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  1. I find I can start game if I delete the GW2 cache, also delete the local.dat from Appdata, roaming, GW2 and delete Bin64 from the GW2 program file. However, I have to do this every time I want to login or the login does the invisible window thing and I have to restart through task manager. Come on Anet, needs to be fixed.
  2. Thought I was going crazy with targeting/auto-targeting....then I found a thread on Reddit and here. Needs fixing asap, I find clicking on target only works some of the time too....
  3. Playing with friends and guildies is the only reason I play now. PVE long gone out the window but the comraderie of wvw guilds/friends lasts
  4. Lol, you must be the lucky one cos....I play wvw a few days every week with my wvw guild and I see exactly what the op is seeing a huge drop in pop. We are T1 this week and there is fek all to fight or do. Wish it was just an aberration but its been like this for a few weeks now. Our server had 2 queues on reset this week....and only the EB one lasted past an hour.... The pop decline is very real, I just hope that its better down the tiers (which I seriously doubt) or wvw is in real trouble, so sad cos wvw is my favorite almost exclusive mode in this game. I only pve to support my wvw habit.
  5. Yes! Sorry I do mean obstructed. Tried to kill an ambient chicken in sw camp in alpine map....couldn't touch it with axe at all and yes there are alot of places in wvw that the axe is obstructed but other weapons can hit :(So it's not just me then?
  6. I wvw almost exclusively and use axe. I have noticed in the last couple of weeks that axe seems to be obscured from hitting targeted things rather more often than not. Staff hits, dagger hits, focus can hit it but axe nope. Can anyone else confirm this is also happening for them?
  7. I didn’t realize your matchup doesn’t have other maps. They actually have a map queue on all 4 maps, but the week is over and hopefully we get a re-match. The main point is that a mistake was made, an there was little response from Anet, no fix and many people who were also on vacation were quite disappointed in not being able to enjoy a fair match up in WvW. Yet if this was a PvE mistake, it likely would have been corrected quickly. They will take the servers down to fix a bug with a mini but leave an entire game mode practically un-playable for a week. That point is understood. I think
  8. Slide rule???....I think they use piles of stones, their fingers and forget to take off their shoes.
  9. The links will be the ones that they posted here in the forums (according to Anet). The matchups we don't know -- it could be glicko * RNG like regular relink-resets are, so the matchup could be different. I don't think it's going to be 1 up/1 down. Yeah, would be totally unfair to the affected servers to count this week's score. Just fix the links and do the week over with the same match ups. Score doesn't mean much anyway but there has been enough player movement between servers that it should be a complete relink or we will suffer the consequences for next 2 months. The meant links will b
  10. Listening to comments from people, they were looking forward to doing some wvw since they had extra time over the holidays....guess they are feeling pretty disappointed right now. This response from Anet does nothing but make wvw seem more neglected and disregarded. Not just my thoughts but the thoughts of many of my wvw friends.
  11. Crafting guild WvW siege isn't a wvw topic??? You can't be from a guild that only does wvw then...
  12. Totally agree OP....it's far too slow and a complete waste of time that could be spent having fun. And as for having other guildies put a few on....good luck with that, mine have volunteered but sadly not much siege made. Please pretty please Anet let us stack more.
  13. This post is so on point! You have encapsulated what's wrong with NA wvw along with the toxicity that accompanies "You wanted to enjoy the superiority of your "group" or "prove something to someone" which needed no proof or wasn't even important enough." sums it up but that imagined superiority and proving it means everything to a number of toxic people who go out of their way to destroy the pleasure of wvw for everyone else.Until this changes and people play the game for fun nothing is going to change with wvw....alliances or not. In fact being on Kaineng with an "alliance" is a horrible exp
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