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  1. that's exactly what I thought.Always a headache.First the unicorn that freaks out with those eyes.2nd the dragon with a horrible tiara on his face.3rd a lion with a crushed orc head. How to make so that GW2 doesn't make money, continued to make skins so missed at the level of the heads.If it's the same person who made in 3D these 3 skins I feel sorry for her.But for the good of the finances will have to find someone else. Next to that we have beautiful skin the turtle for example. Personally I think the turtle looks horribly disfigured and like it is probably in pain every waking second of its
  2. At first I didn't see anything wrong with it but after a second look I think you are right. Something is definitely off on it. The face looks very squished and the body is kind of squat.
  3. I would be in total support of a friend system overhaul. (Assuming they give us enough time to grab names from our list before the new system goes into place so we can re-add people. But it seems like a nobrainer that they would give a warning) I don't really understand why the system is the way it is.
  4. Last they spoke of their roadmap they said to expect something every month. But the things could be things like a new fractal or raid, a festival, or an episode. So this month is a fractal. Next month is a festival. I am guessing the next episode will be November at the soonest.
  5. Things like the vouchers get updated with the new items. I expect the new set to be added, but not while it is still a brand new item. Probably not until it is rotated out of the gem store at the very least.
  6. About angel wings/halos/devil horns: they are common thematic elements to many things across many cultures and religions. A lot of people enjoy these elements for purely design aesthetics and want to dress up their characters in such a way. So it makes sense to have them as optional skins people can get. About the stained glass wings: You are the one calling them church glass. Stained glass is even close to only being used in churches. This is on you.
  7. ooo yes, I want heavily armoured versions of all the mounts if possible
  8. By that reasoning any of the optional mounts would have to be excluded, including griffon, roller beetle, and skyscale
  9. IMO, this is what helps GW2 stand out from the rest of the genre: the decisions to not be like every other MMORPG. who cares.. what you think the game needs more players.and actually one of the critics this games gets often is it has ugly races.A lot of people care. And a lot of people play GW2 because it is not your generic fantasy world with generic fantasy races and furry bait. You just proposed that GW2 become a sellout.
  10. It is still useful in WvW. Just because something is no longer OP does not mean it is no longer useful.
  11. The game has diminishing returns. The longer you stay on one map, the less rewards you get. I think it kicks in after about an hour or so. But I am not sure.
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