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  1. i dont think that would work since its hard to tell when a team is full so if you tried that as guild you may not have enough space so only like half would join and since you could only select it once during a match 2 months? It would be counter producive since part of your guld would be stuck for the matchup
  2. It should let you select a team after a reset even if you havent done wvw for a week! It could say team is ful just like map is full in pve. that way people who nvr wvw can be ignored and you wont have such awfully unbalanced teams plus it can say you havent done wvw in 2 days you wll be removed of the team if you wont participate in wvw in the next 24 hours also it never showed me a pop up yesterday too. why do i have to go to the forum to check/when to sign up? its super poorly indicated ingame
  3. I joined wvw today but i was put in a random team, it would maybe help if i get a popup that asked me which guild i like to represented this match, its ok to lock it after
  4. I think the aquatic fractal may be bugged at T4 76 there is no split phase(75 50 25%) but after the boss dies it gives reward bags than revives to 100% it happened 3 times in row. It did not count as a finished daily after we killed it many times
  5. 6 seconds does not really have 100% alacrity uptime especially since it is only after the overload is finished.with spreading out and ramp up its too low I think 4 seconds while the overload started and 4 after is much better Full diviner works barely with and ritualist does not work for me
  6. everything is low setting in graphics, since it loaded faster for me
  7. I tried the Dx11 setting today. its said my fps is the same but the game felt stuttery and color saturation seems very high
  8. The update did not fixed the loading time for me It now sometimes is even slow when i just swapped maps and when it finished it still didnt load the boss or many other things, but if i closed game on loading screen and restarted the game loaded in 10 ish seconds. OMG what are you doing to made it soo messy!
  9. When i try to get points of interest that I could only get after events the map loading gets super slow and it looked weird, I never got it before the Super adventure bug update https://i.postimg.cc/15BVt36W/gw991.jpg It happened on many different maps even mistlocked and pvp lobby
  10. I think the closing thoughts are a bit trying to shame people who think Fractal CM's is hard work too Also doubling clover costs AND removing drops from fractal CMs is terribly selfish and felt like you forced people to bought EoD Not to "spread it out more" it should be spread it out more OR increase cost NOT AND
  11. Was the Preditor not releaed before HoT, Is there a way to get it in Core?
  12. I would like the Gunb;ade skinnable too
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