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  1. Hello Fellow Guild Wars Enthusiasts, I am hoping for a little direction. I had played on release about 10 years ago now and finally have a little time back to myself and wanted to check out GW2 again. Any recommendations on how to approach the game at this point? I have two characters at 80, one in all exotic gear and another partially (not even sure if that's good anymore). I really had enjoyed my Mesmer and had the phantasm build going but from a little research it looks like that playstyle got obliterated. There is another "spec"(?) with psi knives that looks pretty fun but I am wondering if I should just start over with something else. The other class is a Ranger which I also enjoyed. I recall it being far more simple with better results most of the time than what I had to do with the Mesmer. Between trying the psi knife, ranger, and starting fresh, a bit undecided. Also, if anyone has a newb friendly guild looking for people, I'll be on the hunt soon! 🙂 Thanks for your help everyone!
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