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  1. No, this is from doing whatever events om Cantha. Haven't brought my thief back to the old maps yet. Some simple maths - Vault does 10k~. 6% of that is 600 more or less. 5 targets is 3k health gained per Vault. I dunno how you play thief, but my main defensive tools are evasion and blinds. The only mobs that I can't blind are champions on scaled events (lots of people there so it doesn't matter) or if I'm playing solo, the elite with a defiance bar. For those I just easily delete the bar then go ham. It really boils down to adapting then getting over it then back to playing.
  2. Its still good. It was over-the-top before on mobs. I don't notice the nerf at all on open world events and whatnot. It is pretty noticeable though on story boss fights where I now press my heal button sometimes instead of never.
  3. Yeah, my group noticed it too. Hopefully it's just a bug and not a change because it looks really weird and distracting especially on Arkk.
  4. Then with this change, people won't mindlessly repair the walls of the tower being trebbed, and the players "putting a pebble on key 2 and go afk" will stop getting participation once the walls are down.
  5. I have the same issue as you, even from character select. image
  6. Nah.. The names you can make from Aaa to Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz are pretty infinite.
  7. Dragonstorm is like Tequatl but without the constraint of going earlier than spawn time to get in a good map. If people AFK leech in Teq, surely in Dragonstorm even more so. I've seen people with alt accounts do this all the time. It's guaranteed 2g per account.
  8. So... About Legenkittenry Demon Stance's Pain Absorption. Since Resistance only negates 33% of Condi kittenmages, can you at least move the stunbreak of the Stance somewhere else? I don't want to kill myself if I'm with allies and I need a stunbreak. Much love, Thanks.
  9. When I make my Open World Solo builds I have the following criteria for it to pass Self-sustain (ex: Sun & Moon Style with off Hand Dagger, Invigorating Precision with Perma Fury)Condi-clear100% Crit chance with Fury and Traits if Power Build100% Condition Duration of main Condition Damage if Condi BuildDecent Crowd Control (Though Waystations kinda made this optional)Boon Uptime (Must have: Perma Fury, Swiftness and can achieve and maintain 25 Might Stacks with ease)Great DamageDashing Good LooksI include food and utility in the stats. Though I just mostly use the Halloween Utlities and W
  10. Did it not occur to you people who think there's a Mystic Coin scarcity problem that a lot of players, more so now than ever before, have faster ways to get the other ingredients of a legendary and that is creating a quicker demand for it?I mean, compare the prices of T6 mats years ago when MCs were cheap. Legendary ingredients just shifted in price. They more or less cost the same throughout the years. (Except the precursors got way cheaper) So same farming time, same cost. Just now, instead of the T6 mats having the bulk of the price, it's them blasted coins because there are a lot more peop
  11. This is a nice idea.And to not make it a "no-contest"competition with the Permanent Upgrade Extractor, incorporate some FOTM exclusive materials and achievements, like GOLDEN FRACTAL RELICS. (Still waiting on when we can use the spare we have)
  12. Does it need fixing though? If the majority of the population is doing it to the point that it's achieved regularly, then I don't see the problem. If you're in a server like that and your play style and game objectives clash with the majority of your server, then maybe it's you that must adapt or leave them. I mean, a whole server consists of different people with varying objectives and goals. If a server can regularly keep their status quo despite that, then it means a lot of the regular players want it that way.
  13. Swap. - Change positions with your target. Oh the fun memes to be had.
  14. Well, that's just like, your opinion, OP.I like open-world leveling with friends. I let them be and explore as a group. I don't lead, I just follow and help if they want or need. As a vet it gives me an interesting way to learn new classes. Sometimes my friends find places in odd nooks and crannies I've never even been to after years of playing. I play with my friends, not with my friends.
  15. I used to equip it for the WvW memes. The burst had the potential to instagib unsuspecting roamers. Then they nerfed the trait. Then they nerfed the whole thing during the competitive split. Now it's the big brother of the Warrior's off-hand Sword.
  16. As long as you have the Crystalline Heart icon on your boon bar, you'll get credit. You need to be "protected" from floor damage at MO, and not just use protect whenever. Rigom has to die on you (he'll do an AOE explosion) before he gets rooted near Samarog.
  17. You. I like you. You understand and know your lore. I like the idea of the Charr society and governance change from four independent Legions in a temporary ceasefire agreement to becoming a united Republic. Then maybe they rise to power again and finally conquer the world.
  18. Yeah, that's why every country on Earth is still a monarchy under the original bloodline of rulers. Oh wait. Things change, she just led the Legion through a civil war, this isn't that weird. Some Charr are surely grumbling about it, others aren't. The traditionalists were disproportionately already marching under Bangar anyway, so they're going to get less of a say now. Sad. You don't get it. This isn't about real world. This is about lore. I'm all for whatever they do, heck, I wouldn't care if they put a human Imperator, but at least explain or show why because ever since the Charr has an es
  19. I'm with you with that it doesn't make sense Crecia suddenly becoming Imperator. It's like we just time-skipped some Charr politics and suddenly there's a non-Khan-Ur lineage Imperator and everyone's just fine with it. What a way to ruin an interesting lore tidbit for the Charr there.
  20. There is a number things in this episode that don't make sense.Everyone, except the on-the-way-to-be-redeemed boy Braham, being ok with suddenly siding with Jormag.The commander not murdering Ryland on the spot for being responsible that Jormag is awake.The business decision behind releasing such minimalist content, which obviously had no chance to be liked by most players.The Destroyers reverting back to being fire-only, rather than making use of the dead Elder Dragons' magic.The new Destroyers being able to take damage from Burning. And Crecia being Blood Imperator just like that. Well Bang
  21. ...I did not just read this. Are you seriously willing to completely throw away any and all sense of accomplishment? They're called achievements for a reason. They're there to reward players for doing things they wouldn't necessarily do normally. Some of the achievements you don't even need to actively work towards - the Slayer achievements, for instance, you get more or less automatically as you play the game. Making them purchaseable on the Gem Store would be letting players off too easy, and it'd be even stupider than in the case of Mastery Points, as was originally discussed. Imagine apply
  22. Not sure if you're being sarcastic or not, but Primordus' body falling and being so large it's the size of a whole new region in the game would be epic! Preferably over the ocean so it doesn't override areas we can already see on the map or may want to visit. Nope. Not at all. It would in my opinion be the perfect start to "End of Dragons". Imagine traversing a dead dragon the size of a continent as the first story instance. Its magic still lingering in its corpse, so destroyers all over the place. Familiar foes and factions going there to establish a settlement to harvest magic, experiment or
  23. Sure, why not? I totally agree with this! They could even sell it in bundles of 5, 10 or 25. Every use gives you a random mastery point from Central Tyria, HoT, or PoF! Heck, why stop there? They could also apply this bundle for Achievements! Think of those achievements you've been wanting to complete but don't have the skill nor the patience to complete! Just buy a bundle from the gemstore and complete a random achievement! Woohoo!Awesome!
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