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  1. I think i really like the Jadepunk theme they are going for as for me i agree with the rest. Gw2 was never been classic high fanstasy. You have Humans and Silvari that are closer to high fanstasy stuff but Charr were always diesel/steam punk and Asura were always Sci-Fi. And many non-playable races follow this trend like Dwarves and Dredge. Tyria in gw2 is quite technologically advaced. We have teleport gates, holograms, tanks, flying machines, anti-grav tech, explosives, artillery , submarines etc since launch... So this variety makes everything stick. You can definitely make a completely hi
  2. Are you actually complaining that the optional things you find mundane and pointless are too expensive for you to get?
  3. You can always turn it off. Relax. Technology does not work this way. You cannot break your game. If you get crashes or glitches you can always revert to the normal renderer. And at worse you can always reinstall the game from scratch. There is nothing with using a different renderer that would make any permanent damage. You just deal with it as with any other bug that the game might have.
  4. I mean out-of-game markets. Like the ones the OP mentioned.
  5. You can always sell in overflow or similar groups without such (edit: or smaller) fees.
  6. Doing this would defeat the purpose of them existing in the first place. These maps already have a rewards system based on dedication and they wanted to also add a system of high RNG with high reward potential. Many people are really attracted by such low chance, high rewards potential even if they know it will probably never to happen to them. Its basically like the lottery. Not all but quite a few. They they also added such a system as well and work as an extra mental motive to play the maps. As you said they are selling once every few days. So its not impossible. Just very difficult. An
  7. Intuitively i would say its a bit low. I would expect at least more than 10k. But its tough to tell. That being said i would actually do a check with the typical boons and conditions on you and the golem. Better to have a common frame of reference with what is tested. Expect a 5% loss from using exotics, another 2-4% from not using infusions and if you are not using food also a loss of roughly 5k compared to the benchmark. So i would say that if you can hit like 20-25k with correct conditions and boons its ok.
  8. They are much easier than raids and pretty relaxed. The possible roles and squads are similar but the requirement is much much lower. The only ones that need you to know what you are doing and need some skill are the boneskinner and the whisper of jormag and they are much easier than a raid encounter and you can get carried by good healers. You can just LFG without much issues. Just avoid any squad asking for KP or Li. I have no issues with KP in a raid or a CM but asking them on strikes (even the tough ones) is kinda insane and implies that the people do not understand the game enough tha
  9. It is always allowed. The person that told you this is wrong. I have never seen Anet partially allowing a 3rd party tool. If there is a feature they do not like they instruct that it is removed.
  10. Do not sell you self short. The raid requirements in terms of skill are not that great. Just a bit of gamer homework 😛 The reason many believe that it is hard is that their first contact with the environment is the LFG. But you should never start there but learn with guidies or training communities that make the barrier of entry much much lower. That if course if you personally enjoy the mode. Otherwise do not bother and go for the other options. Check this link if you want to start: https://snowcrows.com/community/raid-training Google the names of the communities and you should be able t
  11. All Good replies. If you want more in depth guides on gearing and starting out on PvP/WvW Check these: https://metabattle.com/wiki/Guide:How_to_Gear_a_Character https://guildjen.com/2020/07/25/beginners-guide-to-gw2-pvp/ https://guildjen.com/2021/01/01/beginners-guide-to-guild-wars-2-world-vs-world/
  12. We will not since you cannot accept the idea of not getting a reward of a mode you do not enjoy. But you need to understand how nonconstructive this idea is of having all rewards not matter what i play and no matter the skill. I never play WvW. The WvW back-piece is forever out of my reach. But i do not care and i should not be asking for that back-piece to find itself in a mode i play. It would trivialize the effort dedicated players in WvW did and it would remove a bit of the satisfaction for dedicated WvW play and for new people motive to play the mode. Flattening the reqs for every rewa
  13. WvW and PvP are asking you to play the mode. PvE is the game mode. Raid and open world are not different modes even though they might be in the mind of some. It is one mode and you need to do most of it to get the best rewards. What you are asking for PvE armor would be the equivalent of asking to get the armor in PvP just by playing unranked.
  14. Balance shifts all the time. It just so happens that these day these are the OP parts. They are addressing it in the next balance patch. And EoD will probably shift that completely as well. Balance in PvP is not easy and some Specs will come up on top. That is kinda natural. The issue is that the balance patches should happen more often for that to not be a problem .
  15. It is not enough. The per piece value is now close to a gen1 legendary weapon + plus raid clears and there is a reason for it. An armor piece is more valuable than a single weapon. Its literally the last piece you will ever make for that type of armor ever again. Best PvE gear without needed at least a bit of the hardest PvE content in the game is a hand out. It cheapens the game. Many people think that the Envoy armor is raid armor. But it is not true. If you actually make it Envoy Armor is All-PvE-Armor and requires both raids and a good deal of open world and gold farming. And that is what
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