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  1. So yeah, hear me out here. 1st: Ammo system for Ranger Traps. Reduce the radius of each offensive trap to 120/180 (from 180/240), but you now gain 2/3 charges for each trap (Except Healing Spring, which gives you 2 Charges but retains the larger radius). Suddenly, going up against a Trapper Ranger on a point no longer means "Well he's dumped a bunch of traps on point", it means "Well he's got AT LEAST 3 traps hidden around the map somewhere, probably all around point." Even if they see you drop the traps, you can space them out in places where the enemy wants to kite, forcing him to dodge when he really wanted/needed to LoS you instead because Endurance is a precious resource. And what's worse than a Poison Field being snuck in exactly where you plan to heal up before re-engaging a fight on point? Fighting at mid? Placing one of your Healing Springs at a kite spot is gonna make your Bunker so happy. Placing one at Close will make your Thief even happier. And you'll still have one for yourself when you need it. 2nd: Trapper's Expertise gets a slight change: Rather than increasing Condition Duration, it now causes Traps to pulse 1 additional time! What? Not impressed? Well, Spike Trap is no longer useless, cause it's gonna pulse another Launch after the initial trigger. Even if they dodge into it they're gonna shoot high into the air. The Damaging traps take kind of a blow, but this is made up for by having 3 of them. Heck, Damage might need to be taken down a peg in PvE because of it, but that'd be left to see then.
  2. So for Symbols, would something like this possibly help make them more useful overall: Currently, Symbols do 20% of its total damage every second for 5s for most of the symbols (Think only Symbol of Protection from hammer is the odd one out there). What if an initial burst of damage did about 60% of a Symbol's damage, and the remaining 40% was split over the 5s duration. No change in total damage output but rather front-loading it to make symbol damage more reliable. The damage from the pulsing effect of the Symbol would become secondary, instead focusing more on Support. Another idea is to rework Symbols entirely in terms of function: Rather than being ground-targeted AoEs, Symbols will now target either the Guardian themselves or the target of their skill.Symbols are now mobile light fields that pulse Damage and other effects around the target and moves with them.Support-focused Symbols such as Symbol of Swiftness, Symbol of Faith or Symbol of Energy are centered on the Guardian.Offense-focused Symbols such as Symbol of Punishment, Symbol of Wrath or Symbol of Vengeance are centered on 1 target enemy.All Symbols still pulse Damage around them, but Offense-focused Symbols no longer pulse Boons to allies but rather Conditions to enemies (or bonus damage).Duration, Damage or Activation Times might have to be looked regarding offense-focused Symbols in this concepts, given that they'd stick to an enemy and pulse constant damage to them and nearby allies.
  3. Concept is an interesting starting point with a fundamental change to how Elementalist is played, while also having a clear trade-off. That being said, even if skills have the same animation they would, most likely, still be considered different skills mechanically if their properties changes with Attunement Swap. This especially so if we're talking additions of other animations such as lightning strikes and explosions. It's no longer 20 skills to design and balance, but still 80 Weapon Skills in total. And it goes without saying but that's A lot, definitely in the realm of "too much". A better solution to the "No Attunements-tied Skills" would be to have Skill 2-5 simply be one of each element, giving each weapon a Fire/Water/Air/Earth set-up with the auto-attack either being Arcane or a Mix of all elements (Like a Melee Chain skill that has 4 chains, one for each element). Attunements could be reworked to instead give a static buff to Weapon Skills rather than change them (E. g. Air Attunement granting +X% Critical Hit Chance or Earth Attunement granting +X% Condition Duration). There are a few things to note regarding skills and traits however: The Grandmaster traits are just straight-up Weaver's Profession Mechanic with the addition of a Crazy OP Cooldown Reset, and the Elite skill is for all practical intents and purposes just a worse version of the Weaver Elite. Many of the traits also seem lifted straight from other professions (Daredevil's Brawler's Tenacity and Warrior's Powerful Synergy are both there, for instance) and honestly feel like they're all over the place. The Specialization line is the meat of any Espec Concept and defines it not only for itself but against the other Especs as well. Try and work with the new mechanics some more: For instance improve upon the new venues afforded by weapon swap, such as the ability to fight at different ranges with different weapons whereas other Elementalist Specializations are relegated to a single one, by creating traits that urges and reward the player for kiting in and out of melee and range. TL;DR - Concept is good, approach is interesting but execution is a bit over-optimistic and haphazard. It's a good first draft, however.
