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  1. It's actually very easy to objectively consider down states. They're simple. If you think that Ranger down state does not outperform Engineer down state in the vast majority of situations, you're delusional. Indeed.
  2. Ok. If some classes' down states are objectively better, then their living states should also be objectively worse? Balance right? I've never seen a balance discussion where anyone accepted being undertuned due to having a stronger downstate.
  3. The devs don't seem to balance around downstate in PvP. If that's true, all downstates should be the same imo. Right now there is a huge discrepancy between them. Rangers essentially win all downstate battles with pet rez and stuns. Thieves can avoid multiple stompers and port to the safety of teammates/vertical ledges. Necros can sometimes dps harder in downstate than while living, fear is amazing. Mesmer can avoid multiple stompers and port to safety. Their backstab does insane damage. Ele can avoid multiple stompers and mist to safety. Guardian can knock
  4. I friended about 8 bots of similar name last season. By the end of the season they had over 1000 games each and hovered around the 1200 rating mark.
  5. How can this game be even remotely competitive when this happens to fight-deciding skills? To summarize: - I have low ping and no lag - Target is in range and on level ground - Target is immobilized and cannot dodge - Target is not desynced, and places a trap centered on the same position after the immobilize - I am not blinded Plenty more examples of this happening: Fix your kitten Anet.
  6. How else am I supposed to make my morning smoothie? Solid point tho. Anet, be more creative.
  7. I was playing 3v3 arena and I saw a weird class that wasn't a Necromancer. At first I thought it was just some new variant of Necromancer, like Reaper, or Scourge. But no! It was a whole other, different class! Crazy right? Anyway is this allowed? What are Anet's rules on other classes being allowed into 3v3 arena?
  8. I played a lot of sPvP on Mechanist in the Beta, all sorts of builds. I was impressed and encouraged by the amount/quality of changes done after the first set of betas, many in the right direction. I hope the next set can be equally as good. The Good Adding in the pet controls was great. They feel responsive, commands interrupt pet actions to do what you say, when you say it. The AI can still be wonky at times, but setting the mech to "Avoid Combat" helps this a bit. Whereas it was useless before, Shift Signet is amazing now. Maybe too amazing. I won't complain if you keep it
  9. Energizing slam (Mace 2) only applies 2 stacks of confusion when it says 3.
  10. Jump pads on skyhammer despawn your mech
  11. When the mech is killed, it goes through a long animation (ambiguous when it ends). If you press the elite signet before this animation is complete, the signet goes on full cooldown and does nothing.
  12. Let the hatred flow through you
  13. IMO power is too spammy. Everything does power damage and even more, it's so front loaded. As a casual gamer I need some time to react. Maybe have the power damage spread out over time? I think that would solve power damage spam.
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