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  1. I'm really unhappy with the change requiring completing the explorable mode of a dungeon to use the currency. Quite frankly my experiences with 5-man content in GW2 have been horrific. For the majority of the time the GW2 community is one of the best in any MMO, until players step through a portal. Then a sizeable chunk mutate into the disgusting "gogogo" a-holes found in every other MMO. (No offense to the players who actually show patience, but I never ran into one in my long abandoned efforts.)
  2. Since you can go to every race's starting zone to quest when I want to "chill level" a new character that's what I do. It may not be the fastest most efficient way to level, but I find it to be the most relaxing.
  3. Am I missing it or does the Portal to Tyria in the Thousand Island Pavilion not give access to fishing spots in the Heart of Maguuma? Isn't one of the big selling points of the Pass is access to fishing spots across the World Map? Leaving out a whole section of the Map seems like silly oversight.
  4. A "book" for the assorted Black Lion passes similar to the books for the scrolls to zones in PoF and Icebrood Saga. We're getting quite a lot of them and they're eating up inventory space.
  5. In the events where you deliver fish there's an option to catch fish. I've chosen this option, gotten the Professional Fish Catcher buff, fished, and... nothing. I can't turn in the fish I catch anywhere that I can locate. The fish I catch don't count on the event tracking. I feel either I'm missing something really basic or that portion of the event is bugged. Help and insight are greatly appreciated as I'd really rather fish than run back and forth to the merchant.
  6. I see where Ascended aquatic headgear can be crafted, but I don't see an option to craft Exotic aquatic headgear. Am I missing a recipe somewhere perhaps? Seems an odd oversight given it's possible to craft Exotic aquatic weapons.
  7. I agree that being able to tone-down or turn-off other players' spell effects would be extremely useful. A large part of the reason I avoid melee-only classes / professions in most games is because the area around a boss becomes a nightmare of overlapping spell effects making seeing what the boss doing extremely challenging for me.
  8. I'd love to know why Bait stacks to 250, but Lures only stack to 50 or 75 (of the ones I've found thus far). It would make a lot more sense if the Lures stacked to 250 as well. Feels like an odd design choice not to have them do so.
  9. I find it odd they didn't add fish vendors to other parts of the map outside of Cantha. Even if it'd just been in the major cities that would have been something. It's almost as if canonically no one else in Tyria did any fishing except the Canthans and even then it didn't start in Cantha till after they broke off contact with the rest of Tyria. Now everyone is like "Wait? You can eat fish!?" 🤣
  10. I love that people are trying to work on solutions to the issues the Dragon Meta has exposed. I think it's fantastic.
  11. Update: Okay, I see what's going on. The buff only shows up when the fishing pole is out so the +100 isn't displayed either. That's a bit confusing given the other buffs show up on the Fishing menu whether the pole is out or not. But at least the buff is working.
  12. I'm not sure where the bug lies, but after acquiring the Fishing on a Full Tank Mastery one of two things is happening. 1) The +100 bonus is not applying. When I'm nourished the Fishing menu does not show my fishing skill going up 100 points. 2) The Fishing menu is bugged. The bonus is applying, but it's not showing up in the menu. Unfortunately fishing is such a new skill that I'm not adequately familiar with it to hazard an educated guess which is the problem. However, there is definitely a problem. The +20 bonuses for each Mastery level are displaying in the Fishing menu
  13. Trying the event again right now and still can't turn in fish I catch anywhere. The Peddler won't talk to me even though I had several fish in my inventory. I tried filleting a few of them to see if that's what they wanted and still no interaction. The Peddler will only take fish from the basket on the dock. = \ Also, and I don't know if this deliberate, but the Peddler has a female model and has been linked to a male voice. If that's a choice all good. Just wanted to mention it in case it's not deliberate / part of the event bug.
  14. Agreed. I don't want to have to park a character by a merchant in Cantha just so I can fish on my other characters. I'm really loving fishing and glad it's been added to all the zones, but all the zones need fishing vendors, not just a handful of them in Cantha.
  15. On this we can agree. I've seen many games try to "encourage" players to try different modes than they prefer to play by putting coveted rewards within the targeted mode and it blows up the developers' faces every single time. And yet developers keep doing it...
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