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  1. Is there any estimate when it's going to happen? I'd like 3 things to work: To be able to swap stats on a whole set with 1 click - it's really troublesome if you have like 7-8 legendaries and you stat swap each one.To be able to tie the skin to 1 build template. Ascended armor currently is better because it can be stored in template and you can achieve different looks on different builds (e.g. my tank build should be able to look different than my power, healing or thiefy build, right?)Can we turn off our OWN legendary effects on trinkets? Idc about other people - I get that if I could turn of
  2. I dont like it mainly because my specializations are basically useless underwater. Most of my spec skills are unusable underwater and underwater weapons arent designed with elite specs in mind.I play mesmer. Why some necro wells work underwater but not chrono wells?If they fixed rhings like that maybe I'd like it.
  3. Just remember mesmer doesnt need condi or tanky or boon spec. It needs healing or power spec (or both).
  4. Lol. Another person from country with avg. income of 1000€/month + that thinks everyones country is like that. Sorry to disappoint you but I can buy week worth of good healthy food for 20$ and live in country with avg. monthly income of ~700€. I have many friends from countries with less than 500€/month. (Almost 1/3 of EU is like that too).Its enough that prices in gemstore are riddiculous (20$ mount skin basically = similiar as expansions in most of games and many full base games). Don't look only at yourself and your country please :x
  5. Sadly, I doubt anything will change ever.. as it would be a spit into faces of people who bought it for full price. Even if the current price is ridduculous and not affordable at all.I often choose to mot buy sth or wait for gold -> gem conversion simply because how unaffordable and unreasonable some prices are.
  6. Maybe in your country. Remember there are countries that earn less than 600$ a month on medium and its almost 1/3 of EU :x.For me its stupidly expensive. Its not that I dont want to pay that much, its just not affordable to pay that much too often.Especially that full game/expansion usually costs the same amount that stupid mount skin. So its also unreasonable.
  7. As a mesmer player - that would be awful even if that goes well with lore. We already have condi "thiefy" spec with possible stealthy elements, it's mirage.What mesmer needs is proper healing or power spec. I'd love the healing minstrel with shortbow or dual dagger powerbuild. I think what mesmer actually needs is a bruiser spec. Chronomancer is the intended support spec, mirage the damage spec. Mesmer currently doesn't have a bruiser spec ala scrapper/daredevil/spellbreaker that focuses on CC and tankiness.Cc/power dps maybe. Tankiness? Chrono - possibly not on purpose - is the tankiest char
  8. I WISH it was both! Because why not? Scourge is condi and heal so Minstrel could be specced into either power DPS or heal or hybrid! Mesmer lacks such elite specs and it would just be perfect in my opinion. Id love to but Im afraid it would suck at both then. If it could replace druid in raid squad OR be taken as powerdps OR be a little bit of both depending of build you choose Id love it. But Im afraid it would be not good enough at 1 of 2 or suck at both.
  9. Please be music bard themed and please be power or healing spec - healing preffered for me.
  10. As a mesmer player - that would be awful even if that goes well with lore. We already have condi "thiefy" spec with possible stealthy elements, it's mirage.What mesmer needs is proper healing or power spec. I'd love the healing minstrel with shortbow or dual dagger powerbuild.
  11. I have 2 favourites. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Mini_Dwayna%27s_MessengerI often use it on my human mesmer. It flies, looks elegant and it shows off my character religion and race. I also always liked in-game characters like Cleric, Priest, Favourite Soul, the holy laser beam from the sky, pure. It fit's that vibe. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Mini_Golden_PigI mean it's a pig, and it's golden. What more do you want? It's also cute, chubby and funny ^^. I used to sometimes also use any kind of mini Moa (Halloween one, chick one etc.) for me mesmer when I used to run Moa as an ultimat
  12. I'd play mesmer bard with music and harfe - a healer buffer build that would be on par with druid. That one I would play. Another condi dmg dealer or quickness/alarcity support? Naah, we already have that. I'd like full healer spec for mes with unique buff like druid - so people want to use it.
  13. Skin is pretty, fun and really resembling Demogorgon a little bit :)I recently started wtaching Stranger Things with my friend and we just competed s1. I was scared of Demogorgon all the time and he was like "come on... he's just a lonely demon, I actually pity him". Can you believe him? :open_mouth:
  14. I'm TERRIBLE at jumping and platformers, and openly admit I'm absolutely abysmal at any sort of jumping stuff. It most definitely is me that is the problem here. But it's frustrating me almost to tears that I can't get the last 3 tokens I need for a completely non-jumping puzzle achievement because they were placed inside this god awful puzzle and mounting is disabled. Barely anyone taxis these puzzles because you need all the checkpoints to open the chest. Honestly, I'd prefer a system where you have to go to the start of the puzzle (so like you said, you know it's a puzzle), pick something
  15. Tbh I didnt have any problem with making jumps in these puzzles - so maybe you're just doing something wrong? Or maybe I was lucky.But I do dislike these puzzles because I do not know WHERE I am supposed to get to and don't even know if these are jumping puzzles or not without watching a yt video /guide and that shouldn't be the case. The base game JP were usually done in a way you saw them and knew where you want to get to and how - you were supposed to make the right jump. It was obvious "OH THIS LOOKS LIKE JP!". In new once like this ones I often am like I wouldn't even know I'm in jumping
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