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  1. Why do people keep asking for weapon swap? WE DON'T HAVE ENOUGH WEAPONS FOR WEAPON SWAP TO BE EFFECTIVE. The only condi weapon set we have is P/P, only support is Mace/Sh, leaving three sets of Rifle, Sword, Hammer. Of these only Rifle and Hammer are 2 handed, and we don't have a valid power based offhand. And rifle has been nerfed to oblivion. Meaning only hammer is the good power weapon now. So how exactly does weapon swap benefit any of these weapons??
  2. It isn't viable in its current state at all. None of the skills synergize with each other. Skill 1 doesn't even belong on this bar. Its a damaging skill on a support weapon. That being said, some changes could make it viable. Make the Arc Detonator recharge other skills by 1 second per enemy hit. Move the Might from skill 4 onto Arc Detonator as well. Replace skill 4 boon with 6 seconds of protection instead. And on chain detonation make it give 4 seconds of fury per detonate. Make skill 5 give 3 stacks of stability for 10 seconds instead of superspeed. More stability on chain detonation. Make ALL of the skills except skill 1 blast finishers on detonate. I get why quickness and alacrity are out of the question on the weapon. We don't want HAM giving out quickness in addition to alac, or heal scrapper giving out alac with quickness. But the changes I suggested seem to me the best way to get this weapon anywhere close to useful. At least in PvE. Dunno if this weapon can be saved in competitive modes. EDIT: Forgot to add that make all the skills have 360 radius. The current radius on them is a joke.
  3. I heard one of the new relics gives fury and might to allies when you disable an enemy, could be useful for this.
  4. Hammer Holo is very good, Mace/Shield Scrapper probably the best gear now for heal scrapper. Power builds of any kind for mechanist is trash thanks to horrible balancing by CMC. But Hammer Mech is still better than Rifle mech. Condi gear for all builds is still P/P.
  5. Still don't see why a price decrease is needed, since you get way more laurels per rewards season than before.
  6. You still get 10 laurels per week from the weekly yes? Don't see why price should be adjusted since you get more laurels than you did before. Or did you want an increase in price?
  7. There is no something great, you get the essences, nothing else noteworthy from rifts other than generic champion loot. They were designed solely for the purpose of farming essences. I did hear next update is gonna get something called Convergences with legendary bosses, so they might drop more essence than the rifts. Don't take my word for it though, it won't be released for two months. To asnwer OP's question, yes motivations are one-use items. You use them after killing the trash mobs, when you open the rift to spawn boss. You will get an option stating you can use motivation to spawn boss. If someone else uses their essence to spawn boss, you can still spend the motivation to get bonus essences at the end, or you can choose to save your motivation for another rift later.
  8. Once you use it, you can go and kill mobs at the t2/t3 rift, but in order to spawn boss after that, at least one person needs to interact with rift and use up their motivation. Whoever uses motivation gets additional essences later. But other people who didn't use motivation can also kill boss, if someone else besides them spawned it.
  9. Were you standing at the origin point of the wall? If so then what you say could be possible, but you could have just moved.
  10. Awesome, I didn't know this, time to go lighting up the place
  11. It doesn't take longer. Hell, it doesn't even have a time gate like the other methods. What it is, is that its much MUCH more boring than the other three. But it is exactly what everyone asked for. Nothing to do with pvp or instanced content.
  12. I finished getting all the mastery points in Soto, there are 7 extra left once you finish getting all the masteries. Not a lot compared to others, but not too low either.
  13. According to wiki, next update will include something called Convergences, where we kill legendary bosses for essence or something. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Guild_Wars_2:_Secrets_of_the_Obscure
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