  4. Swap weapons skills around a bit to fix staff and open more possibilities for Life Force generation with other weapons through the Soul Marks trait. Staff Necrotic GraspMark of BloodChillblainsDeathly Swarm - From Dagger OHEnfeebling Blood - From Dagger OHDagger Off-hand Putrid MarkReaper's MarkWith this change, Staff gets some more interactive gameplay and stronger Condition Damage game while still retaining a focus on Marks with the low-CD spammable ones. It also retains its Condition Cleansing utility with Deathly Swarm but trades its CC for more Bleeds, Weakness and Boon Corruption. Off-hand Dagger will now offer up more to Power-based builds while still retaining enough Utility to be interesting to Condition Builds. Now allows players to make some use of Soul Marks without being pidgeon-holed into playing staff for LF generation and grants them access to Fear to combo with Axe (Dread trait) or Scepter (Terror trait).
  5. The above translates to "DPS with high party support". Basically, you bring Banners along together with a few more important things, depending on whether you're playing Power or Condi. Banners have been changed a bit, they're now easier to upkeep 100% and move around between encounters (Picking them up now simply removes them and reduces the cooldown) while a new trait in Discipline massively increases your personal gain from them. Before, Bannerslaves could be excused for not bringing good DPS. Now, that's not really true anymore. Power Core warrior is a CC beast with high burst and relatively low DPS (Comparatively). You're pretty much there to smash Defiance Bars into nothingness and murderfy trash mobs (in fractals) with Axe 5 (And, of course, the obligatory banners). Power Core warrior is better against a few Raid Bosses and generally more useful in Fractals (Basically, whereever Burst damage is more useful than sustained DPS). The rotation is fairly simple and intuitive while using easily attained gear, so it's a great choice to start with. Condition Berserker trades the CC loadout for higher DPS and Ranged damage with the Longbow and Primal Sword Burst. Massive range, cleave and AoE Burning makes them excellent at dealing with adds or mechanics such as Gorse Orbs, Overseer adds and Sabetha turrets. Condition Berserker has better DPS so it's used against bosses where Condition Damage is allowed to ramp up to maximum effect and sees more use in Raids. The rotation has gotten a bit more complex and requires good timing, while using gear that is a bit more tricky to get a hold of due to being a Condi Class, so typically Power Core should be the first build you shoot for. Spellbreaker was played for a while against a single boss, but overall their kit simply isn't very useful in PvE scenarios due to a heavy focus on Boon Stripping, which is a lot more prevalent in PvP than PvE. Power Core Warrior is simply more useful in just about any situation where you'd consider playing a Spellbreaker in PvE at the moment.
  6. Created the Avenger concept sometime back because I personally wanna tank on a Guardian for once, it'd be pretty cool. But beyond that, Guardian got a Point-holder/DPS with Dragonhunter and a Boon Support/Healer/Condi mix with Firebrand, so for other modes Avenger could be specced into a powerful Duelist. Unlike Chrono Tank, Avenger would want to tank because they'd gain access to powerful Counter-attacks when they Block or Evade incoming attacks, along with several traits that increase the power when standing face-to-face with enemies. Class mechanic would be a Dodge replacement, where they gain a Channeled Parry instead of a Dodge roll that allows them to stand their ground reliably, after which they can launch Reprisal skills depending on their equipped weapon. Utility Skills would be Stances, which affect nearby Allies as well as the Avenger and can be traited to affect up to 10 Allies as well.
  7. No the lore does not, If they call upon asgeir then the spirits would take notice as we would become the incarnation of Asgeri himself and he is the ONLY norn who has ever been granted every spirits favor as well their blessing to the levels he had been. Plus The spirits of the wild are not like gods they do leave ripples in the mists which is evident from the personal story with the norn; The lore is just fine and I think it works perfectly. But lets be real....when has A-net EVER let the lore of this franchise stop ANYTHING they do? Thornwolf is correct here, but part of this is still on me. I worded it in a clumsy manner that pretty much directly implied the Broodslayer communes directly with the Spirits of the Wild, rather than have their attention from channeling Asgeir. It's less a "Chat with the spirits" and more like a "They've got their eyes on you, don't screw this up and you might get a pat on the head" kinda deal. Fixed that real quick.
