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  1. Thank you Inculpatus. I forgot to check how many was in there before I made it, but there is one in there. :)
  2. Hello, I spent expensive mats to make a female holo dancer that was sent to processing, but it has not shown up in the Assembly Device.
  3. Hello, I was very excited to create The Moot, to have my own personal disco ball AND dance floor!! I thought the dance floor footfalls would be visible when my char dances, but sadly, no :'( . Can this be done please? And how about having the disco ball appear over the character's head when dancing? PLEASE?
  4. Hello! I need Magnus' Right Eye Patch! Please. Also awaiting the return of Starlight Wings Backpack. Please. :)
  5. Hello, I'm wishing for the Starlight Wings backpack and glider combo to appear during the March sales. :)
  6. Using the XP booster added nothing. :'( Meaning, only what I earned in game was reflected in the rank bar. No boost.
  7. Thank you for taking the time to check! I thought the same thing about "all gamemodes". I saw that wiki and used it to determine if the booster was working the last time I used one. My end game total ranges from 1510 to 1525 if we win. I even checked to see if any extra was added directly on the bar count, but it wasn't any more than the end game total. I will go ahead and test it again, then follow up with a post.
  8. I am unclear. I've found info indicating that it should, but also players saying that there was no extra (from the end of match total) on the exp bar after the match. I tested it months ago but reluctant to waste the boosters to test again. Is it a bug? What exactly does "experience in all game types/modes" mean? Thanks.
  9. Hello, will this set become available to buy with statuettes?
  10. Thank you for the update. I don't know what a skill split means. Regardless of nerfing and buffing, there will always be players who are more skilled (quicker with the keys, more knowledgeable about build and rotation, etc.) than others. So when I think of pvp balance, I think more of the team matchups. It's so much more exhilarating to play against people of equal (or close to it) skill, where points are neck in neck. As it is, I only come across a few of those, but more often it's against better skilled players whose only challenge is to keep us from scoring because they can down an oppo
  11. Anyone? Am I missing something about what "bonus experience in all game modes" means?
  12. Update:I tried going back to this event a few times and caught it at the beginning of the event train, which played out with no bugs.
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