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  1. I'm sorry but its an old meta and I feel this meta needs adjusted to where we don't have to defend the drills anymore because its hard to get enough people to pull to the meta making this part of the side story when your trying to catch up really tedious.
  2. Honestly after playing Harbinger for a good portion in pve, pvp and wvw I have to say after figuring out the intended idea with the spec the only thing that may need looked at and reworked is elixirs, the blight isn't an issue if you play it as intended because I know some people say its too squish, but it can definitely be built to hold its own in a fight and if played properly. Overall the pistol skills are good though the animations and or sounds could be more unique to necro if that makes sense just cause it shoots green doesn't make it necroesque.
  3. I mean why not just have necro's sacrifice toughness for power, considering most necros build toughness these days.
  4. But you don't need health sacrifice to gain power, there are far better design concepts for gaining power that don't involve sacrificing health, I mean right now harbinger feels like a total mess with no synergy in its design, harbinger doesn't even make anyone think of health sacrifice or even blight.
  5. Honestly Elixirs need a complete redesign and overhaul, other games have tried health sacrifice design skills and classes before and have had to can the idea because it negatively effected the amount of people playing the class or use of skills, sacrificing health for power sounds neat but when it comes to necromancer the elixirs I feel should be turned into throwables, it would fit the theme more of harbinger as throwing potions that either buff or debuff the enemy or apply conditions sounds far more fun than the current. Blight as well could use some reworking as I said cause sacrificing hea
  6. They need to remove the health sacrifice, like other games have tried to design classes where they sacrifice health for power or using x skill sacrifices x health for x power, like every game that has tried the concept has abandoned it in the realization that it just doesn't work and is utter trash, plus the fact that their is far better ways for them to make necromancers elixiers unique outside of blight its not even funny, like they could turn some of the elixirs into throwable objects that apply some form of debuff or condition, but there is no reason for all this health sacrifice and such.
  7. Okay health sacrifice on elixirs is a no go, health sacrifice in general is a terrible concept tried by other games that has failed really hard and has led that class line or class in general to be the least played, its not enjoyable, there has to be some better way to make necromancer elixirs unique that doesn't involve sacrificing health.
  8. Anet seriously needs to stop messing around and fix this issue as many are exploiting and abusing the issue at this point.
  9. it may not be there fault but when its becomes publicly known and they choose to abuse it then yes they should be punished
  10. ah I see, well those exploiting it should honestly be disciplined if they are exploiting it in competitive game modes
  11. yea they managed to break wvw in one patch honestly, some classes are hitting bunkers for insane amounts of damage, and there's alot of other stuff overtuned in this "balance patch", like honestly wvw was in a better state before this Patch dropped, and this patch literally managed to break almost everything.
  12. Have to be honest with you, and not to sound offensive but the current meta compared to how it was when I commanded back in the day meta takes no skill and no form of brain power or intelligence, boon junkes or boon ball as some call it does need nerfed, half the guilds that cry it doesn't are the ones that bandwagon or jump servers so much are truly not enjoying the game. But yes The big group meta of boon ball does need nerfed, because you can be cordinated as heck being run a different meta and be running a good group based comp build and still not get around the boon ball, which means that
  13. of course they are. we'r in the age of absolutly minimum effort on ANet's part I wouldn't say Minimum effort, remember they are trying to finish up a living story while working on an expansion.
  14. That's not the point. Some people have a mac for whatever work they need it for, and just hapen to play one or two games on it, GW2 being and example.For those people it wouldn't make sense to buy a gaming PC just to play GW2. So until now they had the option, but Apple took that option away from them. Don't make this into Mac vs PC because that's not the issue. Most Mac players didn't specifically buy their mac to play games, they bought it for X reason and just happened to play GW2 on it. thing is even for work purposes you can still build a far better windows pc for work purposes that woul
  15. the mac users are a small margin of gw2, plus reality is if you are going to game you should be buying a windows pc not a mac, as windows is designed more for gaming and is more realistically priced.
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