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  1. For me, and quite possibly me alone, it was expansion or bust. I'm tired of dragons. I'm tired of the living world. I'm tired of the same old races, same old professions, same old same old. Not one thing in this announcement renewed my interest in the game or rekindled any faith I may once have had in Anet. So there you go.
  2. The older I get, the less patience I have for nonsense like time gating in a video game. I consider it pointless, annoying, and most of all, NOT FUN. Fun being the primary reason I play these games. What ever happened to "Our games aren’t about preparing to have fun, or about grinding for a future fun reward."
  3. Watching the Hoelbrak video, I thought the narrator said 'nude wife bares' and I was all like, well, sure, why not? Honoring the Spirit of Jaybird and all that. Go, anet.
  4. It could very well have been a version of Drakkar Lake, albeit much larger in that reality, with a much larger dragon.
  5. It took the form of a trailer for an upcoming release. It went like this... A small group of people are trekking across a vast expanse of ice, pushing forward against a vicious wind that's whipping and whirling all around them. They approach a dark figure standing alone out on the ice -- a skritt, all bundled up against the cold, wearing dark goggles, with a scarf wrapped around his snout. "You got the shiney?" he says, in a voice much deeper and gruffer than that of most skritt. The leader of the group hands him a bag. He looks inside, grunts, then raises his forearm and pushes a button
  6. Battle Royale? Meh. Wouldn't mind a Royal Burger with cheese, though.
  7. Road apples, pig feathers, and sufferin' saddle soap! This place won't be the same without you, Gaile. /e salute
  8. My second account dates back to the early days of the original Guild Wars, when extra character slots weren't available but I still wanted more characters.
  9. I had completed the story with the character this happened to, and had got the plate from the grave thing on a previous run with that same character. This was on my alt account, btw. I'll try it again with my main account today, with another character that has completed the story. Provided I get the purple plate again, of course. No purple plate this time. Got red, orange (fire), blue, and green.
  10. My thought was that Aurene somehow magicked her mind into Kralkatorrik's body and the real battle is taking place there.
  11. Same thing here. Killed it over and over and over and over until the Light of Deldrimor wore off, at which point I gave up.
  12. Mine has been -- got an email Thursday evening saying I was good to go, and when I logged in Friday morning I was indeed able to buy gems. Thanks guys!
  13. Same thing here. Tried to buy gems on the 31st, clicked confirm -- the window closed and that was it. No error message, no gems. Sent in a ticket, waiting for a response. Edit: I tried again and this time there was an error message, but it came and went so fast I couldn't read it. So I tried again and managed to get a screenshot of it. It said, "Unfortunately an error has occurred. Please try again later!"
  14. What if... For the first time in his existence Kralkatorrik is not quite so preoccupied with chowing down on his next happy meal that he has had a moment to ponder why the toy in his last happy meal came to his defense. Like, ya know, what if what had prevented Horton from hearing that Who had been the constant rumbling of his empty tummy, but now, momentarily sated, he's all like, "I can't believe I ate that whole -- wait, what was that?"
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