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  1. We are still looking for new apprentices to bolster our ranks so that we can honour the Hound of Abaddon with frequent activities throughout Tyria! Join today!
  2. Bumping for Abaddon's Sake :3 Apologies if anyone attempted to join over the weekend. We had some issues with our website that's been resolved. An update on the Strikes. I think it went well, although we had some members who forgot about it, so we weren't as many guildies as I had hoped for 😄
  3. Bumping for Abaddon's Sake :3 Event Schedule for the weekend: - Today/Friday: Dungeons @ 6PM Server Time - Tomorrow/Saturday: PvE Guild Missions @ 6PM Server Time - Sunday: Strike Missions @ 5PM Server Time The Strikes on Sunday will be our first official scheduled Strike Mission as a guild. It's still in the early stage, so after a week or 2, I'll update our current status to include Strikes.
  4. Bumping for Abaddon's Sake 🙂 PS: We're only a small number of people that handle new people joining Discord. So if you join after 21:00 UTC and before 15:00 UTC, chances are we're either sleeping or working and we'll get to you as soon as we can 🙂
  5. Hi @Hypnotaiz.2845, Be sure to join us on Discord if you'd like to join 🙂 https://www.houndofabaddon.com/discord
  6. Bumping for Abaddon's Sake 🙂 Nothing happening tonight, but we have Explorable Dungeons on Friday at 6PM Server time. Will decide on the Dungeon(s) on Friday among those who join 🙂
  7. Tonight we'll be doing some casual PvP at 6PM ST/UTC* If you new to PvP and want to try it out If you've seen us around and want to see what we're like Join us tonight at 6PM ST/UTC* on Discord (https://www.houndofabaddon.com/discord) and feel free to leave if we're not what you're looking for or didn't enjoy our company. * Server Time / Coordinated Universal Time
  8. Hi there :), Be sure to join us on Discord if you want to join the guild :3 Link to Discord: https://www.houndofabaddon.com/discord
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