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  1. Invites caught up and sent! Hope to see you all in guild soon.
  2. Invites Sent, sorry for the delayed response. Hope to see you all in guild soon. Draco
  3. Fantastic response! Hope you all have a great time here. Thank you for giving FENX an opportunity.
  4. I'll get you all invites this evening. --Invites sent 🙂
  5. Invites sent out, thanks for giving FENX an opportunity. I hope you all enjoy it here!
  6. Invites Sent to all. Hope to see you in guild soon! Draco
  7. Hello Eisenwulf, May i suggest you take a look at our new post. We welcome older players as well as new. Very casual and layed back. We just want members to have fun. Here is a link to it If you chose another guild, I hope you find what your looking for. Have a great day. Any questions, please hit me up Draco Aine.5714
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