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  1. Please, if we aren't able to claim an opposing servers Hero Banner, then change it so we don't even see them.
  2. FA/SF got paired together the last link of '21 and again for the first link of '22. Four months, there was atleast 1 week we weren't in T4, but I'm not sure anyone remembered it by the end. Not saying get over it, just that it could be and has been worse, added to the fact that some hosts and a few links have been known to transfer or flat out stop playing when met with certain pairings, plus overall participation is just down lately.
  3. I can't count how many times I or someone else has been jumped waiting for the vet or even in the middle of killing the vet. This content like capping a ruin that your team already owns (or has no hope of capturing you're just doing it for the 2 mins participation) may not be "participating" but both activities have a high chance of producing a fight, atleast the current definition of a fight in wvw.
  4. Who needs a statue when you have a song?
  5. I'm not happy about the scrapper nerfs, I may have to go back to yak-scorting on my ele.
  6. In W1Z2 - You can sort of kite her around the rock, sometimes getting her stuck, where her bee vomit volley hits the rock instead of you and then take cheap shots at her while standing on top or around the back corner of the rock. In W1Z1 - The slingshot or bombs are your friend. In W1Z3 - You can stand on top of thr shrubs at the back and kit her towards you, hitting her with slingshot and dodging backwards when she shots bees.
  7. When doing SAB dailies in the past, I can't tell you how many times my OCD would not allow me to not finish all 3 zones of the World in question, even if only 2/3 of the zones had associated dailies. This change will really help speed things up on some days, thank you!
  8. Either it was accidentally forgotten for the first day or it's planned to come in the Gem Store in the next couple of days, maybe once the March Sales are done.
  9. To be fair, you haven't been able to hit Green WG for years and when you could it was with a golem. I say this is actually a disadvantage to red.
  10. Red provides the most "fights", aka rbl is where the most ppt is, therefore that's where the the other 2 teams will go to avoid each other whilst ppt'ing and "fighting" the 1 or 2 red defenders that are silly enough to show up.
  11. Not everyone upgraded to EOD, therefore not everyone will have access to Arborstone. EOTN is included with the pre-EOD game as a "Free" Hub with the ability to upgrade for those that don't want or can't buy standard Gemstore louge passes, plus it's tied to S5 metas. However, each Hub has upsides and downsides and each Hub has a different price, even if that price is the difference between in game gold or RL moneies.
  12. Stop standing on walls. As a matter of fact, stop trying to defend, it's not intended game play, which is why none of the seige works according to the masteries, you don't get participation for using the seige or disabling theirs and why pulling is still allowed, they are playing right, you are not.
  13. Yes, I tried throwing down an ac at a couple different water locations because I didn't want to potentially waste a cata.
  14. All NO for the following areas I just tested (if these areas have you standing in just a little water) Bay ABL WG Aldons Green Spawn facing wall Jerri Green Spawn facing wall Kloven Blue Spawn facing wall Honorable mention: Green EBG keep outer walls on NE and NW sides depending on positioning of cata.
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