  8. @Yannir.4132I hear your concerns there. I'm no professional on Balance, so I couldn't say for myself exactly how Apotheosis would work and where it requires buffs or nerfs myself, or which traits need to be changed in order for it to work.Defensive Boons is probably a good idea come to think of it. I went with offensive ones for Snowballing, but the energy boost is probably enough for that in the current iteration. Champion's Claim and its Capture-point prevention is a remnant of when it used to make them Invulnerable (Which was a bit too powerful, so I dialed it back, but must've forgotten to change things up there.)
  9. @"Yannir.4132"After some consideration, I do believe that you (And all the other people who called it) are correct in the assertion that a "Gauranteed" One-shot is too powerful. Having this skill merely hit for a metric truckload of damage, similar to Death's Judgement on Deadeye or Worldly Impact on Soulbeast, when empowered by Spirit Quests is probably enough for it to fulfill the fantasy of Asgeir's deeds. As for Apotheosis' Minor GM trait, I would like to stress that while Apotheosis has a 5s CD, it is still only available After the Broodslayer completes a Spirit Quest (Which requires you to spend 100 Energy while undertaking a Specific Trial) so the frequency at which it will be available is much less than every 5s. I'll probably cut it down a bit (Reduce it to 4 Condis cleansed and 4 Boons gained, with removal of the Defensive ones), but the Broodslayer focuses heavily on Snowballing potential, starting off relatively weak but growing stronger the longer a fight goes on, and I believe that Transcending History plays a key role in that department. Boons also have plenty of counterplay these days, and I made the base durations relatively short to make sure they don't stack up too far. @Wizardauz.3761The GS skills indeed follow the same logic as Reaper GS and Scrapper Hammer in that it is a slower but heavy-hitting weaponset. Deflecting Blow is the fastest skill available to it, but it only hits for respectable Damage when it blocks an attack mid-swing, meaning the Broodslayer must time it correctly in order to make use of it. The Auto-Attack trades DPS for extended Range and Weakness, while Sundering Quake might hit like a truck but couldn't be more well-telegraphed if you sent out pamphlets ahead of time. It's primarily designed to be used in group fights, and the Broodslayer most likely wants to run Sword/X as a secondary set for confirming kills in Duels. They could also run Shiro or Devastation to have access to Quickness in order to curb the innate slowness of the Greatsword, allowing them to run Staff as a defensive option on their secondary weapon set.
  10. @Yannir.4132Sure thing! Apotheosis and Spirit Quests were designed parallell of eachother, so I'll go over both of them below. Apotheosis does indeed Replace Legend Swap, it Does not (in the current iteration) act as a flip-over skill. The Broodslayer choses 1 Legend to channel, rather than 2 to swap between like Core Revenant and previous Elite Specializations do. In return for this, as they as a result lose 5 Utility Skills, Apotheosis restores Energy (Rather than Resets it. If the Broodslayer is above 75 energy when activating Apotheosis, then it doesn't reduce their current Energy) and resets the Cooldown on all their Utility Skills when activated. This is more powerful than Energy resetting, so Apotheosis is only available after a Spirit Quest has been completed. However, as Energy Reset is imperative for Revenant to be even slightly playable, I decided to move this effect to Spirit Quests instead. Swapping between Spirit Quests triggers All effects and Traits related to Invoking a Legend for Core Revenant, such as Song of the Mists, Empty Vessel or Pulsating Pestilence. In order to keep this relegated still, swapping between Spirit Quests has a shared 10s Cooldown between all available Spirit Quests (as such, Broodslayer cannot trigger Legend Swapping Traits any more often than Core Revenant). As the Broodslayer only choses a single Legend to channel, traits such as Spirit Boon and Song of the Mists will only ever trigger the effect of the chosen Legend. For instance if you have chosen Shiro as your legend, Changing from undertaking Trial of Wolf to Trial of Raven will trigger these two traits as if you just swapped to Shiro, despite not technically having swapped Legends from one to another.
