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  1. I don't understand how they conceived such a misguided change. They got rid of everything that was interesting and balanced about the design of Mantras. Now in PvP they'll either be bad (so they're not played at all) or stupid (when they see play - the design allows for very little counterplay).
  2. Thanks for the follow up, although it doesn't really nerf condi firebrand. But that was probably intentional. Just one more thing: Please revisit the Mantra changes! I really despise them. I think they're boring, unnecessary and all they accomplish is make the game less interesting. They're just bad. I beg you to reconsider and keep Mantras as is until you figure out a more appropriate balance direction.
  3. With the torment change you could unsplit the d.amage coefficient. Make it 0.06 in both PvE and PvP while moving (currently it's split and 0.045 in PvP).
  4. The mantra changes don't seem good at all. I understand why you didn't like them in PvE, but for competitive game modes the design was sound. Why didn't you just reduce the cast times in PvE and make the final charges better? It's such a boring excuse of a "fix" to just remove their core functionality. The design wasn't the issue, the balance was. Why aren't there any meaningful balance changes for PvP and WvW? As the balance team you should make changes with all game modes in mind. All you will achieve with the current changes is cripple build diversity and exacerbate existing pr
  5. This mantra that taking things out is bad, or that nerfing is always bad and buffing good, is idiotic. Why is it always the same straw man with you guys? "Hey, nerfs are great and all, but maybe buff underperformers too"? "U just think nerfing is always bad and buffing is gud" Or in Justice's case, he points out that that buffs and nerfs are equally effective/innefective and are a complete red herring in the first place (there was a multi-page argument about this). His stance is that looking at buffs/nerfs as the sole means of balancing a game is a common mistake people and devs make, yet he
  6. This forum is such an abomination. Nothing but narrow-mindedness and silly complaints. The last patch was a big step forwards. Team fights and duels finally tend to end in kills. We'll just have to wait and see what the meta settles on. But for now it looks hell of a lot more fun and diverse than before.My only worry is that some people will run double support to keep the bunker meta going.
  7. Leaves room to buff it into something other than the lame sidenode decap role later. Yeah we're 9 years in. No one wants to wait 2 years for the "possibility" that a completely ruined class might get attention to become semi-viable. Druid had received nerfs to the actual skills/traits rather than it being handled with amulet removal. So when they remove Mender/Marshal to tend to 1 build on Scourge rather than nerfing the Scourge's actual traits/skill in question, Druid CA kit and the entire Druid specialization line will be completely useless outside of Ancient seeds. I mean USELESS capital a
  8. Leaves room to buff it into something other than the lame sidenode decap role later.
  9. Nice, happy easter to you, too!Praise CMC \o/
  10. SPvP isn't an MMO. It's a conquest game mode that requires good balancing to make it fun.But currently it plays like a boring game of standing on node. No fast-paced rotations, no momentum plays, just try and bog down the game - that's the winning strategy. Mender's plays a big part in that. Straight up removing it is sensible if you offer new options to keep support builds viable.
  11. I don't get your problem with removing Mender's. While build diversity is cool in an MMO we're talking about sPvP - a very specific game mode that gets insanely boring when half the players run a bunker build. Removing Mender's is the most effective and only viable way to fix that right now.
  12. I honestly think removing Mender's is the best change they can make. With the more sane damage level it has become the Magi's amulet of current day enabling bunkers left and right. It's just not a suitable amulet for conquest any longer. The sooner it's gone the better. The game mode will be better off.
  13. Thank you for the update! Especially the removal of Mender's is exciting news.
  14. They did a poll on implementing a system like that a long time ago, but it required locking profession swapping once you enter the queue (otherwise it could easily be exploited). In the end it was voted against.
  15. That's why all the really good PvP players quit ages ago, why the game has lost all entertainment value, why PvP population is seriously in jeopardy compared to how it used to thrive. Oh wait, you are so wrong.Spvp started to go wild when HoT added elite specs and its been a downhill trend/train since then. Balance will never come again. There are too many factors, and this is why Spvp has lost its population growth and its in a downhill trend. I don't think player numbers depend on balance at all. The more hype there is, the higher the numbers. Right now we're the few stuck with an 8 year ol
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