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  1. There are people who complain that the game is too casual because there are no worthy goals that are difficult, that there isn't enough content that gives them a feeling of accomplishment or progression. WELL, welcome to the type of content that accomplishes delivering all of the above with a reward that actually adds so much more to the sense of exploration to the game and even goes so far as to diminish much of the difficulty in certain maps entirely. In the process of earning the currencies you need, you should be exploring, experiencing the metas, stock piling materials and gold as
  2. I wanted to ask for this too. Out of all the newest added characters I love him the most. More than Tibalt. Actually I wanted there to be an update about him, story wise. The best we got was a letter that said he had a back up in the inquest facility. But we never get to go get it!
  3. I have made alts for 3 main reasons: ~ to experience a new class/specialization ~to experience a new race/gender with a class (hearing the different way they shout attacks for instance.) ~ to explore a fashion theme inspired by a weapon/armor skin. Outside of that - I don't think I've played through the entire personal story and living world on any single character outside of my main. I do love exploring maps though or farming - even core maps. It's very relaxing for me.
  4. I've lately been too sore to sit at my desk after work. This means I spend significantly less time playing. Without any new content I have not felt particularly engaged or motivated. I do love me some easy to do metas though - Tequatl is my all time favorite, Chak Garrent being my second, and Doppleganger the third. I also find chasing the Ley Anomaly interesting (love that Mystic coin and would love more metas that reward it) Currently I am very casually working on crafting HOPE in preparation for Harbinger. Was UNPLEASANTLY surprised by the cost of Mystic Coins.
  5. That is so good! So much easier to navigate and clear on what the game is about than what we currently have.
  6. I don't think 1v1 open world dueling would be on the same reward tracks as the rest of spvp since it takes place in open world. I can imagine it being along the same lines as costume brawl and akin to sparring.
  7. Everyone has access to a mesmer portal if mesmers are around on core maps. Not everyone in core maps have access to mounts. I know this sounds like splitting hairs in this particular scenario. But the point of my post was to point out that some new players are feeling like they are being left behind because of this. The main thing is the raptor killing mobs though.
  8. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Custom_Arena This is what Arenanet currently offers. It allows you to create your own arena, and you can invite whomever you want in there. For open world 1v1, we have Costume Brawl but it's not remotely what you're asking for. I believe we don't have 1v1 dueling because in other games duel invites are often spammed. I feel like Guild Wars 2 has a place for it despite the protests in this forum. If they ever implement it, they could include an opt-in option, that would allow people who WANT to get duel invites to have a different color name, or
  9. Sorry for not seeing this sooner. I don't think they are rendering any core tyrian masteries meaningless, but mounts are disrupting the experience for new players: ie raptor engage killing mobs before a new player can get a hit in. The second issue is people using flying or hopping mounts to get at the chest at the end of some puzzles despite the no fly/no mount zone.
  10. I am sorry I am not reading all 17 pages but I don't agree with OP. You need to learn tactics and stock your utility bar accordingly. Are you in a place where you are likely to be overwhelmed? Learn how to kite. Lots of enemies with CC? Bring a stun break. Keep your eyes peeled and know your limits. Don't engage if you feel it's going to be too much. It's a multiplayer game so you also have the option of joining groups. If there is a specific goal use the LFG. POF is also the latest expansion. It is supposed to be difficult - it is supposed to make use of all the skills you've learned up
  11. Drytop was an example, and you've missed the reason why I brought it up. Essentially Arenanet has trivialized their own content. You could argue that there is a lot of content in the game that we never look back on and no one complains however masteries were supposed to be a form of meaningful progression. Mounts have superseded that and you could argue that they are a form of progression for veteran players. However for new players who start at POF and then use their new mounts to skip "meaningful progression" of all the content that came before - then what? Arenanet's ultimate goal
  12. I've sort of accepted that due to the poor exchange rate between USD and CDN along with whatever laws govern such things, that I won't be seeing Guild Wars 2 related sales in Canada - or if they happen, it will be rare. They advertised on an American site and that makes sense. What really bothers me on top of this is that they sent the advertisement to my email too. I feel if I am ineligible to participate in their contests or get access to these sale items, they should not be sending me emails.
  13. I would love to see previews. We've waited SO long. YEARS of BEGGING. So many threads pleading with Arenanet to add new options. I hope they don't hype it and then it turns out to be disappointing. x_x
  14. All of the mounts do this though to a certain degree. Mounts should be disabled in areas where they entirely invalidate movement skills earned with masteries; ie - maps where you needed those masteries specifically to progress and attain goals. A good early example is Dry Top. Another example is Draconis Mons. The counter argument is that mounts bring new life to old maps and I agree. If you've ever flown over one on Gryphon back or Skyscale there's no comparison. Vistas will never give you that view. If you've ever needed to get to a certain map fast, on a new character without going nea
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