  11. @"Knighthonor.4061"I suppose that having a "Gauranteed One-shot" is a bit over the top, especially since I didn't specify things such as Activation Time, Energy Cost or Cooldown with it. Naturally, the skill itself would have a rather massive Activation Time (Close to 2s at least) giving enemies ample time to dodge it, while carrying a Cost of 50 Energy like other Elite Skills. Another limiting factor I was shooting for is the low window in which you can possibly have 4 Spirit Boons simultaneously, given their limited duration and the fact that you need to spend 400 energy in total for them, meaning the One-shot can't be thrown out at the start of a fight or even close to it. I didn't want to just copy-paste Renegade's mechanic, and personally I'm not a fan of "Addition"-style Elite Specs that just add new things, I'm more in favor of "Replacement"-style E-specs. And you are indeed correct, this E-Spec would replace Legend Swap with the new F1 skill. The remaining F Skills aren't entirely passive either, as you can swap between them in order to refresh your energy (Same as Legend Swap) since the F1 skill is only available at certain times. Swapping between Spirit Quests also triggers Legend Swap Traits (Such as Song of the Mists) for your chosen legend, so they can definitely be traited to be more interactive. Regarding the traits in question: Indomitable Spirit is primarily designed to offer up some high-frequency/low-impact Condi Cleansing for the Broodslayer. They can synergize it with traits such as Insurmountable in the same line, or the Retribution line that grants them Stability-on-Evade. Grand Invoker might be powerful to gain Full energy after achieving Apotheosis, should probably be reduced somewhat tbh. @Scar.1793Greatsword is definitely not designed to be a high-DPS weapon on its own for the Broodslayer, being a Bruiser weapon with an extended Range Auto-Attack after all. The DPS side of the Broodslayer comes primarily from the Legendary Slayer Stance, while Greatsword would probably fill the role as a secondary weapon for DPS. I definitely do not think it should out-DPS Sword either. As for the Elite Skill, went over that up above. Long Activation Time along with the 50 Energy Cost and low access to the actual One-Shot mechanic is the limiting factors. Besides that, I imagine that aside from evasive skills, Invulnerabilities and simply kiting out of range (The skill itself would obviously be melee range) could work as well, so actually landing this skill would be difficult without proper set-up (CC).
  12. I chose this name because there was already a "Dragon-something" Elite Spec in game (So Dragonslayer would've felt a bit like I tried to one-up it), and because Jormag's minions are called "Icebrood". But yeah, probably not the best name I could've thought of, but Elite Specs tend to get some strange names every so often, heh (Looking at you, Daredevil).
  13. BroodslayerBruiser/DPS ArchetypeHeavy Focus on personal sustain, snowballing potential and unique self-buffsSecondary Focus on CC, Unblockable Attacks and DPSA powerful and enduring Bruiser that grows exponentially more powerful the longer a battle goes on.Theme and Role: A Dragonslayer's Legacy"Asgeir Dragonrender: Battle Master, Favored of the Spirits of the Wild, Builder of Hoelbrak. The Norn who fought alongside the Spirits of the Wild and earned their favor. The Norn who struck down Jormag's favored lieutenant Frostfang in a single blow, and then a tooth from the Elder Dragon himself, proving to the world that these abominations were very much mortal. Ages have since passed, and time has claimed Asgeir's life since, but his spirit and legacy lives on forever. And now, it has echoed through the mists, where his legend has arisen to pass on the torch, for someone to finish what he started.That someone is The Broodslayer. Calling upon the legend of Asgeir, the Broodslayer becomes undeniably connected not only to him, but to the Spirits of the Wilds that once aided him as well. With their eyes upon them, the Broodslayer may embark on a Spirit Quest in order to earn the favor of the Norn's guardian spirits. If they succeed and gain their favor, they can realize their true inner potential and grow into warriors of legend, worthy to call themselves heirs to Asgeir's will. The Spirits may be the Patrons and Matrons of the Norn, but anyone who manages to catch their eye are given a chance to prove themselves true warriors, regardless of their race." The Broodslayer is a Bruiser/DPS archetype with massive potential for dominating a battlefield, provided they're played correctly. Broodslayers start off as humbly as any other profession, but as they undertake Spirit Quests during the battle, they eventually earn the favor of the Spirits of the Wild which empowers them greatly