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  1. Awesome! I read your intro and sent you a DM on Discord. 🙂
  2. Our RAS Team will be facing Matthias tomorrow -- so exciting!
  3. Hiya! My guild is NA, BUT I do know of two active EU LGBTQ guilds! Bastions of Hope Court of the Mythical Beasts Maybe one of those two could work out for you? 🙂 Best of luck in your search!
  4. Hiya, Rew! Welcome back to GW2. 🙂 It sounds like your interest in Fractals and Raids might be a good fit with the guild I lead, Café Solidarity. We are a PvX guild on Isle of Janthir. We have a regular T1 Fractal group, along with people who are Fractal experts and love grouping for T4s together. We also have a Raids and Strikes (RAS) Team that is a raid training group. It's open to anyone who can follow the RAS Expectations (that link has them listed out). We have a fair sign-up process, so it's not a barrier for new people to join in. And by training, we don't mean carries or chaos -
  5. Hiya! If you're still looking, we're definitely interested in talking more! The next step would be to follow the steps in the original post to join the Discord, read the rules, and post an introduction. 🙂
  6. Our Raids And Strikes Team now has a dedicated person to lead Strike Missions for any RAS members who are not making up the primary squad during any given week! (As a side note, we have a very fair sign-up system with Aleeva; please check out the original post to learn more about this and our policies in general.)
  7. And our RAS Team is heading back to KC this week so those who couldn't attend last week can try to get the kill. 🙂
  8. Our RAS Team got the Keep Construct kill today! 🎉
  9. Hiya! Welcome back to GW2. 🙂 A lot of cool things have happened since 2012. We do Raids on Saturdays at 12 PM noon Eastern. It's a teaching group, so while we do get kills, it takes awhile to earn them as people are learning. We do WvW sometimes (on Isle of Janthir), although we don't have any organized events that are regularly scheduled (it's mostly pick-up events). If you feel like we're the kind of caring community that you're looking for, please follow the instructions in our original post to join our Discord and post an introduction! 🙂
  10. Hiya! We definitely do! Our guild is open to people of any level, and we love helping new players find their footing. 🙂 If you're interested, please join our Discord (link is in the OP) and post an intro!
  11. We've been focusing on Keep Construct lately, and we're making great progress!
  12. We are still looking for people to join our Raids and Strikes Team! If you're interested, please check out the original post, which has the details on how to join. 🙂
  13. I think these kinds of things (balance changes, "pay to win," etc.) can be something different people view differently based on their past experiences. My first MMORPG was Ragnarok Online, but on a private server. Talk about no recourse. I played on a few private servers, and they were almost all run by some college kid with a server in their basement, and they could put whatever game-breaking stuff they wanted in the cash shop and implement whatever nerfs they wanted in the game, and the whole server could just disappear overnight (and sometimes did). The people running the ser
  14. Come join us! We are a kind, knowledgeable group of people who offer a great space to grow your raid skills!
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