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  1. Appreciate the transparency and being double-triple safe is better than sorry. Thanks for the update 👍
  2. Visually I find it very confusing to see another player's HP bar replaced with shroud in harbinger. Using the same shroud hp bar as core or reaper doesn't make as much sense when seeing how much shroud they have is far less impactful than seeing how much HP they have. The visually dominant bar should be HP again since it's what you're actually hitting. You can technically still see their hp, but it's such a tiny sliver below it doesn't read clearly in game and I found myself regularly being shocked when one fell over dead with full shroud bar. Also agreeing that the elixirs are com
  3. Can you guys also please fix lfg so people can advertise in PARTY mode and not SQUAD mode? Having to make a squad, get exactly 4 other people, get everyone's names, have everyone leave squad, invite everyone one by one to party, and then all get on the same instance of the map to get the prompt is so cumbersome and awful, people are reasonably not using LFG at all and opting to only play with friends, try to solo in private, or go into public and have the issues already mentioned above. If private mode is meant to be a throwback to 5man dungeons, the lfg function is already there. The only way
  4. Nice there's a work around. Of course the game isn't the same without the VO but things are still so so dangerous and all the actors and staff deserve safety first.
  5. As a many year wvw veteran i'm just laughing because anet not even pretending to care about wvw is as natural as the sun rising and setting. They know it's a brilliant mode, which is why they keep trying to copy it into pve maps, but allocating any resources to keep it from crumbling to neglect remains a pipe dream.
  6. If it were only in large scale fights I could cope but when i'm 1v2 nowhere near an enemy zerg and all of my stuff is firing .5-1 seconds late I just don't feel like trying anymore at all. I dont have these lag issues elsewhere in pvp/pve.
  7. Just agreeing with original post. Help us be able to play your game please!
  8. So you are the one to blame... jkI just feel bad for whoever designed and modeled this. So many poor choices resulting in this uncanny valley frankenstein.There have been plenty of mount skins that havent been my personal taste but at least for the 2000 gem skins there has been a lot of care put into the animations, design, texture, etc.That something like this could be approved and released makes me concerned about future content quality control.
  9. There don't seem to be adjustments to these changes from the preview/proposed upcoming wvw centric balance thread so it doesn't seem like player feedback is affecting anything. It's unanimous detection pulse should return to f5 instead of being tied to purge gyro. I'm willing to see how further forcing scourge to rely on support (which it already relies on completely) changes fights in wvw and pvp but the detection pulse change stands out to me as balance team just being stubborn.
  10. Punishing scourge for placing a shade and leaving them unable to do anything in melee for 15 seconds results in more passive play, not more active strategizing. You have to choose whether to hide at range and stay there because pushing will be suicide. And with this, for scourges who do push, instead of placing your shades where you will be so you get 10 cap limit, now you just... walk in and push buttons. I don't really understand this change in the context of anet's goals to make players play more thoughtfully and actively. Thematically/mechanically replacing chemical field to get detection
  11. First, thank you for seeking feedback before making changes. Mass reveal is sorely needed now that mass stealth is so easy.Second, these mostly seem like fight guild meta skills but every fight guild I've been in in the last year has recently quit the game. There are too few even and engaging fights and too many players who will not engage without massively superior numbers. I fear balance changes focused on fight guilds will come to a game devoid of them. Ps make rangers unable to pewpew from a wall and there will be no need for longbow nerf
  12. Just going to agree that the name is misleading. If they had been called "Skritt Shortbow" etc it would be totally cool. "Shiny" and "Ultra Shiny" just. Raise your expections lol
  13. Doubtful this will be read by a dev but I don't think there should be a way to dismount other players outside of damage (as it is now). Right now the mount gives slow classes like necromancers, guardians etc. the ability to pick their fights, and once they dismount and engage they will still be trapped in combat. This is a good balance of advantage for mobile classes who can completely disengage, while not damning slower ones to have to take every single fight that comes to them. I feel this has evened the playing field for players to choose which fights they want, and avoid the ones they don'
  14. Hi, what are your most active times, and how frequently do you expect a player to raid/zergbust with the guild?
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