by increasing their Attributes and granting them several unique buffs, depending on which Spirit(s) they have honored with their deeds.Broodslayers are versatile warriors that must rely on both strength, speed, cunning and loyalty towards their allies. They thrive in the thick of the fight, swinging their massive blades across enemies and challenging them to the claim of a legend. As they complete Spirit Quests, they can eventually reach Apotheosis, drawing upon the true strength of their channeled Legend to empower themselves further and drive on through the battle. Unlike other Revenants, Broodslayers only channel a single Legend in battle, however. They come with a high risk/high reward playstyle that rewards aggression but punishes carelessness and hesitation. They can specialize heavily into Sustain or focus more on dealing heavy Direct Damage, synergizing heavily not only with the Legendary Slayer stance, but also Dwarf and Assassin stances. Profession Mechanic: Spirit Quests, Apotheosis, Enhanced Elite Skills"Broodslayers are Revenants who commune not only with the legends hidden in the Mists, but also holds the attention of the spirits that reside within. Specifically, channeling Asgeir has caught the attention of the Spirits of the Wild, and the Broodslayer can make claim towards their blessings. However, these blessings do not come easy even to the likes of heroes, and the Broodslayer must prove themselves in the eyes of Bear, Wolf, Raven and Snow Leopard to earn their respective boons. Because of their stronger communion however, Broodslayers only invoke the raw power of a single Legend in order to harness the true power, eventually embodying the very virtues they possess." The Broodslayer’s F1 Skill is replaced with a new skill called Apotheosis, which is only made available whenever they complete a Spirit Quest, which are bound to their F2-F5 keys by default. Apotheosis instantly restores the Broodslayer to 75 Energy if they’re below the threshold (But not if they’re above it) and instantly Refreshes the Cooldowns on their Legend Skills, along with other bonuses gained from Traits. F1: Apotheosis - Becomes available after completing a Spirit Quest. Summon the true potential of your chosen legend to empower yourself, Instantly restoring your Energy to 75 if below the value and refreshing the Cooldowns on your Legend Skills. Cooldown: 10s.Spirit Quests act as Legend Swap as well, triggering any traits related to Legend Swapping and resetting Energy to 50 when swapped to. Only 1 Quest can be attempted at any time, and all Quests share a 10s Cooldown between swapping.In order to Complete a Spirit Quest and earn the Spirit’s Favor, a powerful boon, the Broodslayer must spend 100 Energy in total while in Combat, gaining 1 stack of a Unique Buff for every 1 energy spent, however each Spirit allows them to earn extra stacks by performing specific actions. At Full stacks, the Spirit Quest completes and the Broodslayer gains access to Apotheosis and a 45s Duration Buff unique to each Spirit. However, stacks of a specific Spirit Quest fall off after a time if no new stacks are gained, slowly in Combat but faster out of combat. F2: Trial of Bear - Prove your might and fortitude to Bear in order to earn her Favor. You gain extra stacks by Blocking attacks or Destroying Projectiles while undertaking Bear’s Trial. Bear’s Favor Enhances your Elite Skill, grants you +150 Vitality and Toughness, and decreases all Condition Damage you suffer by -20%. You cannot gain more stacks from Trial of Bear until you’ve lost Bear’s Favor.F3: Trial of Wolf - Prove your ferocity and loyalty to Wolf in order to earn his Favor. You gain extra stacks by Healing or granting Boons to Allies while undertaking Wolf’s Trial. Wolf’s Favor Enhances your Elite Skill, grants you +150 Power and Healing Power, while also granting +100 Power and Healing Power to up to 10 nearby Allies. You cannot gain more stacks from Trial of Wolf until you’ve lost Wolf’s Favor.F4: Trial of Snow Leopard - Prove your deadliness and hunter’s instincts to Snow Leopard in order to earn her Favor. You gain extra stacks by scoring Critical Hits while undertaking Snow Leopard’s Trial. Snow Leopard’s Favor Enhances your Elite Skill, grants you +150 Precision and Ferocity, and increases Weapon Attack Speed by +25%. You cannot gain more stacks from Trial of Snow Leopard until you’ve lost Snow Leopard’s Favor.F5: Trial of Raven - Prove your wit and cunning to Raven in order to earn his Favor. You gain extra stacks by successful Crowd Control on enemies while undertaking Raven’s Trial. Raven’s Favor Enhances your Elite Skill, grants you +150 Condition Damage and Expertise, and makes you Immune to Blindness and Weakness. You cannot gain more stacks from Trial of Raven until you’ve lost Raven’s Favor.Last