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  1. I wasn't impressed, in fact I was outright disappointed. Kinda like how most of IBS has disappointed me. So you would rather have the character to disappear from the story, like Zojja? I will take any recast any day if it means the character will continue appearing in the story. It is a shame that the original VA is not available anymore, but that's not Anet's fault.Oh, I'm sorry. Could you point me to the text where I said that?
  2. I am quite sad, as Canach is my favourite character to interact with. Such a shame the character has been recast.
  3. Well, drop rates must not be too bad since I got the griffin skin and the cape, and a torch skin out of 4 rolls? Don't you mind the fact that it took me 75+ tries to get the last two items I wanted out of chests.
  4. Just like was said in the other thread just a few down from yours: Frailty shouldn't be too much of an issue since the majority of damage can be mitigated by positioning. Hamstrung is the same. You won't be slowed down if you aren't getting hit needlessly. This entire fractal can be done without taking a lot of hits with times dodges and standing outside the telegraphed AoEs. I think it's fine. My group has had no problems so far, if we're going to use anecdotes as a baseline.
  5. We cleared the entire first phase with no problems having a relatively inexperienced Fractal CMer fill a slot. We did wipe a couple times on 2nd phase, but it wasn't as bad as I anticipated it to be. Just know your instabs, and react accordingly: Hamstrung wasn't noticeable to me; Stick Together was only relevant at select times; and Frailty ensured you didn't reply on your healer for survival. This is probably one of the worst combos you can have, so if you cleared this then anything else should be easier.
  6. Think of it like this: while you, the commander, and your group race inside Kralk to confront his mind, Almorra and the Pact forces are assaulting his physical body at the same time. These two events run concurrently. The solo player instances happen "away" from the PvE aspects of the meta events that are running.
  7. Material prices tell the opposite tale. Key is most people. I have a few friends that dropped several hundred gold trying to get the rare/super rare drops. They're outliers temporarily driving an increase. Prices go back to "normal" within a week or two, and has very little sustainable impact throughout the year. Not that I'm complaining since I can sell my T5 mats that don't fit in my mat. storage for a decent rate for a change.
  8. It's primarily designed as a material sink. Unfortunately I think most people don't really bother with it, therefore doesn't pull an appreciable number from the game.
  9. Sadly it's not the case! You can encouter this model in game in a lot of places, and very often it's being used as a path/bridge, on normal, playable maps. The top view is its "main" view. That's this model's purpose, to walk on it. But in the normal game, it has a much better quality, just like the layer underneath the pixelated texture, visible on my screenshots. The HD texture is still present, just covered with low-res mess :( Strange indeed. The only reason I could think of would be to limit the textures that would need to load since a lot can be crammed in to a small space inside guild h
  10. The vast majority of guild decorations are assets designed back when player perspective was from the ground only, or in restricted areas, so why would the artists care about the top that would never be seen up close? Most people would rather new, cleaner assets are created rather than spend resources to "fix" old assets.
  11. I mean, cool. This won't directly benefit me for a while, even assuming Cantha will have plenty of water areas. Glad that people are excited for it, though! ...Now to find something besides my Hummingbird...
  12. The Quaesters sell keys if you need a small boost. 25 War Supply/ea for 5, 50 War Supply for 5/ea, 100 War Supply for 5/ea, etc. I'm personally over 100k supply and don't consider myself a farmer.
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