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  1. The drop rate of the Pristine Dragon's Eyes is absurdly low which in turn makes the rich players buy them all to control the market. Then the average peasants players like myself and many others are unable to get the second eye. Can we get either; a) Increase the drop rate so rich players don't make another item borderline unobtainable. b) Make all dragons (Branded Shatterer/Teq/Drakkar/etc) have a chance at dropping it. c) Make a second achievement for a second eye infusion box Kind regards, Every normal player who doesn't have 5000g-10000g to complete the set.
  2. I was really hoping they would have the new fractal mote tonic in the vendor also if we didn't unlock it. Maybe next time.
  3. It's a video game, most issues are realistically "minor". That being said I'm I respect that is your subjective opinion. For myself, my friends in the RP community, tonic aficionados and people who like fractals it is not a necessarily a minor issue as it effects the core element of the game, to have fun. :) It already is possible for anyone who didn't do the original events or who didn't add them to novelty
  4. Some novelty items are fun to have readily usable plus some have benefits in not being added to novelty. For tonics it's just fun to have a mix of tonics in your shared inventory for really fast swaps. My friends and I do it a lot. Then with things like bobble-head and aviators box you can only put both down at the same time if they're not in novelty.
  5. Rewards have been limited to people who use novelty tab.If you don't own the chests from previous rush events you can use [sense of Community Trophies] to buy as many chests as you like.If you do own them and they're in your novelty tab you can't. Is there any way you can fix this so we can buy and chest even if it is in novelty?
  6. I love to take screenshots and mostly play this game enjoying the fashion aspect. I do all other content but love fashion wars the most.With that in mind I find the Aegis graphic (the shield you see on your arm) quite unfortunate.Even if it only came up in combat I would be happy. Having it come out when my weapons are drawn isn't needed.So I'm here to see the common consensus on what the community wants. Who knows, if enough of us are on board Anet might consider it.
  7. I for one would love to see this change. I hate having to click it every 5 minutes.When Anet increased the times on the halo and horns it made so many more people enjoy using them.
  8. Personally I like how subtle it is. I want to stack it with a queen bee if I get one to drop one day.
  9. The Liquid Aurillium infusion has 2 parts to the aura. The main bit, the gold sparkles and the secondary aura the bokeh effect.On Charr the gold sparkles don't show up. Has Anet ever mentioned a fix? It would be nice is an item this expensive worked as intended on all races. charrfashionmatters
  10. I can see where is was suppose to connect. It's just out of alignment. Besides this it's a lovely skin.
  11. The War God Greatsword has an issue where one of the chains don't connect
  12. I wish threads like this worked but in my experience Anet isn't all the best at listening and/or replying to them.I agree, the dagger nerfs are baffling at best.
  13. I really think the nerfs were tad overboard this time. Especially when you think dagger was suppose to be the weapon of choice for SBs.That being said I know there isn't a hope in hell of Anet listening so lets just find new builds and play the hand we were dealt as good as we can.
  14. This is what I want, the dual wvw/PvE infusion.Or 2 spots so I can put both in.
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