but not least, completing Spirit Quests also enhances the effects of the Broodslayer's Elite Skill. The more Trials that are completed, the stronger these Elite Skills become, each one improving in usefulness in different ways. Jalis: Rite of the Great Dwarf - Each completed Spirit Quest reduces the Energy Cost by 5 and Activation Time by 1/4s.Shiro: Jade Winds - Each completed Spirit Quest increases the Damage by 25% and stacks additional Vulnerability (2 extra Stacks). In addition, each completed Spirit Quest reduces Activation time by 1/4s, making this skill Instant with all Spirit Quests completed.Mallyx: Embrace the Demon - Each completed Spirit Quest decreases the Upkeep Cost by -1.Ventari: Energy Expulsion - Each completed Spirit Quest creates 1 additional Healing Fragment and increases the duration of all fragments by 20%.Weapon: Greatsword"The Greatsword is perhaps the most fitting weapon for those who aim to slay dragons. Asgeir commanded the blade with the strength of the Spirits behind him, but also with his own Ferocity and Skill. The Broodslayer seeks to follow in his steps, and has mastered the use of this massive blade in combat." The Greatsword, in the hands of the Broodslayer, is a powerful melee weapon with High Spike Damage and plenty of acces to Weakness and soft CC, with a devastating AoE Attack at the helm of their outfit. It works best when surrounded by enemies, and the Auto-attack not only cleaves through them but fires short-ranged shockwaves that strike even more targets, enhancing the effective range of their fighting style. In return for this, the Greatsword is on the slower and more well-telegraphed end of the spectrum, better suited for group fights than duels. The Burst is easy to tell, so setting it up with CC or Immobilize first is often necessary to succeed with it. Mist Cleave - Cleave through enemies in Melee range, reaving up a shockwave of Mist energy that Pierces through them and nearby enemies at short range. Shockwave Range: 300.Raging Echo - Cleave through enemies again, sending another shockwave to pierce through them. Shockwave Range: 300.Pierce the Veil - Stab your blade forwards, piercing through the Mists to strike several Targets ahead of you. Weakens (2s) all targets struck. Range: 300.Deflecting Blow - Strike enemies in front of you with a brutal swing that also Blocks incoming attacks while swinging. This skill deals double Damage if an attack is blocked.Reaving Mists - Leap forwards with a massive cut from your blade, striking and Chilling (2s) enemies in your wake while tearing up a large rift that pulses damage to enemies for a short time, before it collapses and Blinds (5s) them. Acts as a Leap Finisher.Cascading Enervation - Raise your sword into the air, raining several blades from the Mists over the target area that Immobilizes (1 1/2s) on creation, then pulses Damage and Weakness (1s) to enemies within. Acts as an Ice Field. Duration: 4s. Pulses: 5.Sundering Quake - Hurl your blade into the air above the target area, then step through the mists to it and drive it into the ground with a vicious descent. Deals massive damage and Launches enemies in the blast radius. Evades attacks while airborne. Acts like a Blast Finisher. Launch Distance: 400.Utility Skills: Legendary Slayer Stance"Channeling Asgeir, the Broodslayer gains access to his powers and the boons he gained from the Spirits of the Wild. Representing fortitude, ferocity, lethality and wit, the Broodslayer can summon aspects of the Spirits to aid them in battle. Ultimately, they can call upon Asgeir's Blade and unleash a devastating attack that, like their predecessor, can slay their enemies in a single blow." Legendary Slayer stance is a very versatile and multi-faceted stance that splits its focus between Offense and Defense. Each of the 3 Utility Skills and the Healing skills are designed to aid the Broodslayer in completing respective Spirit Quests. Because Broodslayers lack Legend Swap, the Legendary Slayer Stance possesses more versatility than the Core Legends, but trades this strength for the specialization of other Legends. The Elite Skill, like other Legends, grow exponentially stronger as Spirit Quests are completed, capable of dealing absolutely devastating damage. It is however highly telegraphed, and shouldn't be thrown out without consideration. Bear’s Hide - Healing Skill. Channeled Skill. Heal yourself and Block attacks for a short time.While Blocking, gaining bursts of Healing and Stability (1 stack, 6s) when attacked. Block Duration: 2 1/2s. Initial Healing (Base): 5.240 (x1.0). Healing while Blocking (Base): 356 (x0.4). Interval: 1/2s.Wolf's Pack - Upkeep Skill (-6). Conjure forth a pack of ethereal wolves from the Mists and run with the pack, becoming a Mobile Ice Field that pulses Swiftness (1s) and