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  1. I think you misunderstood. Its only a cap for entry into the league from placement to placing, and not for the entire season.
  2. I think peeps are a little confused. I mean from placement to league placing. Not the entire season. Of course they can climb after that.
  3. I think peeps are a little confused. I mean from placement to league placing. Not the entire season. Of course they can climb after that.
  4. Just a note. My intention isnt to rag on the mode or players at all. Just wanted some open discussion ^^
  5. Hey all, New player pvp experience is usually pretty poor in PvP. Speaking to a few players tonight, they are being entered for their first ever ranked league into gold 3 and even above. Sure, players can have natural skill, but more often than not they have had a pretty sweet run in their qualifying games .. but then what happens? The reality hits and now they can see a rating that aligns with their division. Up untill this point the experience is likely fairly positive. After their first game of ranked, having gone through the placement process they lose a game. -X rating, which is higher at the beginning of the season as its still technically part of the placement process without having the placement UI enabled. Youre still being placed. The negative impact of the rating graphic hits new players the hardest. Hell, it hits everyone pretty hard, and doesnt feel good. The new player Id bet probably quits PvP within 30 games of ranked play. So, what could change? Id argue that NEW players cannot advance to above Silver 3 after placements. Placing lower will likely give them a steadier experience than being catapulted down the ratings to eventually hit 3 divisions lower because they may have had a poor run post placement run. Gold is synnonymous with being average to above average at PvP in GW2. Being placed in silver will give the initial first goal, and logical expectation of having to spend some time, or gain some experience to reach gold rather than hitting gold after placement and plumitting down the ranks. Its an experience Ive heard from many a new player, and wondered about others thoughts. Cheers o7 Jebro
  6. Revenant was META for a long time in the past... maybe not so much recently but it also had its time in the OP spotlight.
  7. It cant be win trading galore.... thats the point. If a DC occurs for the time period the game just ends earlier, itll be the same, just kicking players earlier to the lobby. Read the original post. Also thats not at all what people in the thread have said. Id appreciate the reasons why you think that would occur, when its literally the system thats in place now, but players get booted to the lobby saving them time waiting in an unfair game.
  8. Thank you for doing this ❤️
  9. Game one of the brand new season and its a 4v5. Waiting 10 minutes for the game to end. ALSO... If you LOSE that 4v5, with a DC and you are playing placement games, that game counts as a LOSS. Bare in mind, you are 4v5 with a dc at the start. That feels a little crappy ^^ Im really hoping a dev can perhaps step in with some feedback as to whether this could be a possibility.
  10. LOVING the feedback! I feel like this really is a viable option for the game mode 🙂
  11. Its unfortunate that our first thought is to "how will people take advantage of this.". Unfortunately thats where we are, but also, there are biable systems in many pvp focused games that our mode could learn from. I think there is a step that canbe taken, but because of that "how will people mess with it" that step hasnt been taken. Id argue ranked is NOT a good way to see skill of players in all honesty. We dont have enough regions, duo queue, population size, game quality etc all affect this skewed way of how we rate players in the game currently.
  12. Again. This would be after the 2 minutes where the team with the DC would NOT lose rank points. It would simply speed the process of getting out of the game, and there is the option to leave. Also the chances of your situation happening after a DC of more than 2 mins is slim to none ^^
  13. Aye this is the other though basicallly!
  14. Hi all! I dont often visit the forums anymore but I wanted to throw this out there. When games begin 4v5 (and remain so), or end up being 4v5 due to dc's, players often end up waiting out a game for the next 8-10 minutes. Im not calling for an all out surrender button, but an auto game end/or option to surrender ONLY if there is a DC. Losing team wont lose rank points, winning team gains, very much in the same way they do now. Before we get peeps coming into the thread saying they are winnable, yes I know. But I am willing to wager a good amount of gold that those chances for the casual to higher end player base are very slim. The population feels small, lets get players into decent games that are 5v5, and back into the system to create faster pops for our community. Cheers Jebro
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