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  1. Test beta round2 day1 1.I want to know definition of "Profession ability " in Amnesty of Shing Jea mean ?? as i test with Red : healing and Utility skill give only 1 might as for ble : give regen ( well it is ok) so i have no idea how profession ability trigger . 2. Elite skill : Spear of Arch animation is good but it take long time to activate. so it cant be use in reality. you may use for opening in pve but cannot use in pvp or wvw . why ? coz your friend will see Big Arch from far away..... if it just show and shoot out then it might
  2. I try to understand designer to make flip mechanic more versatile. but… the blind spot also too much as well. Although we set button and wait for flip. It can use one and you have to spend time to use it again to flip back. Designer may think that cd if half from our elite. But. Some skill we don’t want to active them such as skill leap forward- backwards. You hit mob and just need HP. I don’t want leap back. again if I use F2. Errr the skill I want to use next already flip . So I have to wait and spend energy again.? so in conclusion, it is workable for open
  3. With current technology and trend , I think not you need at least 1. quantum technology for ripen program in information 2. 5G or more for info transfer in global scale 3. data storage. How big for global scale. It is sensitive issue when someone permanently own something. 4. how to maintain popularity or value. you can see second life , active world , sandbox. You need to create something attractive and work continuously to maintain its value. in next 10 year might me possible.
  4. Imo it is quite challenge for ANET coz all dragon already use up. if we reviewed gw1. The remaining possible 1. resurrection of abaddon. ( maybe) underworld contest , realm of torment 2. civil war 3. Replacement of new god instead of Balthazar. 4. New map and content?….. no idea coz backgrounds and world refer to gw1 almost use up
  5. Suggestion 1. for strike mission. (Only) in case player can’t find party. ANET should implement solo mode with henchmen. Same like gw1 Or else in party mode the vacant seat will fill with AI henchmen. 2. The sub profession skill ( same like gw1 ) but limit only 1 slot to prevent balance break. You may put in ctrl+ 1 available skill for sub profession as sample. WAR : Damage boost 20% for 5 sec Guard : Aegis 3 sec Rev: Heal + random boon Ele : Arcane bolt 3 time single target Mesmer : daze/interrupt action + random teleport
  6. Then you should request ANET for ascend equipment to be tradable in in black lion store. so you can get rid of and gold will return base on demand supply. for me. I play this game almost 10 year and legend equipment cost I have time to play 1-2 hour a day and I have only ascend so it will be shot cut to me if I have chance to buy ascend . Then it is win win situation for people who have legend and flood ascend stock.
  7. Just my opinion, i guess that’s the reason ANET give chill to vindicator for soft control ( weapon skill 1 and 3) instead of put hard cc in weapon skill.
  8. ANET problem is you don’t promote how good the game is. ( selling dream) Like people ask about elite if you see website , you just talk about profession but no elite details. The n how you sell idea or pull customers? They need something to inspire and imagine it will be good if I can play this elite. One thing that I can think you may add new condition “slippery or oily. “ the condition that make player slip. ( slide away from position). That make player hard to hit other in WvW or pvp. And some new event like dungeon break. ( monster rampage) In r
  9. the reason I told 100 blade . It is an example of high damage weapon skill. If we look at mist unleash it has low damage come with fast cd. But it might not work for pvp WvW. Why? we play Humans vs human . Who will stay still and take 2 hit from me? We should have high damage skill to give big hit like daredevil. mist unleashed is suit for pve. If you play pvp , cd will be 7 sec and same damage …. It is very bad. come to other G.sw skill in other profession. It still have 10xx damage with 8 sec. while mist unleashed give 5xx and 7 sec cd. Very sad.
  10. One more thing after checking skill. vindicatir has no heavy strike skill… let say mist unleashed try to half damage and half cd. But it nerf too much damage and cd in pvp . If compare to other profession. it has same damage range as maul ( ranger skill ) but… ranger has pet to support damage continuously without cost to pay while vindicator stay alone. if possible I prefer big hit skill like hundreds blade from warriors. Most Area damage is good for pve but it is soft skill for pvp wvw
  11. 1. Not sure ANET plan to implement new world like GW1? I mean other than mist 2. Sigil : + slow duration will implement? suggest : shortcuts key for set change or build change. for exsample ctrl + F1
  12. Agree with And idk how height it can jump? I hope it can jump cross the gap. Or go up to high level terrain. But how height it can do? otherwise . It just for show.
  13. After I back to sleep and think about possibly. imo ANET might not implement vigor or increase vigor duration. why? It might break balance if theft use this. You will see flood of spiders from mad king labyrinth. evade evade and evade. Very annoying……
  14. As above question I think condi herald until torment rework. Now I don’t have idea. I peek in gw2 meta too but that is all ?
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