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  1. Tempest was nerfed into the dirt, years ago. My tempest is a crafter, now-a-days.
  2. This update just buffed the 1-1-1-blob meta, again. Why bother with builds? Why bother learning skills, or rotations. Just run in a massive blob like a noob, hitting 1 and w. Every stinking update lately, has been horrifying. Who is balancing this stuff?! Do A-net devs only only play PvE? Are you afraid your avatar will die? News flash, it's a temporary death and doesn't hurt IRL. Damage should be OK, and one should be able to take the enemy by surprise and have some level of strategy (like you know, builds, damage...coordinated gameplay...I know that sounds crazy and all...). PLEASE
  3. It's a little gold item you end up with in your inventory when you kill 100 players in WvW. It can be used to make the new legendary rings. Many of us who play WvW a lot, now have more Emblems of the Avenger than we have ring fingers on all of our alts. Yes, we could take time to delete them (which is mildly obnoxious), but there is this fear that Anet will come up with something else that these might be used for. If items can be be sold to a vendor, then at least it 'feels' like we won't be hit later with another legendary item that might take a large quantity of these. If say a legenda
  4. Scores only matter when you still have server pride.
  5. Actually, I want the ring for the ability to change stats. I do NOT want to have to put up with the stupid balls attached to it. If I PvE'd anymore, I'd be pissed that it didn't go with my armor.
  6. Please, for the love of Dwayna, can we stop this? Please, please, please quit adding shiny graphics to WvW. Quit designing PvE items for WvW. (This is starting to look like one of those really junky Korean pay to win games that most of us chose to avoid...if I wanted to play one of those, well, there are plenty out there that look like drug induced hallucinations of fireworks that would make a 5-year old jump up and down in glee) People with graphics or connectivity issues are suffering, and some of these guys are really good players who I greatly enjoy gaming with. I've known several play
  7. Is there any way to get rid of that ball? I want legendary abilities, but I don't want the graphics.
  8. If you modify healing/damage slightly to fix balance issues, or you change the number of allies/enemies affected by AOE, that is OK. If it's too extreme, you will make balance issues worse, but the players will figure it out. If I suddenly find a skill useless, I'll stop using it, and switch to something else, or switch classes until everyone is playing the same thing. My problem with this split is skill timing. I am a good player who learns the timing of my skills. I don't have to look to know when a skill is ready, or when I can click the next button for the next skill. Whenever there i
  9. Consider this a report of a server issue:I normally don't have lag issues, but right about Wintersday time, I started noticing significant skill lag in WvW (note this year that bell choir is also pretty much unplayable, and that used to be my fav part of wintersday, so I suspect there is a general PvP issue...could be coincidence). This morning, in WvW, everyone on my server and the enemy servers suddenly disconnected during a truly great fight (fightus interruptus is a terrible thing) which some people believe is due to some sort of exploit. Regardless, this evening, the lag has now hit me
  10. I'm wondering why people still play this game. Why not just quit and play something else? Or will I hear the same "I made friends here" or "no alternative" comments? I enjoy the comradery of fighting along side people I've learned I can depend on in a fight which is why I never liked EoTM, and started looking at other games when server linking became a thing. It requires more strategy than PvP (which bored me within minutes). PvE, to me, is a different game, altogether. I really tried to make myself like the warclaw, but not long after it came out, I stopped playing GW2 for about 3 months (
  11. Different character didn't work. Repair didn't work.
  12. Problem solved. When placing any of the four ingredients for "Gift of Warfare" into the mystic forge, the other three grey out (mystic essence of strategy, mystic essence of animosity,mystic essence of carnage, mystic essence of annihilation). If I try to force all four in, the button to forge remains grey. Have tried placing them into the forge in different orders. Have also tried five different mystic forges.
  13. Alliances - At best feels like EoTM which is impersonal. Part of WvW was part of something bigger: Rooting for you favorite sports team AND being a part of helping them win. Better than TV sports!At worst, you have people on your "allied" server who work against you, because they aren't repping their own server. I'm on a larger server, but I have to ask how bad does this suck to not even be able to rep your own server? If I was on a smaller sub-server, I'm pretty sure I would have quit months ago. Mounts - I know it's too late to remove them, but...OMFG! The speed buff is like very other
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