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  1. Joyce of PvP come from players.This change is better than nothing for low population game but that won't make big impact.We demand more players who can entertain ourselves like streamers, youtubers, or any other funny one.I am just dreaming cus I have no talents :s
  2. according to JRPGGun = cool, trickyLongbow = strong
  3. We were all young. Hope your legacy continue on this game or another world.
  4. I saw you when hotjoin was a thing. Imo That was fun era even mostly My pug team got totally ganked by you and your friends on 8v8.
  5. Everyone is good person outside game I guess.Internet is evil, I hope we can go back to offline era like 1980's.
  6. Im waiting for hard ban.please release me.
  7. forum is for bad players and kids right now
  8. This game is full of frustration :astonished: Infinite skill gap is the main reason.Clueless team mate ruin your game, and mostly frustration comes from your team mate, that's tough experience for every veteran players.Even in WvW, I feel bad sometimes.
  9. watch top level streamersplay 10000games salty experience makes you stronger
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