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  1. Nice of you putting me as second best ranger :)Not really accurate tho
  2. Dont even try to help ppl on the forums .. everything is just op and all players would be in legendary if there wasn't xyz class/build
  3. 60k longbow burst ? U are the biggest monkey on this forum for real, eat some bananas instead of posting nonsense
  4. You can kill Tiger or birds really fast if that helps... tiger was always hard hitting but fairly ez to dodge... But I guess ppl just wanna complain and not learn to check the animation :)
  5. Freakin tiger bombs left and right, only oneshots yet unkillable thx to greatswordBrrrrrrroken nerf gazelle maul longbow #2 20k dmg wtf anet i use mesmer cant win vs core ranger aka walking one shot with infinite amount of stealth, wtf i quit
  6. Good to know that the old sic em sniper boonbeast Paladin and zerker Amulett build with greatsword, longbow and offhand sword wh, axe dagger is back... Time to come back to this game. I need to whitness broken smokescale burst that does 20k DMG again. Btw Maul still does 30k dmg in Core Ranger and wins every 1n1 right ???
  7. Signet of Mercy: Reduced recharge to 90 seconds in all game modes. Changed passive effect from granting 180 healing power (216 when traited) to granting 120 concentration (150 when traited). ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  8. Had an important phone call, was in an unranked game, so I answered it. Stopped moving for 30 seconds and got accused of match manipulation. Manipulating with whom? The person who called me who has never heard of the game? This guy is correct, match manipulation only occurs at the very top of the leader board. Match manipulation is when someone pays someone on the opposing team to throw the game. There's a hundred reasons why someone might stop responding during a match. Maybe someone other than a Jehovah witness was knocking on the door, maybe the neighborhood stray cat got ran over by a dump truck, maybe it was the Publishers Clearing House in which case they're probably already on a boat in the Bahama's so good luck. Most of the time it's a reason other than match manipulation--especially if you're in plat 2 or below or unranked. I guess I must be a top player then. @"bluri.2653" Coincidentally enough, directly after our interaction today I had gone to do a few placement matches for season 17. I immediately was reminded why I told myself last season, that I wasn't going to play season 17. Check out what happened: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vlenkRR0dQAnd where is the wintrade? I'm sorry but whenever bad players (and judging by that gameplay you are one) lose like 3games in a row, they go to the forums and start posting threads about match manipulation or how bad the matchmaking is... Spoiler Alert guys: you are just too bad to carry, live with it or dont, but i'd say for most cases here its the truth :(
  9. Nerf soulbeast, buff core ranger! Then you can cry about remorseless, maul and tiger leap since its impossible to dodge these super fast,instant omega skills that one shot all the mesmers,holo,spellbreaker, scourges firebrands and revs out there
  10. I was trying to help someone by giving them simple solutions but they carried on complaining before resorting to childish behaviors and clearly you chose to join in. One of my houses actually has a basement but that's rented out at the moment, but otherwise you have no idea because people who say things like that wouldnt even know what a mortgage is. I appreciate people quoting me when they directly respond to me, I dont respect the sniveling cowards way of communication that was presented, it reminds me of my daughter when she walks off and mutters kitten under her breathe just to get a laugh or like from her other childish friends.. And I see no behavioural differences here either in respect to the original conversation, my daughter and your comment. He didn't complain at all. He tried to defend his point. Btw again immobilize doesnt help vs rampage cuz of warriors sprint as he stated. I guess it helps vs some random warriors tho...U on the other hand attacked him while He was the one presenting arguments ( just look at your last paragraph). Dont push yourself in being the victim Here when U are clearly the one talking smack.Have fun defending yourself i really dont Care what u have irl since its the internet and i could say im a millionaire that is so bored He argues over unnecessary things in a Game forum that even the devs gave up on :D
  11. Prelude lash: No one is using thatBlackbear: No one is using thatSwoop: is not op at all, if you nerf this, bird beastmode is deadSecond skin: nerf is ok but not the right nerf... Protection Uptime is the problemStance cooldown: the cd of moa stance is not 25sec in pvp...No one uses honed axes... Sic EM Sniper is actually a way more "fair" and balanced build, i have No idea why u complain about beastmastery traitlineVicious quarry: thats in skirmishing and No one uses that...Protective ward: its ok for a gm trait( 30sec cd), it is the combination with winters bite weakness that makes it ugly Overall i would say u have actually no clue about what u are complaining about, you dont even seem to know the build of boonbeast and what makes it broken (Spoiler alert, its the boons coming from boonmerge and nature magic boon share with pet). 10/10 Typical GW2 Rageboy :) Sic em Sniper is not broken (compared to other builds in this Meta), boonbeast is, I give u that ...Treesixty ...
  12. Lmaoooooo Maul brrrrrokenMaybe u tell us your class and which build reks u, i guess guardian Tho, right ?
  13. Brrrrrrrrroken lvl of Flame trap rip july 2k18 never forget </3
  14. Do consider giving them permanent dishonor for ranked if you do not want to ban them entirely. Thx for reaction finally.Pls don't ban me for wolf exploit
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