the JP my customary quick go as I do every year (and fail miserably) only to reach the top for the first time ever and lose my way and miss one of the final platforms. Next year though…!
  12. It has a separate client with changes to various assests and how monetisation works, but yes it does
  13. For those struggling with it, there are several chests on the way up. They are very hard to spot because they merge with the platforms, but they are repeatable usually (sometimes not) on successive runs.
  14. Not much info at this time and will probably not much moreuntil after release. The only info we have is that EoD will combine solo friendly aspects as PoF did with the HoT focus of repeatable content. Anything more we will know after it drops, although see Emilie's comment above for more
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