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  1. i am really enjoying the uniqueness of the spectres role. i could not get shadows saviour trait to work with the wells shadow stepping also improvisation doesn't trigger on steal but that same issue as a lot of the on steal triggered traits i expect they will get fixed. new i would find a reason for getting that magic wand privateer weapon sceptre.
  2. Can i have number 19 please for raffle account name: Nightmare.1234
  3. I think it be nice if moto made some new mini games based around a virtual reality setting like:just 3 ideas using a lot of available in game assets and mechanics to save dev time : tron inspired racer(tron style charr motorbikes with beetle racing physics (got have drifting), a track that supports at least 10 racers and has random generated course obstacles and Mario kart style power up and weapons ) : vitual shooting game mode team death match(arena with asura ray guns and char rifles etc requiring ammo mechanics team with most kills within the time limit wins really make use of the ingame
  4. Ele already has its drawbacks in place. Weaver has the heaviest drawbacks an elite spec has ever seen. Restricting access to important #3 weapon skills, and delaying access to #4 and #5 weapon skills which are usually critical for defense. The spec also gives a cd to every attunement when you do a swap, unlike core ele where only the attunement you swapped from goes on cd. Tempest's drawback is less obvious, but it's still there. When you use an overload your attunement goes on 20 seconds cd. This becomes even worse when you consider that they are the most interruptible skills ever with a 4 s
  5. I think Mesmer getting a f5 wouldn't be bad (like stealth idea) but what about if the elite specs got 1 less clone output slot. (yes some numbers for shatter traits on chrono might need tweaking but it would make the other specs less focused on spam and they both have very strong mechanics) soul beast I would prefer they have access to one pet like their soul split between the two entities. scrapper gyro only really useful in pvp, it not a very powerful extra mechanic.(if It was going have a drawback I would go with removing the cd on gyro and making it cost endurance to use)holo needs a drawb
  6. A lot of these sound interesting and I fully support adding draw backs to elite specs (hope more to come) some thinks that I would changemesmer: Blinding Dissipation. tying this to one type of shatter is very limiting and it on a shatter that condi focused what not useful to power builds. I would make it inflict blind when a clone is killed by an enemy (not shattered). this would punish people for hitting a wrong target, would stop ppl using the trait to secure stomps (what I use it for) and be useful for all builds.: confusing images nerf might be to heavy 25% would be better as a test first
  7. wonderful piece of art, I sculpt in my spare time so i can really appreciate the hard work that has to go into creations like this.hope to see more creations : )
  8. sounds promising, needs to be seen in action to be judged thou
  9. I love balance patches, hoping for nerfs to mirage, soulbeast and holo mainly with minor nerfs to core guard and spellbreaker and core ranger. Some reworks for underused weapons and utilities be nice as well.
  10. It looks like the bugged visual from spellbreaker full counter skill.
  11. Don't think Ben's job is to pander to your questions on the forum, that would be gaile (that's a big job even for her alone) , we are pretty lucky he responds to as much as he does.
  12. For example, we know that it doesn't always drop for solo players, sometimes not for 9 or 10 times in a row. If the chances are say 1-in-4 of a plate dropping while solo, then when there are four in the room, it's easy to see why only one might see it. If there are 20 in a room, it's possible that only one would get it. And if actually the expected 5 people got it, the other 15 might not know (since the plates others get are largely hidden from view). I don't mean that this widely-held theory is wrong; I just mean let's be careful not to assume it's true just because so many people believe it
  13. this bug can lead to some serious trolling if people stay in the room after they got the drop as it wont spawn till they leave the room, I just keep explaining the issue to people in map chat till it gets fixed. also try not overcrowd the room as it can lower the drop chance for people that been in there for a long time or find a quite time of the day or when a meta event on to go in. ive been doing my Mesmer duties portaling people into the next room if I get the drop and they been in a while so other mesmers do the same till this fixed
  14. I would really love an option to disable tool tip text in the settings, me and a rare few other people who rely on skill clicking get large amount of our screen obscured by giant tool tips (they getting longer) as someone who's played this game since launch with an xbox controller. I would love this feature added. Even a complex game with many buttons can be made more accessible for others players, adding this would help greatly. Oh also if possible can the ground targeting on skills be made to not cancel when u click a none targetable surface. So I can keep clicking without having to go dow
  15. one on its own any spec with no other ppl around its fine. but my eyes cant take anymore than one, same with scourges. so much screen clutter and effects. do think mirage is the second worse offender to scourges for annoying ness to play against the condi version is just disgusting with the sceptre and staff ambushes.
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