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  1. What stealth, port, invuln need is a debuf to damage for a period of time after leaving it. Make it a strategic positioning choice, but at the cost of damage (condi or physical). Teleport ganks from behind a wall where you can't view the opponent should not be a full damage hitting thing. Repeatedly stealthing so that no counter attack is possible should come at the cost of not doing as much with each poke. If you want to do more, you stay out of stealth longer... thus allowing for the chance of retaliation.
  2. I can't approach a Vindi, so I have to range it. Getting to the other side of a field when your trying to keep out of dodge spam distance is not possible with my class, especially since they can ... you know turn. The way to do that against holo is get close and run through them, and then run back etc.... you do that to a vindi and I literally last a second. So holo you can deal with.... vindi no way getting close is going to get you anything but dead on my class.
  3. Spear seems not very useful in PvP for scrapper. The lack of defence on a relatively close range weapon means your glass cannon self will just get nuked. Hammer is much more viable or a shield offhand. I can't see this working at all as it is. it is possible you have introduced a weapon even less useful for scrapper than the bow is. And that's quite an accomplishment.
  4. you forgot port, invuln, and block/evade spam. Also just as important as the previous.
  5. I can tell from this list of the most egregious offenders that they are clearly going to nerf scrapper again 🙂
  6. Engi sort of doesn't get the benefit of the single stat condi effect. When it tries to go condi, its firearm tramline is tied to making crits. So in that way it forces you to also want precision or you take a hit. Maybe other classes should have more of their condi functionality being tied to precision?
  7. Where do you find out about the cheating and the consequences?
  8. Not sure if that's a game balancing / coding Dev.. or a support guy.
  9. "3. Deadeye - The only reason people think this class is good, is because the people who run speed/tele hack on it make it look good. When played legitimately, this class is still a complete liability to have on your team." I think this class is very strong in the right hands... It is not always a liability. There's folks like ooou aaah or whatever that has a condi build on DE that's pretty brutal. I'd also say that daredevil pistol sword is one of the top classes out there.
  10. Killing hackers in the .5 seconds it takes them to map port! Nothing says fun like humiliating someone who's cheating.
  11. no, if your class wins at MAT your totally unrelated build will probably see some clown shoe aimed nerf that totally misses the MAT build and flattens you.
  12. absolutely... you can do well with it... you just won't feel like a tanky fighter which is what he asked for.
  13. they show up when you send your pet in 🙂
  14. he said tanky team fighter... so not scrapper 🙂. The only way its at all relevant (power variants, cause condi scrap is a meme) is if your running almost all damaging traits (Zerker army, scholar rune (maybe maybe scrapper)). So you will not be tanky. If you build at all tanky you'll be irrelevant. In anything close to a meta build you will be extremely susceptible to CC and will not be able to withstand condi. So in short if you want a tanky team fighter do not look at scrapper. or build some super off meta build that other classes could do better. Ele is not easy to play... but its worth investing in for a team fighter that can stay alive.
  15. Errrr... you mean aside from the literal chain CC you till your dead capability 🙂
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