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  1. Thats wrong gang. You can in fact have a little bit of more stat via the jade bot core. Its only vitality, but its something.
  2. Yes and no. With new expasion, I never fully unlock my espec. I level for 1 hero point that my rule. Its fun to have something to progress here and there. But yeah ha ing over 400 sleeping does make it less fun and feal "cheap". But honestly I dont care that much so thats that.
  3. For the signets, dont forget that we lose our toolbelts and most of our stun break and condi cleanse are on our toolbelts.
  4. In pvp yeah, its mostly unusable. In wvw aint that bad if you zerg and take only long range fight. In pve is more than fine, its so fun! They should not have remove the cc bar in pvp. Now its really not fun to play with in pvp.
  5. Live our mech alone! You monster! Dont worry little jade mech nobody gonna hurt you. I'll protect you...
  6. If not dyable. At least make different part for selecting different trait. Like the arm but for the rest of the body.
  7. Honestly, I dont see the appeal of new weapons. With the systeme we have, they can pit any weapons. Want spear? Do it as a staff skin. Want wipe? Dagger skin. Want battle axe? Put it on hammer as skin. Want a scythe? We already have staff skin. Power glove? Put it on focus. Etc. Theirs no real be efit to adding new weapons. Its even worst because the said new weapons would have almlst no skin to use on it. They will never retro made old skin for new weapons.
  8. Maybee cut event, maybee not. Gw2 is full of little secret place like this. Its just fun to find one when you just explore for the sake of exploration. 🙂
  9. Control your mech. Use f6 and f7 to move hime around. Call back with f4 for a quick repos. The mech does not auto play around, you need to guide him.
  10. I main engi since core for about 8 years now. And I would be so sad and disappointed if they remove the IA or turn the mech into a turret. Some people love to play with pet. No I dont want to play necro or ranger, I always pick engineer in any game thanks. So yeah mechanist is an awesome espec!!! Honestly the mech aint cluncky at all. If youre having issue with it, maybe its youre lack of skill playing pet class.
  11. Still all this bug just want to bring it up again
  12. Its really not some troll. In strike I just up in or create a lfg, I know how to command. In raid nobody let me join and when I create a squad/gr, nobody join. Fractal have a clear entry point for new player. Just do fractal level 1 and grind to level 100. Why for raid are we expect to go outside the game to form a group? None of the other end game content need that? I always see raider complaining they dont have update, but they seem to push again new player wich let to a dying game mode and those not developped. I understand if ypure a total noob and dont know how to dodge but kitten, even v
  13. Raid lfg and raidhub map chat aint welcoming at all for new player. Nobody let me join and nobody invite... So you dont want new blood? Im not even a noob I did all icb and eod strike, I clear dragons end meta and even frac 100 cm. Yet nobody let me in... 😞 Sad... I play on NA
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