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  1. This sounds very cool. Hope there is something out there
  2. Hello all, After some time in Ranger, and a stint in Warrior, I'm looking at Revenant for a character slot. The profession seems interesting from a lore/theme point of view. I see it extensively in WvW (my preferred mode), either in a zerg or roaming (all three especs). Visually and thematically, its looks very cool. From a practical playing side, the energy management plus cool down management seems a little hard to manage and weapons seem very limited to me. So for all you Rev mains, what draws you to the profession?
  3. As someone dipping his toe in vindicator waters (and rev in general) with the end goal of roaming with the spec, this thread is refreshing and good to read, so thank you!
  4. kitten...I was about to give vindicator a try. This update was the quickest enthusiasm killer.
  5. I’ve been in a wvw coordinated guild. While zerging (for me) is fun after the first 5 minutes theres not much a challenge of anything unless another zerg comes, then it becomes a pirate ship show until one of the groups decide to push, then it becomes an ish show. Ive also done the GvG guild thing but thats very sleepy for me. Ive learned Im a roamer at heart. I enjoy the freedom that roaming or scouting allows. I like calling out movements on other teams then rushing to an objective to hopefully save it, or die trying. I like trying to hold off a group till more people arrive. Its unpredictable, never stales, and fun for me. Sometimes I 1vX successfully, and by successful I mean surviving through it. I die and respawn a lot, but thats the name of the game and no matter how good you are, you die frequently. Build templates only added more joy so I can stay on one profession my whole time. I have a template for roaming, and small group havoc and a specific one for alacrity provider for sieging. Bless the template developer. Not having to swap professions is a great quality of life.
  6. In my experience, I have received more salty whispers while roaming as a cele trapper druid vs a cele trapper soulbeast. And have survived quite a bit more as a druid.
  7. A trait that allows the pet to inherit stat increases from the player.
  8. Here is what I have been roaming with since the SB Pet Swap update. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PO0Ac+VlVwsYTMP2JWePlPrCOdA-z1IY1oj/UKQBkgEIThQviAFOL0PtBA-w
  9. There is also r/guildrecruitment under reddit to help with your search. Good luck!
  10. Snow Owl - Hedwig Jungle Spider - Baenre Jacaranda - Slugzilla Siamoth - Maguuma Defender
  11. I thought it was Mechanist and Harbinger? Anyhow, I love the new mechanic. I feel like it should have been baseline from the start. The variety makes building fun and more unique than just the standard soulbeast pew pew. Good to be home again ❤️
  12. As a somewhat newcomer to the Warrior profession, I like the updates 🙂 will be looking forward to more SpB roaming
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