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  1. If thieves get better survival tools, sure. But they won't. And you know it. It is always the same, people complain about stealth/mobility on thieves but don't bother to find out why thieves have to play like this (namely having no alternative because THIS VERY community hated it when thieves could actually fight w/o relying on stealth and cried for nerfs 24/7).
  2. I logged in just to upvote this post. You, sir/mam made my day 😄
  3. Great gamemode for chilling around after hard work day 😄
  4. Welcome to p2w business mode: we add mechanic (reveal) that counters certain class mechanic (stealth -> stealth attacks/survival traits) then we add a new xpac with new espec that counters that mechanic (shadow meld) then we add another espec to add even more access to the first mechanic (yes, i know it is confusing and yes this is how flippin power creep works). Rinse and repeat. All for the sake of sales. In the end it will be like ASP said: people will cry rivers on forums that thief ran away and don't bother to think why thief chose to do so (due to lack of survival tools an
  5. Unpopular (and very biased) opinion here: - i like to fight thieves/mes because it is fun and engaging most of the time and i don't have to play floor is lava mini game with them - i don't like to fight classes with a lot of aoe and/or certain amount of (semi passive) sustain so necros, eles (don't hate me here, i am well aware where eles stand most of the time in meta but never the less) and guards duhh But as other said, it all heavily depends on build.
  6. Given how wvw is flooded with guards and necros for like... entirety of GW2 existence i think those 2 classes should get massive nerfs and some kind of "revealed" that disables their skills and not thieves that are pigeonholed into ganking some zerg uplevel struggler and afking in some obscure corner of the keep. You think suggestion is absurd? It is more sound that everything non-thief players wrote here. Numbers speak for themselves.
  7. I disagree. Rez thief used to be a thing for example. With some imagination one can alter stealth/reveal to something supporty and we do have plenty of it (stealth that is). Don't forget the deadly banana peel xD @Sind: where are you =.= You claimed we would get GS 😛
  8. Druid would like to disagree.
  9. Because fighting guard takes time, even if you fight a build that you can win against. Time is precious in ranked. In current role thief should be helping teammates/cap/decap and not play a dueler vs a class that they are most likely to lose against in many cases (given meta builds). The only time i would duel a guard on point if point belong to my team or is decapped and i know help is coming or match is so close and about to end that denying few points by just being a body on point will give us victory. OR i am in low rank and i know enemy is just that bad so can fight can be finished quickl
  10. Ah again this beating the dead horse. We did have 5v5 queue, we have ATs now. Neither are very popular. This is fact. Majority did and still rather play in soloQ simply because majority doesn't want/can't form groups for such content due to various reasons. Asking to return 5v5 is one thing, asking to remove soloq all together is different all together. Aren't you bit selfish there? All this development should be then focused for tiny group of wintraders then? Nice one. Because frankly, no offense here, but it would be very delusional to believe that majority of players would suddenl
  11. Yes. Please. So they will be forced to rebalance all classes to fit the mode. Thus some classes will lose their aoe (no way it is healthy on small maps) and thieves for example will finally see other roles than glorified +1 pet (and be something like wow rogues maybe). I get a feeling though that some won't like it much 😂
  12. Post your build maybe? Or it doesn't matter for you which build to play as long as you consistently kill a thief? Side note: smart thief would probably avoid 1v1 scenarios vs guard in first place.
  13. But OP claims that he got hit for 6k. From pistol? I am actually surprised. What build did OP and the thief have then?
  14. That is why i said "feels like" 😛. As far as PVE (almost) anything goes in imo 😄
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