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  1. Teleporting them inside the pit probably isn't the best idea since they'll probably just stay there on the ground when they get killed. Instead, set a radius on the cliff within the event area to teleport after 30 seconds of non activity back to Still Waters Speaking waypoint. Shouldn't be too hard to implement since auto teleports already exist in several areas in the game... At least with this method they'd be forced to afk outside the event zone, if nothing else.
  2. Mainly habit. And I'll sell all my rares and whatever else I deem worth selling on the TP, so it's a small but steady stream of gold as well.
  3. Damn it's been a while for me. Anyway, felt like reinventing the look of my revenant. Wanted to go for a more gritty bloodthirsty look without getting too "edgy". Took a good amount of time before I settled on something I was sort of happy with. Didn't want to make things too flashy, and I kind of like the form-fitting nature of the armour.
  4. The difference between renegade and herald for each respective condi build is kinda like the difference between viper and trailblazer . Renegade burst isn't amazing, but you have more than enough sustain and direct damage abilities on hand to get you through most encounters. But if absolute survival is what you want whilst still dealing out an acceptable level of damage, then my god does condi herald have ridiculously otherworldly sustain. Only thing that will kill you in that build is stupid amounts of CC.
  5. Taking a break from daredevil on my thief. Going operator and playing around with a pure deadeye firearm build. The rifle of course certainly has its weaknesses, but damn if it isn't fun roaming open world and bursting down single targets from long range with rifle quickness.
  6. Brand new character. I have another old ranger, but was never quite satisfied with it and I could never get into any of the condi builds. So went a little out of my comfort zone with ranger and decided to try full zerk greatsword. And boy can it deal out some damage (love you jacaranda). Took a little bit to find my footing, but I think it's managed to click somewhat after I got her reasonably geared up. Having good fun with it.
  7. This is my second warrior, but also my very first actual Asura character (finally).Nothing flashy. I just liked the idea of a no-nonsense Asuran warrior who can mess up your day.I also wish I discovered the joys of dual axes sooner. Such an active and fluid playstyle. Good fun with high stamina regen, throwing axes and Asura-flipping between enemies.
  8. I suppose out of all the builds I've tried so far (which is most, but not all), I probably find staff Thief to be the most enjoyable. I'm generally not big on highly evasive playstyles, but Daredevil just somehow makes it fun. Engineer just hasn't clicked at all with me yet, though I'm am still yet to try Holosmith.
  9. Doesn't really work any other way, unfortunately.
  10. I guess it's the same with other MMO's, but it's always been on of my biggest struggles trying to find that perfect keybind setup for ease of play. What I've come up with so far:Movement and camera controlled with WASD and right mouse button.Skills 1 - 5 grouped on 5 closest side buttons on my mouseAbilities 1 - 5 now occupy numbers 1 - 5 on the keyboardMiddle mouse button for dodge (annoying to share it with the zoom function, but nothing I can do there)Q for special action and E for autoloot on the run.Profession skill mapped to V (for easy legend change on my Rev). I'll change some of these around depending on the class I'm using.Mount mappings are the same, though I mapped Raptor through to Griffon on numbers 6 - 0. Allows for easier switching while still controlling my character. The goal was to do as much combat-oriented actions as possible while moving my hands as little as possible. Haven't played around much with the other "non-essential" keybinds, but then I gotta figure out how to implement those as well.
  11. Welcome to Australia speed :P Changing your DNS does nothing to alleviate the issues raised by the OP. It's a complete fallacy.Of course does nothing for ping, but I find I have much more reliable load times when using
  12. As a still somewhat new player, only just recently maxed out DD. And I'm having so much fun with this, bounding all over the place and twirling through enemies. So I have a sort of Journey to the West jumping monkey-style thing going on, lol.
  13. The Shadow Abyss dye is available as part of the Jubilant Dye pack you get for your character's fourth birthday, so you may want to hold off on picking it up if you have any characters approaching that age.I've only been playing for a bit over 8 months. So yeah, I'd be waiting a while :P Anyway got a couple more pics. I put my wings and blindfold back on and decided to actually start giving dual swords a go (before the patch).And here she is in the monk outfit when going full ventari healer. One of the few outfits that actually look good on charr and doesn't drastically alter their physique.
  14. Here's a shot with a spoopy mount. Really want the shadow abyss dye though so it has that proper phantom look to it. Just need to build my gold back up again after the griffon (and I stop spending it)...
  15. This is happening to me all the fucking time now. Only use to see this rarely with the skimmer. Now it occurs quite often with every mount. Was amusing at first, but it's growing old.
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