Protection (1s) to yourself and nearby Allies. Attacking an enemy causes the wolves to lash out against them, dealing Damage to them.Snow Leopard's Claws - Instant Activation. Hone your weapons with the claws of Snow Leopard, causing your next 3 Attacks to deal Critical Damage and Steal Health from enemies they strike. Base Healing: 678 (x0.4). Also Breaks Stun.Raven's Flight - Send echoes of a Raven to swoop down upon the target area, Dazing (1/2s) and Revealing (4s) enemies. If an enemy is Interrupted by this skill, they’re Knocked Down (2s) instead and lose 2 Boons.Dragon's Bane- Elite Skill. Summon Asgeir’s blade from the Mists and unleash all your might upon nearby enemies, launching a devastating strike that can slay them in one fell blow. Deals 50% more damage for each completed Spirit Quest. This skill is Unblockable and unaffected by Blind or Weakness. Enemies downed by this skill are immediately Defeated.Specialization Line"The Broodslayer requires both offense and defense mastered in order to succeed on the journey. They need the strength to remain on their path against any adversity, but they also need the destructive prowess to make use of the Boons they gain. The path they choose from the beginning can easily decide wether they succeed or fail in their quests." The Broodslayer's specialization line focuses primarily on two split approaches: Offense or Defense. They can increase their power or their sustain, or find a suitable mix of the two as they progress onwards. The upper line focuses heavily on sustain through counter-play, granting them increased recovery and tools to deal with enemy trickery such as CC and conditions. The middle line focuses entirely on offense, empowering the Broodslayer with set bonuses and unblockable attacks. The final line focuses primarily on their new mechanics: Spirit Quests and Apotheosis, which can be enhanced further to improve their Snowballing playstyle. [Minor Adept] Spirits’ Chosen - Legend Swap is replaced by Apotheosis and you gain access to Spirit Quests and the Legendary Slayer Stance. Resurgence - Increases the Healing granted by your Healing Skills (#6) by 20%.Journeyman - Gain +120 Vitality. Critical Damage is increased by 7% while you’re above the Health Threshold. Threshold: 90%.Quester’s Boon - Gain Boons when taking on a Spirit Quest, and pulse Boons to yourself on an interval while undertaking a Spirit Quest. Interval: 10s. Bear: Regeneration (3s). Wolf: Might (3 stacks, 10s). Snow Leopard: Fury (3s). Raven: Quickness (2s).[Minor Master] Determined Quester - Gain bonuses depending on which Spirit Quest you’re undertaking. Bear: -10% Incoming Damage and Condition Damage. Wolf: +10% All Healing. Snow Leopard: +10% Outgoing Damage and Condition Damage. Raven: +33% Movement Speed. Insurmountable - Gain Stability (1 stack, 4s) when you activate a Legendary Dragonslayer stance skill.Legendary Blade - You deal 10% more Damage while wielding a Greatsword. Whenever you Disable an enemy, your next 2 attacks becomes Unblockable. ICD: 10s.Champion’s Claim - Become Immune to Damage for a short time when completing a Spirit Quest. You’re still vulnerable to Conditions and Control Effects. Duration: 1 1/2. ICD: 45s (60s in sPvP/WvW).[Minor Grandmaster] Transcending History - Gain Boons and remove Conditions when activating Apotheosis. Conditions Removed: 4. Boons gained: Protection (5s), Regeneration (5s), Retaliation (5s), Swiftness (10s). Indomitable Spirit - Remove a Condition whenever you apply Stability to yourself. ICD: 1s.Dragonslayer - While you have charges of Unblockable Attacks, Critical Hit chance is massively increased. Gain Ferocity equal to 13% of your Power. Critical Hit Chance: 100%.Grand Invoker - Activating Apotheosis grants you 100 Energy instead. Gain Might (1 stack, 10s) on an interval while above 50 Energy. Interval: 1s.
  14. Transatmospheric Converter for your Home Instance. Places a device in your instance that lets you swap between Skyboxes and Weather. Standard TAC lets you choose between "Tyrian Noon" and "Tyrian Night" as Skyboxes, and Clear Skies, Cloudy or Rain as Weather. Mad King's TAC adds "Mad King's Moon" as a Sky Box (Featuring a dark and stormy night with the Mad Moon up high) with "Ominous Fog" and "Candy Corn Rain" as Weather. Wintersday TAC adds "Winter Wonderland" as a Sky Box (Featuring a starry sky with Tixx occasionally swooshing by) with "Snowfall" and "Blizzard" as Weather. Lunar TAC adds "Fireworks Show" and "Constellations" as a Sky Boxes. Elonian TAC adds "Elonian Nights" as a Sky Box (The same Sky box you'll find in the Crystal Desert) with "Heatwave" and "Sandstorm" as Weather. Bonus: If your character is Asura, they'll make an off-hand comment about inventing the TAC when interacting with it.
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