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  1. Not sure if it's related, but I've crashed twice today in PvE in the same module but different assertion. Both times in the Cursed Shore map. *--> Crash <--* Assertion: minBoxDist <= m_sphereRadius File: ..\..\..\Engine\Gr\GrBound.cpp(302) App: Gw2-64.exe Pid: 18872 BaseAddr: 00007FF7E26F0000 ProgramId: 101 Build: 116268 I haven't had a client crash in at least 6 months and now two in one day. Kind of weird....
  2. Ran into exactly the same issue. I tried dying on purpose and restarting from checkpoint several times hoping that it might jog the progress but to no avail. I ended up bailing out. Don't feel like fighting through it again right now but hopefully (based on your experience) I'll get through it the next time.
  3. If shield generators are no longer able to block siege fire then they may as well remove them from the game as they are mostly useless. I guess we'll have to wait and see if it is a bug or feature.
  4. It also seems that they are no longer able to block mortar shots either. Not good.
  5. Well, that would definitely fit in with my normal RNG.. :) At least it helps to know it's not just me. Thanks!
  6. So I've been trying to complete the MP for First Spear Dehvad in the Desolation.. One of the three items needed to be collected is a Pristine Skree Harpy Feather which you are supposed to get as a drop by killing harpies. I've blown up upwards of 100 harpies in the sulfur area north of this MP trying different locations and have not gotten one to drop. Just wondering if this is expected behavior or if I've run into some kind of bug? The reason I ask is that from what I've read or responses I've received in chat it sounds like people get it anywhere from their first harpy kill to about 5 min
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