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  1. Thanks for voting! I wouldn't want this implemented if it meant I had to lose my other friend Guilds.
  2. We're pretty small too, so I feel you. For me, personally, it would be fun to upgrade, but I'd still be happy if ANET kept the upgrading connected, rather than each hall separately. All I really want is the ability for my ONE guild to all be able to go to whichever hall they want. 😃
  3. My request was in the spirit of adding something to Guilds that all the members could share in. You suggestion removes things from players. In order to access the other three halls with your solution, we'd all have to give up three guilds and the friends inside of it, to be in the same guild four times. It's cool if you don't want the ability for one guild to access all halls, I just don't think your solution is the best one.
  4. I think all the Guild Halls are incredible in their own ways and would like to be able to unlock all of them to use as will, without having to swap them out and lose all the decoration placement. I'd even be ok with upgrading them all separately, so I could watch how they change over time. What do you all think?
  5. Yes, I think they should Keep it. Each time I've done the public version, we've won easily. I think they changed the time on it too. When I did it yesterday, it was at an odd hour (my time zone) and the same time as Dragonstorm. Today it was after Dragonstorm, at an even hour.
  6. I don't think this is true (or least not anymore) because they've shown they can change the color of spells in PvP/WvW to differentiate between enemy and ally spells.
  7. Not sure if I'm having a really good graphics day or if Anet changed something this Update, but that Anubis skin is insanely well made.
  8. I wasn't saying that Kralk was MADE of rock in GW1, I was saying he had the COLORATION of rock in GW1. I know he was still crystal.
  9. A quick note about Kralkatorrik changing color: He is/was the Crystal Elder Dragon and it's very common for crystals to change color over time or due to certain types of light. He may have also been purple due to the magic he was absorbing. I mean, he also looked like regular rock when you visited him in GW1 while he was sleeping.
  10. I always thought that was just something they used to attach the fang to the piece holding it to the ceiling. I never realized it was part of Jormag too.
  11. The style isn't something I'd normally like, but I bought both pieces just to encourage them to put more chest and leg pieces in the Gem Store, rather than just the other four types of pieces. There are so many hats now...
  12. I'll always support these new hair topics. Mostly because we clearly haven't made enough of them yet, since it's been YEARS we we received even one new style.
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