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  1. The main issue is that an expac assumes having a full mount and masteries from one of the Seasons. Only the skyscale seems to get such preferential treatment and that’s probably because it is so widely used. Def would be nice - I’d like to see more incentives even for the existing tracks, but it feels like abandoned content at this point
  2. I have no objection to seeing more. The races were fun despite popularity fizzling out almost immediately. I would be extremely surprised to see beetle content in the expansion though.
  3. To be honest I’m not sure why I’d be that fussed about their marketing. I know about it. I know about the release and anyone I know who I might play with does too. For me, that is all that matters. It’s the end of a story arc for a 10 year old game that’s doing pretty well for itself in a competitive market without having to spend huge sums of money on marketing. I’m not sure I understand the obsession round another business’ marketing when I’m sure they know what they’re doing with that side of things better than us. Im pretty certain they’ve grabbed a whole load of returning player
  4. More festivals would be overkill. Adding to the festivals is the only feasible option. In the same way Festival of the Four Winds and Queens Jubilee were merged, we could have an Aurene theme in the Grove during Dragonbash. I don’t really think we need to host festivals in all cities anyway since festivals are just filler between content drops, but that’s how I’d present it.
  5. Sub games still charge for expansions and Seasons are just episodic expansions with less features, but often more maps. GW2s model is cheaper n the long run, esp if you login during the initial release and get them for free
  6. Instance lengths in living story and expansions vary, but in general are not just a case of often being longer, but have more going on, especially terms of mechanics and fight complexity. There’s also more exposition, achievements within each instance and more interactive dialogue. There are virtually no mechanics in the personal story fights with a couple of exceptions, making the lieutenants of Zhaitan often feel trivial and unworthy to fight. Compare that to Glints Lair and the Shadow of the Dragon fights in S2 and some of the Season 3 fights and it is like two very different games.
  7. I like the structure of the PS and it’s campaign style. I just wish each instance had a bit more to it - but that’s just because we have spoiled by fuller instances later. I think what they tried to do with the story as an arc was pretty good andI like the crossing over of the dungeon story into the main arc and linking the prequel novel into the game by doing so. I prefer the large campaign style to the bitty, episodic stuff later, despite the clear improvements to dialogue and production values that evolved along the way. It’s also a shame the choices system was scrapped, but I understa
  8. My Norn can bench press the combined weight of Destiny’s Edge My Sylvari can bench press an acorn
  9. Roger that. Learn something new every day!
  10. What core deluxe version? Isn’t core free?
  11. It doesn’t add new content to them or revisit them in the story, but they are always populated and you often need to items and currencies for collections and achievements that get added over time. GW2’s great strength is that maps never go completely obsolete and always have players around to get things done.
  12. The maps are all excellent with lots of variety after HoT, but the gameplay remains at the same difficulty, albeit slightly more solo friendly. Most maps remain populated years on, so finding groups until EoD launches isn’t going to be an issue. They become steadily less vertical until Path of Fire which is more like the core maps with tougher mobs. I would say though, verdant brink is actually a community favourite map and is heralded for its design. I think when you hit Tangled Depths, you may find a map that might genuinely make you tear your hair out.
  13. The achievements are going nowhere and some are designed so that you can come back later. You can move onto a diff episode in season 3 and still work on your mastery as you play and thus avoid any grind. Remember these were part of content which had 3 months+ between episodes to fill Yes you will need masteries for some achievements at points in the game since some of them are testing your skill in using the mastery itself
  14. Elites were added in open world to bridge the gap between vets and champs based on a collaborative forum thread back in the early times and are usually solo able or at least duo orientated. Elites in dungeons however, are aimed at groups, but again bridge the difficulty between vets and champs. Not being able to beat an elite in a dungeon is not a slight on you, it’s the game working as designed - they simply have higher health pools and harder hitting attacks (they don’t usually have specific mechanics). Those able to beat harder dungeon mobs are just ahead of the average skill cur
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