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  1. As an "hystorical" power necro PvE (Raid/Fractal) user... i have absolutly no clue on what off-hand to use... Both warhorn and focus now sucks hard, bringing a waste-of-time instead of damage of the field.The patch "buffed" PvP / Condi side of them, ignoring the Power/PvE aspect. I cannot conceive with what criteria certain changes are inserted. The wh bugs & foci projectiles does NO damage, does not scale, and with cast CD. My suggestion is just camp shroud/GS as most as you can, and wait for devs to get aware of the situation and find a solution. The damage nerf was really not necessary
  2. That mechanic concept is amazing, but the reality is terrible. Not for the difficulty on itself, but for the:1) RNG of orbs2) TERRIBLE hitbox while on midair3) the unforgiving low timer is a deadly combo with point 2. Why no extending it a bit for normal mode?4) absence of any visual information about what's happening in the room (really we have to use taco & external tools for timers?). On my BS pov that always (have to) do G1, that's not a skill check, and that's not funny. Just to works with fantasy about improvements...It's a static pattern, so why doesn't the green pop early with a gl
  3. Is it legitimate that it's possible to interrupt animations of the attack chains to speed up the attacks and do more damage? is it something intended?an example of what I'm say is the rotation proposed in this guide to increase the damage of the warrior, "skipping" the double chop to go directly to the triple chop. (as said, just as example, not to attack warriors). https://snowcrows.com/raids/builds/warrior/warrior/banner/ "The main DPS increase on Power Banner Warrior comes from "Stowing" your auto attack chain. You are able to stow the second attack,Double Chop, after you land the first hit
  4. Not sure if joke for excuse to add meme, but already covered that. One would override the other as you can only have 1 cc on at a time. Actually i'm a bit confused about that. Are you really really sure that they wont stack?
  5. -Sylvari-Male-Necromancer (Reaper)Item: Perfected Envoy VestmentsBug: any greatsword will float on the back (currently equipped: Twilight)see attached screenshots Screen 1Screen 2
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