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  1. i dont get why people so uppset with hammer , i think it may turn out to be great. gw1 ranger used hammer as their meta buid
  2. unfourtnatliy we will not get druid rework any time soon , since arenet is bussy with the new elite . it is sad the place that druid turn out
  3. guess this post were right after all
  4. Arenet i reqlly hope you will delete this elite abd make new one really do
  5. Please make new elite spec , we have time ... The legeend idea are meh Flip skills not fun Doage fell way to long Gs skills are nice thoug
  6. I hate the flip mechanic it is lack the moat important thing fun!
  7. We have to be fair, after firebrand idont think it is possible to be hype for any new gurd elite
  8. Lol you reqlly thing vendicator going to be in the same lvl of scourage? You gotta be kidding
  9. Lol im not virtuoso main , ps i dont even play mesmer becuse it dose not click to me
  10. Get lost man , if i want to express my opinion i will . Rude I didnt tell people will hate it i just said that if the elite did not get gs people will hate it Stop site things without context
  11. first the legends choich - i dont get it , why we get legendes of the same story while there is so much to tell, with shiro as legend we already cover that story , what about norns , asura , forfire etc it is missed opputornety for new players to learn more about the game lore. second utility skiliis - awfull accept of the giant spear most of them so much uninspairing the second elite skill is compltely joke. third- is it dmg ? is it support ? i dont get it , its like tempest , i dont think it will have place in the end game . honstley if not gs the fourm was riot right now and
  12. Not really see any use for vindicator in end game contant Legends really boring Utility really gimmiki and boribg Accept gs and the doge it is bad
  13. I did not like any of vindicator utiltiy skills
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