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  1. The one Convergence they gave us can be. There's just not much to do in them and the loot is very one dimensional. The bosses are just a visual noise mess - it really doesn't matter which you get. They need more variety in the content and more uses for the essences.
  2. Start a new character if you can. You can then relearn and move back to your old toons when ready
  3. And Lotro (the supposed best mmo community of all time). And Anarchy. And so many others.
  4. Yeah fishing wasn't a mistake. I'm glad they added it. There's different people liking different things in this game. And - shocker - that's OK 😉
  5. I quite like some of these ideas. A trophy room especially
  6. Just why does Caudecus have such a large painting of Logan opposite his bed? And did Logan pose specifically for it? Just what happened to Hero-Tron after his role in baiting the Death Branded Shatterer? Is Blish still stuck in the belly of the beast? Why is Freezie warmed by throwing snowballs at him instead of just throwing fireballs at him? What happened to 'The Dragon Lab' now the Dragon's are dead? Did they just call it 'The Lab'? What is the backstory to Uncle Beemish's magical sword and does Auntie Beemish have a magical hammer to match? Will Prince Thorn make a comeback or has bitten off more candy than he can chew? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I ask the real questions everyone is just too afraid to ask!
  7. EoD Dragons has jade chests - you just need some jade battery cherge to open. They are otherwise scattered around for roamers to find. PoF has trade caches scattered around and buried treasure you can use a tool to track and trace Silverwastes has buried treasure chests (need keys and shovels though) Dry Top has buried treasure chests that appear around the ma during the sandstorm. SoTo has Arcane chests - lesser and greater - to find Drizzlewood has lost supply drops you can find with the homing tool
  8. Partly yes, but their history is a bit deeper than that. Masteries were developed from a community idea on the forums. We had something called the "collaborative development initiative" (CDI) after the disasterous reception to the original version of LS1 and headed by a lead developer, ideas were put forth, analysed and refined. One of the leading popular ideas was horizontal progression based on metroidvanias. This developed into the masteries system that was added to HoT
  9. No thank you, no GW3 wanted here - just more GW2 is enough for me.
  10. Who is the heir to the Krytan throne? Just how does Rytlock get his fur so soft?
  11. Map looks interesting. As long as there is more to it and more variety I will be happy. Are there new things to spend essences on? New bosses doesn't mean a lot if I'm going into tens of thousands essences just to see them. If it's in the blog, apologies I might have missed it
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