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  1. This used to be mortar before they reworked it into a kit. No one liked the old mortar, it was so weak and had a minimum range away from the enemy before you could use it.
  2. And what's wrong with Anet making money? Did you expect the game to give out free content for you? Try any other MMO you want and you will see they all do the same. It isn't pay to win.
  3. New elite specs are on par with some of the older elite specs. What OP wants is core to be equal to elite specs in power, which is not going to and should never happen.
  4. Are you assuming people become skilled players simply because they buy an expansion? Clearly you don't because you yourself said you beat some of them while being beaten by others. Are you saying you should always win on core against someone using an elite spec? Because that is just dumb.
  5. Another dumb nerf mech thread without realizing the level of skill required to play it in high end content. Open World OP? So is minion master, mirage, ranger and a host of other builds. Anything can be OP in open world if built for it. You seem to assume mechanist is OP simply by existing which it is not.
  6. No it wasn't. People bought the game and then they played it without subscription fees. The F2P mode was only added in after they released the first expansion, so people could try out the game before buying the expansion. It was just marketing for the expansion. If they don't make elite spec builds better than core, then why would PvP and WvW players buy expansions, if they can just keep up with core? You're gimping yourself to core, and that is your choice. Don't complain about "OP" elite spec builds then.
  7. Anet has to make money somehow. And that's by selling expansions. All MMOs do this so why pick on Anet now?
  8. We do have it, but you need to finish the story first completely and then restart the episode to see the achievement markers.
  9. Maybe you didn't see the dev post on reddit but warrior and ranger are getting quickness and alacrity on their banners and spirits. And this would be on a core class not an elite spec. So no, healmech isnt gonna have monopoly over alac roles.
  10. If you think its so afk to play healmech, then you clearly never played it. Why don't you try solo healing with heal mech in fractals, while just afk spamming 1? See how far you get before being kicked.
  11. I don't see any mandatory healmechs required lfg. In fractals healbrand is still sought after more than healmech.
  12. You can try in low tier fractals with newbies. They tend to get hit a lot. Though I'm not sure how badly things damage players in low tiers (probably not a lot). You can also just jump in to strikes. Most of them are pretty easy enough for healers.
  13. And how are they incentivized to run training groups or pug groups now? They do it because its the only way to get new players into the content when older players leave the game.
  14. And they don't have to. WE raid and sell stuff and get rewards in the process. And people can change their mind if gold per hour in raids is better than open world farming. Its why people do everyday t4 fractals.
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