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  1. https://www.reuters.com/business/media-telecom/rogers-communications-services-down-thousands-users-downdetector-2022-07-08/ So this is a thing that affected all the stores in my area today. I was wondering if it's affecting things in the game as well?
  2. I pretty much agree with a lot being said here, so I can't add much. Biggest negatives for me are: The maps feeling feeling empty and that hasn't changed since the expansions release. Also the maps feel generally less rewarding although the enemies feel more numerous and events more difficult. Biggest positive: Hands down the music is incredible, the best out of all expansions. Secondly the voice acting was really good this round. I wouldn't say I was able to get lost in it like I have previous expansions. I have been pleasantly surprised by it as much as I have been disappointed.
  3. Strong Language is defined in the Cambridge Dictionary as "speech that states ideas forcefully, sometimes using words that may be considered offensive". What is considered offensive is of course influenced by culture and since Guild Wars 2 serves many different ones, it's very difficult to catch and filter every profanity which is why the rating really helps from a legal standpoint. As an aside to the OP - if characters in the game say an expletive containing "god" or "gods", rest assured they are referring to the gods of the game's setting and not any which may present themselves in whate
  4. Although the event is on a timer, it isn't announced as a world boss if you have any of the world boss items that announce it in big yellow letters across your screen or show you where it happens. The fact that it's kind of stuck up in Eye of the North too, hurts it. I am also sad about this because it's a great meta - doesn't take too long and is fun to participate in.
  5. ESRB Rating : Teen. Titles rated T (Teen) have content that may be suitable for ages 13 and older. Titles in this category may contain violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, minimal blood, simulated gambling, and/or infrequent use of strong language. It's probably a good idea to look up what the ratings actually entail. The rating is there as a kind of disclaimer and a warning. By purchasing the game you've accepted the risk of encountering the material warned about in the rating. I feel Arenanet has stuck pretty firmly to the rating since the swear words are not used often.
  6. Maybe I missed those posts. I just know how different Guild Wars 2 was from Guild Wars 1, and the cut scenes were originally thought of by the people I knew as pretty cool. We hadn't seen anything like that before then.
  7. When they first launched these cut scenes were much more personal than any standard cutscene we used to have and were actually a selling point; however, they didn't age well. I like their latest format even if it doesn't really put my character's face front and center. I like that the newer 'cut' scenes let me control my character, I can move around and feel like I am interacting with the story rather than just observing it.
  8. There is the possibility that for some people the difficulty/engagement requirement of Raids is not fun. Guild Wars 2 had been advertised as the defacto play how you want game. Consider that nowhere in the game does it ask the player to learn what the stats on the gear means, or requires them to even wear appropriate gear for certain level content. Consider that many people in late game areas do not know what their CC abilities are. Most people will never encounter something unsurmountable in open world. Finally, for some people , this is their first and maybe only game they play, or play
  9. For as long as I can remember, people have been enthralled by the concept of a battlemage; the one that can use spells and melee weapons with equal prowess. I think maybe they were attempting to go with this concept. Guild Wars 2 has always attempted to give players more freedom and one of it's advertised selling points was that we weren't tied down to a single weapon type because of our class. People had initially been amazed by this feature and I have to say, I am glad they decided to go in the direction they did, in general. Saying these things though, I must acknowledge that I fee
  10. It's a good idea. We have stained glass window weapon skins and a glider - adding a chair with gothic arches and stained glass window details would fit right in. Something that is mostly stone with soft moss and ferns growing near the base - a reminder of Echovald's regrowth.
  11. It would be interesting if Canach developed a franchise, left someone else in charge of the club and started a Club Canach Cruise. His ship could be a traveling festival that happened on the anniversary of EOD's release. Perhaps a small story could be involved to recreate the Metal Legion. They could have a show on a timer. The Cruise would have to have enough events to make it interesting for at least a week. Canach Says and Moa Races aren't going to be enough. Perhaps for a time you volunteer to be a server - similar to the event in Grothmar where you help the barkeep. There could
  12. I initially wondered what the point of ziplines were as I skipped them in favor of using the skyscale while exploring. However, during events, particularly metas - the ziplines proved to be faster and more direct then the skyscale, griffon or springer. I even use the ziplines and teleporters in Arborstone. I think this expansion does enough to force people to play outside of their comfort zone. (Dragon's End) - why alienate the player base more by forcing them not to use something they worked hard to unlock in the first place?
  13. In a few threads that began even before EOD, people have been asking Arenanet to help casual players to do more damage. In many threads people have been asking for various classes to be nerfed because their damage output is too high. What would be the ideal balance?
  14. There is a plaque for Vizu in Arborstone. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Memorial_Plaque_(Arborstone) I have not fully explored the expansion yet, so I can't say if I've found anything regarding the others yet.
  15. I believe what you're seeing is from a design standpoint, strictly to establish atmosphere rather than realism. Color schemes also play a role in setting a mood, or symbolizing something the developers want the player to experience or feel. Movie directors use the same tactics.
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