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  1. Just 3 points: The turtle could use a way to control better who can ride your turtle. For example, a new skill: It would start as something like "Closed Seat" by default, letting only party members ride. Use the skill, it flips over to "Open Seat", letting anyone ride. And when someone is riding your turtle, this skill would turn into "Eject", letting you boot them off your turtle The turtle could also use a way to swap seats both to the empty seat and with your passenger. For example another new skill: When riding with a passenger,
  2. It could be a new slot for all professions, to put an unique profession-exclusive piece of gear that does something different for each specialization. For ranger, it could be a pet collar. For engineer, it could affect toolbelt skills, and for mechanict, affect the mech instead. For necromancer, it could affect your stats in shroud. For mesmer, it could affect your clones. And so on.
  3. An 'Arcanist' elementalist with a 'vigil cannon' theme. Their profession mechanic sacrifices 2 attunements, having to choose just 2 to equip out of the 4. In exchange, they'll gain a 5th attunement that is always available in the F3 slot. This attunement has the same skills regardless of weapon equipped, these skills are always critical hits and have long range, but the attunement has no autoattack, and all skills in it will have relatively long recharges and be single target. Each skill used in the arcane attunement increases the recharge of this attunement after leaving it too. Arcan
  4. It is not true. It's just a meme. Whenever anyone has any luck, since nobody ever has any luck due to the tragically dull drop rates and no system to guaranteed something actually decent once in a while, and no real systems to reward higher participation in events and event mechanics, people joke they they got 'flagged as a lucky account'.
  5. Doing that is better than having no playable tengu at all, or only having tengu as combat tonics.
  6. Transformations are a thing. Also transformations that do not really transform you, like the Utumishi illusion during PoF. So they could be used for that. While in an open world map where part of the story happens, you would get such a transformation until that story step is done. The effect that gives the transformation could be called something like "Reliving the past".
  7. There's a way to avoid having to make all the past content: ending the story of the commander. For example, the new story could start as "The Emissary", someone sent by the allied nations of Tyria, Elona and Cantha into the rest of the world to explore, find new allies and discover possible solutions to a pressing problem. For players who started the story as the original 5 races, "The Commander" would become "The Emissary". For new races, they would start as "The Emissary" directly. As for replaying old content, it could be done in the Eye of the Nor
  8. The Saints Row series has proven this to be false. You a cocktail dress with high heels, earrings and bangles looks just as good on a hairy, bulky, muscular, male character, than on a hairless, muscular, voluptuous female character. Not everyone may enjoy either look, but they objectively look just as good. Nevertheless, the fact is that gendered clothing is démodé. It's better to make all looks available to everyone, and let them choose what they like.
  9. I would love it if core world bosses were given additional pre-events to unlock the use of new masteries in them. For example: The Mark II golem could have a second pre-event north of the platform that happens before the canisters to unlock adrenal mushrooms. The Shatterer could have a pre-event to unlock updrafts and leylines over the battle letting you stay in the air bombarding with gliding. Godlost swap could have a new pre-event to have speed mushrooms so people can get to the portals faster Events in the canopy in Verdant Bring could have a way
  10. Now that Explosions are out of the engineer's box, why not give explosions some cross-profession synergy rather than merely give explosions to more professions? There could be explosions in more skills across professions (like some of the skills that have a fire or dust theme and cause a Blast combo), and traits that benefit from explosions created by allies. Then you could have changes like an unpopular trait being improved to make an enemy take more damage to Barrier from Explosion skills while affected by a certain condition caused by you, or a new effect caused by
  11. While naga appear to have an animation rig based on krait (like risen wraiths), in GW1 there was no known relation between the two. In GW1, naga had more humanoid facial features with checkbones, relatively small mouths, and shorter snouts with nose-like bumbs. Many had horn-like spikes. In GW2, the naga seen have feather-like fins and more snake-like faces with long snouts and bigger mouths. Krait in GW1 used to have more snake-like and less monstrous heads, and they were able to shapeshift to adapt to the enemy, but nobody has seen them doing that anymore. The T
  12. I would give the game a good ol' dose of them socialisms. Instead just having a cash shop where individuals pay for individual stuff they only have, there would be NPCs collecting gems for 'projects'. Once a project is completed, those who pay get perks, and everyone gets to enjoy the project regardless of whether they paid or not. For example, with a weapon set, those who pay could get sent to their mail account-bound skin boxes so they can choose the skins they want from the set, based on how much they paid. But the weapon set would be added as a rare tradab
  13. Exploding spores would probably work better if it was ground targeted. One of the cantrips should also be a sun break. Preferably Unnatural Traversal. It would be good if at least one of the weapon slots in core ranger into an Unleashed skill. The best options are probably the 5th or the 2nd slots. Traits could use a bit more oomph. For example: * Blinding Outburst could also deal Crippled. * Bolstering Unleash could also reduce the effect of Vulnerability on you. ---- The way ranger pets works altogether could also us
  14. Hammer autoattack and unleashed skills do not appear in the list of Weapon Skills in the Hero Panel.
  15. Even participation does need better calculation. There's even that may not even count your participation if all you do is focus on the mechanic, like bringing stuff to an NPC, yet all you need is to tag a single enemy that gets killed by someone else, and you get gold participation. So a player that just hit an enemy once and ran away gets the the event rewards and 200 map bonus rewards, and the one player that broke their back gathering all the stuff needed for event success ends up rewarded with getting the surprised Pikachu face, and nothing else. Players that are jus
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