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  1. Since the latest update, LW Season 1 is automatically set to active state after every single zone change making it effectively impossible to disable on the content tracker.
  2. Don't know if this is an issue in Story Journal instances in general, but I just played through the first chapter of LS4 episode 3 (Siezed), and NPC units that die don't play their death animation, don't trasnsition to the corpse stance, nor do they despawn but instead remain in the scene in a standing up and frozen position.
  3. The way upgrades and infusions are handled makes the whole Legendary Armory more pointless than pointless. It actually removes quality of life and ease of use just as much as it adds them. I really don't see how this was not recognised as a problem. I mean instead of the gear we now have to carry the infusions and upgrades. Big difference. The simplest solution I can think of without having to radically rework the way Infusions and Upgrades function is to make each Character's Armory unique, allow Legendary items to be customised while unequipped,
  4. I'm currently replaying the story on an Alt character and this is close to what I think too. The thing about the Personal Story is that at some point, it got changed and kinda patched together in order to fit in the Story Journal, a feature introduced to the game at a later stage. During that process parts of the story were completely removed. LW s1 happened,, LA got destroyed, and the story got modified in order to compensate for that. It was all done haistily, and at times it just doesn't work at all. The result if one of very low quality. I kinda feel sorry for new players that will never g
  5. It would be nice to gift the players that got the armor under the 2000 hour requirement an item, that adds a couple more tentacles to the chest piece and also adds the prefix "WvWvW Boomer's" to the name of the set.The rarity will sky rocket, since no one will be able to get this from now on, and the 2000'ers won't be trolled by 500'ers.That way it will still be possible, by counting the number or tentacles, to visually identify and separate the true WvWvW'ers from the pretenders.Or maybe a special WvWvW Squad Commander icon. Maybe a tag saying "2000/X" where X the number of additional tentacl
  6. Shade Skills: These have been changed back to triggering at both the necromancer's location and their shade locations with each use.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++R.I.P P.S I hope you like your circles red.
  7. Just dropped by to say hi.!Keep the dream alive. I'm certain it's still on the table and will come right along the Cantha expansion in a year or two.
  8. Even after the almighty balance patch it is still possible for a class to exit stealth and delete a high sustain heavy class in under 2 seconds. Literally, I was on a Guardian FB, a PP Thief came out of stealth without any hint of it being there before, and within the time it took me to dodge and try to counter with a reflect while it was unloading I was in downed state. I wasn't more than 2 secs. I'll speak only for my case, but in a game where there is no carrot to persue and the quality of the game play is what attracts and keeps a player playing, this kind of bs ends up hurting the game. O
  9. It's more of a Conditions issue than strictly Revenant or any other class. Maybe they should make a pass on balancing conditions first and gather some more data before attempting any class changes because even if they nerf Revenant to the ground now, that won't fix the underlying problem. Conditions seem to apply way too much damage even at a very low number of stacks and that ties in to the very nature of how this type of damage is designed in GW2. Here we start with the faulty axiom that both condition and power damage should be able to achieve the same level of burst otherwise players wi
  10. TL;DR If you like PvP gameplay now ( all of you two people at the back) you will always find reasons to not like the new direction in combat.I'll wait to play it to see how it really works but I'm perfectly sure the game will still be bursty enough and still have fast enough combat. GW2 has by far the most well shorted out PvP (not in general but in relation to other MMOs) and the ridiculously low TTK and power creep worked counter to that. The first thing that needs to happen before balancing the functionality of skills is to reduce the fog of DPS in some way.
  11. There are so many beautiful things one can design around stealth. GW2 has none. It's old school MMO stealth on steroids.
  12. you have to aim in a FPS game, not in gw2. and fps games dont have stealth not sure if you re trolling Sombra in OW does,Also, If you sit in the highround position with a sniper rifle it is literally stealth. You have to set up your burst in gw2, to get 100-0 at least on builds that can do so from stealth. You are comparing the auto aim in GW2 with actually aiming and trying to get a head shot on a moving target in a FPS? Can't be serial.
  13. Seems it depends on character. I also have a char where it resets to the miniature selection!
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