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  1. You can be matched with totally newbies while opposite team have full of top players.
  2. Btw celestial/minstrel gear or nothing, blobbing, boon balling, always on strong server/community, transfer if you are not on, waiting for 50+ queue, that's the correct way of WvW. If you refuse correct way then you will be punished by perma que'd servers.
  3. Dude It's correct way of WvW. You need to enjoy chasing zerging solo with 50πŸ˜„
  4. cele is superior to zerker/marauder even with non condi builds. vallun found it few years ago.
  5. fight on point guy, afk on node guy is majority now since End of Dragons expansion. our stress level is incredible.
  6. my biggest concern is player's skills and knowledge experience gap. new or lazy players don't know what to do against certain opponents, keep getting pulled by mesmer, easily attracted by full minstrel spellbreaker or any tanky builds/classess while their dps classess are free casting. and then such players tend to afk inside keep, stand on walls watching allies die, permanently on siege while enemy is far away from siege range etc. when commander tag is up, they play normaly but when commander tag is not there, they play really bad like a bot.
  7. Probably newbs who doesn't know HoT era, and newbs who doesn't know old specs are complaining DH atm. DH is just a scapegoat. Fire Weaver OP! Shield Chrono OP! Core Necro OP! will be happen in the future.
  8. I love dragonhunter and this game's guardian mechanics. Warrior mechanics is also really good. Hope some other new MMOs will copy them.
  9. I have played Lord of the Rings online, that game 's pvp have such rating system, and It encourages coward/dirty/zergy game play. I hate it. Rating won't indicate true player skills same like WvW Rank. And I'm sure most rating lovers want easy killing situation for their precious.πŸ˜Άβ€πŸŒ«οΈ
  10. Someone said 1600 is new Plat 1 1500 is new Gold 3 few years ago probably it was 2018. So current Gold 2 (1300-1399rating) can be new standard.πŸ‘
  11. I guess Vallun stopped shoutcast about GW2 PvP mAT because of wintrading. Last month Miaz or his follower made another wintrading thread, I guess it was Phoenix's turn but IDK i already forget who did wintrade last month. And most of us already don't care mAT NA.
  12. Everyone is playing other games atm I guess. Baldur's Gate 3 is quite fun 50-100hours. You can forget this dumb game for a while πŸ‘
  13. It was already tanky with certain herald's traits but I didnt know it works like that. Hope my wvw full minstrel herald can do same performance to troll players.
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