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  1. I am waiting for a new MMORPG tbh.
  2. isn't GW2 the less profitable of all games the main company has? Why would they waste money on a new engine for it? Not saying the shouldn't
  3. Amen. RIP to them all. Maybe they can make their own company again? Please do.
  4. But were tweaked when ascended were added, no?
  5. Anet was it worth it money vs reputation wise to go back on your old philosophy of no grind to add Ascended/Legendary gear to GW2?
  6. 283 discussions 4.7K comments. Look at any other game mode forums and tell me again why ANET wastes resources on this. Just end it already and spend time on game modes we actually want to play.
  7. Sick of seeing illusion mounted players who aint really there in this absolute glitch fest. Hire some coders! please! good ones!
  8. can the elite at least dismount a player?
  9. Yeah its basically a bad joke and only OK if the enemy ignores you lol
  10. Fix 2handed sword animations! What happened to wamen empowerment, a-net? my character can barely lift the sword
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