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  1. Is there any reason why Indo is all of a sudden is running during SEA and EU time zones, and not NA? I find it very intriguing that he'll talk down Maguuma, farm a bunch of mostly SBI pugs with 20+man comp squad, but then right as soon Mag starts to come online with IV, CL, and Penguinz; INDO vanishes out of thin air. It reminds of coworkers that trash talk behind your back, but as soon as you confront them they start acting like soyboys. Now I'm aware that a lot of fanboys/girls will say that he tagged down because he was tired, which was *coincidently* right before NA prime, but we all know
  2. I love them hotpockets, I eat them while spawn camping.
  3. You're just on a bad server. GoM is dead last in WvW and in T4. You need to transfer to a t2 or t1 server to get the activity you are looking for.
  4. Again, this is why Maguuma should always be in Tier 1: to discourage server stacking. The only reason SOS is in T1 is because they decided it was cool to stack their server with OCX (to the detriment of all other servers) and then Ktrain all the other servers at midnight. The punishment for excessively stacking coverage and making it near impossible for other servers to get an OCX presence is being placed in T1 with big buddy Maguuma. If you're not enjoying T1, unstack your server and drop down to t2 or lower. Otherwise, I will continue to tag up, waypoint your ebg keeps, spawn camp, and run y
  5. Well of course they said it's the cornerstone. What else would they say? WvW will not be improved in any meaningfully, but please please preoder our expansion anyway?
  6. Mostly the severity. Server stacking is at least partially mitigated by (1) tens of thousands of gold worth of transfer fees. Alliance system will make it free of charge to stack an alliance. (2) Hard server population caps. (3) It takes time and effort to reach out to server leads, and other guilds to organize a stack. This current system will probably some drag and drop system that makes it incredibly easy to stack a server.
  7. Your definition group is more suitable for MMOs without open world WvW. For instance, in a dungeon or raid your definition of PUGs is fine because you need a group to initiate the instance. In WvW, there is very little distinction between random people that are in your squad following you, and random people that are not in your squad but following you. In WvW the definition of a pug has evolved to mean anyone that's not in a premade guild group.
  8. OBS is that you? Aren't you still on that two week ban from cussing out the pugs during SEA?
  9. A very unpopular and controversial opinion, but from my nearly ten years pugmanding, leading servers, leading guilds, and playing WvW I know exactly how this is going to play out if alliances ship anything close to how it was drafted by Anet. I believe Anet has woefully misunderstood the interests, and behavior patterns of WvW players, much to the fault of listening to closely the loud and relatively small *hard-core GvG players* (which I closely relate to). Alliance Stacking will create the most lopsided match ups in history. Alliance stacking is the natural and inevitable ou
  10. Either way, it's probably a moot point. After the OPs recent clarifications I don't think he cares for joining one of these guilds. However I stand by my earlier arguments that the OP has effectively three choices: Maguuma, Fort Aspenwood, Anvil Rock. These are approximately the only servers that have (a) good coverage, and (b) some sort of fights based culture. What narrows this down a lot more is the fact he the OP suggested he wants access to content at nearly every time of the day. Anvil Rock is being carried by [OP] Indo and Tiffy. If Indo or Tiffy isn't tagged up, I don't th
  11. No. This is definitely not true. DED/KEK will move linked servers as well. DED/KEK literally just left BP for Kain a few weeks ago. RQM used to be on SBI for a bit, now I believe they are on IoJ. LATE moved from BP to kainening. Sq recently moved to kain. VR moved from SF to BP. Yes they typically only settle on linked servers (because its cheaper), but they will absolutely move to whatever tier they believe has the most fights. Do not join a server on the premise of being with these guilds. You will be expected to server hop. You can see this information tracked https://gw2mists.com/wor
  12. Towards the end, maybe. The OP has explicitly requested personal experiences. So some bias is inevitable by definition. Every single commenter here is going to have bias. However bias doesn't mean its not useful or helpful. I'm merely sharing a snapshot of what its like to be on maguuma. That said, I don't believe anything with my first two bullet points is inaccurate. You will not find any servers with around the clock coverage unless you go at least t2. People saying that there is coverage below T2 are in complete denial, and just trying to attract people to their poor server.
  13. AR probably has the best of zergbusting guilds that actually stay on a server for long periods of time. It's hard to tell sometimes because a lot of the zerg busting guilds like DED/KEK tend to move around almost every 2 months. If the OP is looking to join a higher end zergbusting guild, he needs to reconsider settling on a server and instead join the guild and just accept that you'll have to move around every 2 months. Based on this bolded parts I assume your criterion is something along this. Wants a high coverage server, especially during the NA timezone Wants a fight
  14. Only realistic change to help small scale is to raise the target cap significantly to 10+.
  15. You are not entitled to anything. Legendary armor has been a rumor/thing for months now. If you grinded a second set of legendary anyway that's your problem. If you grinded a legendary set long before, well sorry it sucks, but 99.9% of the population is looking forward to it. Go cry my a river. This is why we don't get nice things. Everyone move along now.
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