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  1. A lot of people who run these builds are super bad and can be easily countered and quickly given a free respawn ticket. If you find it non fun, just avoid fights with these nabs. I personally enjoy it to some extent, crushing the egos they built up by picking on people who run zero counter to them. It's not really just an issue with stats though, it's also that skills apply too many stacks and do power damage, and too many skills output condi damage overall. idk, Anet won't ever be able to fix it unless a non care be ar approach is taken.
  2. OK dude. You're the champ with your bot killing cele druid you claimed no ranger/soulbeast build could touch. Yet here we are. I'm actually done with you now, for real. You're too far gone in your head to admit you got absolutely destroyed, because you truly believe that you're good. Mental disease levels of deluded. Also FYI, it's not the build that wrecked you, it's how bad you are. Make a real "event" with 10 participants vs your cele druid, and I guarantee you that you'll have to run from at least half of them to not die, just like you did vs me.
  3. https://www.reuters.com/technology/intel-debates-buyout-sifive-bolster-chip-technology-against-arm-source-2021-06-10/ Oh look... 😂 Apple about to release a 10 core CPU + 16 or 32 core GPU in a few days... Intel and co are sweating.
  4. It wasn't actually. Read what he wrote. He wrote his cele druid needs to be beat, not downed or defeated, beat. And it was not just beaten, it was utterly destroyed as all he had left to do was to run away in circles avoiding certain death. I didn't want to mention this before and don't take it as me making excuses as I admit it wasn't that big of a factor. But... having the same ping as I do on EU (I wasted quite a few skills thinking he was closer to me than he actually was) and me adjusting my build (change of runes and amulet) he would have most likely died inside the time limi
  5. Dude you truly are deluded. My first post in this thread was that brawler soulbeast is in every way superior to cele druid. You didn't agree. And I displayed that is a fact in our fight. You can write your novels here, TLDR btw... no one gives two squirts.
  6. Also agree on if the clown doesn't fight back and only runs away, that it's gg. Because that's what he'll do vs anyone half decent.
  7. So... your "event" (in which I am the only one who actually participated in for a 5 min fight + the 15 min you took to complain about things you didn't specify) - great event btw rofl... delusional - had one "rule" (quoted above); beat your celestial druid setup. You didn't specify, down or defeat, you said beat. And that's exactly what happened. Let's have a look now shall we.... beat DEFINITIONS AND SYNONYMS ‌‌‌ VERB UK/biːt/ be better than someone/something ar
  8. What lesson dude? I and other predicted what would happen. Like I said, you're deluded. I only thing I learned is that you're even worse than you seem in your videos. Clown.
  9. I can do more fights. I'll be on NA until Thursday 😉 So far.. after about 4-5h of roaming, I have to say that NA players are indeed worse than the average EU player. Why, I don't know. BUT! They are saltier. Got more whispers in this time frame than a few days worth of roaming on EU. Also most try to play some sort of condi build or whatever which I find sad.
  10. He played reaper yeah. I can't find the vid I had of him whining tho, kitten it 😞 I'll try to find it. I only found the vid of me stomping him. Maybe if you check their VODs if it's still there.
  11. "Streamer"... he has 77 followers (actually down from 79 he had yesterday). xD He's a random clown who got schooled after mouthing on here about how his cele druid is the greatest. But I am glad that he streamed it. Makes for excellent meme content in my collection, like the time I repeatedly stomped a Anet dev on their official WvW stream and made him complain about how busted soulbeast is... "we'll have to look into it...". That was almost a year ago, and they did nothing. If anyone wants a vid of that I can provide.
  12. I mean, the dude repeatedly claimed that his cele druid is the shiz. It really isn't as we saw. He didn't even fight, he just ran after realising that he done goofed mouthing off like this. What he's posting on here now are the last grasps of him trying to save face, and he knows it. I did what I said I would, he didn't. All he did was get destroyed.
  13. You didn't actually. But then again, you're deluded. Event? You didn't even want up so set up a proper fight with rules, and you rage quit after 5 min of getting destroyed. You're ignoring the fight conditions that were discussed here before the fight to which you replied "yeah whatever"... What the actual F... Do you even know what you actually wrote in this thread dude? 😄 :doubt: Like I said, I don't even care about the gold, I just wanted to humiliate you, and I did. You even streamed it for me xD. All in all you're a clown that got school
  14. You officially went full r ta rd. Deluded like I said.
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