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  1. You can change the skin on any item you have to any skin you have unlocked, so what you saw was a Legendary Staff (either Bifrost, Nevermore or Aurene's Insight) with the Funerary Staff skin applied to it. You can get many recipes of the TP (like Yassith's Spire) and from drops around the world, in general if you don't know how to get something you can search thee wiki, either by going to the webiste or by typing "/wiki yourSearchTerm" into chat to open the wiki search. For many of the Heart of Thorns stat combinations (like Viper's which you want to craft) it is easier to craft a core Ascended item and then change the stats via the mystic forge because you can avoid crafting Fulgurite this way.
  2. Ascended items are their own items crafted from scratch (or gained from other sources like drops and merchants) not an upgrade from exotic items. Funerary Staff is an exotic staff, there is no Ascended version of it. The crafted Ascended Staff with the same stat combination (Grieving in this case) would be The Twin's Spire.
  3. jump onto the cart with it and drop it there
  4. The GW2 API (application programming interface) are the servers that provide data from the game for access by other applications and servers. That includes account specific data for which you need an API key but also trading post data, what skills and achievements exist and many other things ( the wiki has a list). The GW2 API updates when the servers are updated which is usually a few hours before the patch actually goes life, so it can contain spoilers for new releases (and has in the past) which is why they disable it this time
  5. What do you mean? There's just the twitch background, a keyart they released back in July...
  6. The only way to get Gifts of Exploration is core Tyria map completion. You only need it for gen1 legendaries though, for gen 2 you need HoT or PoF map completion (see here). You can also buy gen 1 legendaries directly off the Trading Post.
  7. You should read the traits again. Not even half of them interact with the attunement mechanic, and most of those traits also have permanent boni.
  8. The skin will be unlocked in your wardrobe just like any other skin. No idea why the wording is different.
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