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  1. Unfortunately im in NA ;n; but i appreciate the offer!!
  2. Title explains the bases but i been playin for about 5 years but most of my long time guilds have become inactive and given how things are on the lfg... well its left me with little else to do but log in and stand around or run a couple metas.More of a casual player at this point, it been a while since i tried for raids or kept up with the meta but am always willing to try new builds. I'm on dragonbrand and don't really plan on swapping (lets just say it was a journey to get here)i like guilds with silly names and silly players, finding rpers (tho i dont really do so myself anymore) and deco
  3. Helloo, im a more experienced player though its been a bit since ive played seriously. Im big into guild halls and love workin with newer players so if yall are still taking people feel free to send me an invite?
  4. Fairly seasoned player looking for a guild with the Lost Precipice hall, largely since i miss access to that hall, but also looking for an active guild. I prefer pve content but also hit up wvw (dragonbrand) often enough. Tho i'm more casual in terms of play style, several characters are t4 ready, and max scribe with a love of guild halls. I enjoy helping newer players as well so a fresh guild just thinking of getting a hall would be fine, but no matter what I'm just looking for silly shenanigan times with possible new friends. if not on here, send me a mail or whisper Bwubb (i jump characters
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