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  1. I have the same situation. Daily Chest is grayed and inactive (the same as it was at 3/4). And no, I still have space for AA (like 1000/1300).
  2. I doubt there is any randomization here and I bet next week there will be Amnytas, Skywatch, Inney Nayos, Bloodtide Coast, Domain of Vabbi, Lake Doric and their rotation is just flawed. God I hope I'm wrong...
  3. Honestly I don't know why they are adding new maps but there is no use of them 😞. I stopped even register them since it is a total mess right now.
  4. WIKI: This achievement must be completed during the "The Survivors" story step. Replaying the story step will not make the objects immediately appear but will appear after reloading the map.
  5. Account may got blocked, account owner might have revoked API key or there there might have been problems with crawling their account. Anyway as everyone can see, no progress here 😐
  6. While trying standard way i got mostly: Blightbob (rare), Balance Fish (exotic) or Jokopu (exotic). I got my Phantom Pollock (yes it was my last fish too) from shallow, reddish water near Northern Extractor (open water). While trying red marker method i got Daydream (common) couple of times then Pollock 🙂
  7. Problem is the more common is the fish, the more difficult is to catch it on hard maps (requiring high fishing power and Nayos apparently is such map). Increasing fishing power also increases chances to catch rarer fish so you will mostly get yellows or exotic ones. My solution is as follows: Try to fish just with lure and bait. Something like ~350 power. Fish on open water and NOT on boat. Minimum power needed in Nayos is like 550 or sth so you will have red mark during fishing and catching fish will be very difficult. While you'll manage to catch maybe one fish in five you it will still have greater chances to catch white or blue fish this way.
  8. https://gw2efficiency.com/account/unlock-statistics?filter.key=skins&filter.search=last words
  9. According to gw2eff number of ppl who unlocked Last Words skin stuck at 105 for a looong time, which means nobody either bought or dropped the axe for ages. Ofcourse drop rate might be abysmally low and ppl just might don't want to buy Last Words but still... I will risk statement that the axe is not obtainable at all (not 'for some players') since patch which should have fixed it.
  10. I believe there might be a problem aquiring Walnuts in Bulk required for one of the Paper Bag Helm skins as according to wiki the item no longer exists in game. Vendor's Menu: https://imgur.com/a/bQZCwzP Wiki: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Walnuts_in_Bulk
  11. Could someone look into Weekly Rift Hunting rotation since it is working rather strange imo. If it is a rotation (cycle) after all ofcourse. Until now we had following sets including Amnytas, Skyreach and 3 other explorable zones not associated with Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure: Aug 22 - 27: Echovald Wilds, Thunderhead, Timberline (SET #1) Aug 28 - Sept 3: Domain of Istan, Elon Riverlands, Straits of Devastation (SET #2) Sept 4 - Sept 10: Sandswept Isles, Sparkfly Fen, Tangled Depths (SET #3) Sept 11 - Sept 17: Bloodtide Coast, Domain of Vabbi, Lake Doric (SET #4) Sept 18 - Sept 24: Southsun Cove, Crystal Oasis, Cursed Shore (SET #5) Sept 25 - Sept 26: Domain of Vabbi, Lake Doric, Mount Maelstrom (SET #6 - which is mostly SET #4+MM) Sept 26 - Oct 1: Bitterfrost, Iron Marches, Verdant Brink (SET #7 - new one) Sept 2 - Oct 8: Crystal Oasis, Cursed Shore, Southsun Cove (SET #5 again?) Oct 9 - Oct 15: Domain of Vabbi, Lake Doric, Mount Maelstrom (SET #6 again?) So 3 questions: First: Is it rotation or sets/maps are just randomly used each week? Looks these are sets but rotation seems flawed somehow. Second: Where is the place for new added maps: Ember Bay, Seitung Province, Frostgorge Sound (SET #8?) Third: When (if at all) the cycle restarts?
  12. Happens from time to time. Logging in and out to GW1 helps.
  13. I believe it is connected with latest Iron Marches hero point bug. They may temporary disabled crystals to finally fix a problem with interacting with hero points (for example for some collections or achievements) if you had some quartz in inventory.
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