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  1. Dang, I had a feeling Mirage might be easier, but I acted hastily and dumped 180pts into Chrono already. Will have to just take it slow and get more points as I progress. Haven't had a problem yet staying alive. Did the first two mastery point (I think) fights solo and it probably took a good few minutes as I was rusty, but I still was able to get through it.
  2. Appreciate all the advice. Going to get some time in over the Christmas break, go over this mess of an inventory, and start knocking things off the list.
  3. Hey all, when I last played there were no xpacs, now I have HoT and PoF as I jump back in. Looking for priorities. I have the raptor mount already, should I even go get the HoT glider or are the mounts just better? For priorities, is there anything in the winter event I need, or would you just focus on catching up with the xpacs? Doing hearts, events, exploring, etc. I'm in full Exotic (base game all crafted), mostly Berserker gear and really enjoyed the GS/Staff combo for safety. I had every point in the base game so unlocked all skills and most of the Chronomancer tree for "Splosions." Is any of this still relevant or have the weapon priorities been completely revamped for Mesmer? I have shield/axe but NOT dagger as I don't own that xpac yet. Appreciate any advice, I'm enjoying the game again, just when I login and see that map I skip a breath and don't know how to start lol. Many thanks all. -Sark
  4. This thread is helpful, thanks. I just redownloaded the game last night and am in the same boat. Last played when the "Shatter Cat" Mesmer was solid... I don't even have an xpac yet, but I did craft all my gear for my 3 lvl 80 toons, at least that's a start. Going to start a new character, get familiar with the game again, revisit this post, then look at expansions.
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