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  1. Seeing the state of the especs (lazy/rushed), the sloppy nature of these nerfs sort of makes sense. They lack attention-to-detail (and seemingly, quality assurance). The May 11 patch turned out to be a HUGE nerf to Warrior sustain, with literally nothing in return. No explanation, no communication, just nerf and move on. The more these kinds of things happen, the more I think this just boils down to incompetence. It is as if there is no thought given to the second and third order effects of changes within the game. Seems they have a bunch of people way out of their depth (CMC).
  2. I got booted and now I cannot get back into the game.
  3. Here’s what you do: Set a banana peel at your feet. Attach (somehow, you’ll have to figure this one out) the peel to an anvil that will fall out of the sky when the Thief slips on it, bonking them on the head. This should stun them and allow you to run through a reliable DPS rotation and down then. Good luck.
  4. The Skyscale can fly for quite a long time, once you’ve figured out how to use it properly. Even when drifting back down to earth, I can sort of barely touchdown on to elevated objects, replenishing the flight meter, then launch back into the sky. If you’re looking to cover distance on it, you can’t just spam “V” off cooldown , and you have to sort of vary your altitude so that you can regain flight meter upon descent. Get some practice with it before suggesting such a large change.
  5. Disagree. Not to say it isn’t a huge tradeoff, but Warrior (using Bladesworn espec) also loses a major mechanic . Specifically, burst skills. This is an especially big tradeoff since the 2nd weaponset is rendered useless in a number of situations.
  6. Maybe the elite skill? That would be really cool… I mean, we already have piloted golems in WvW, so there is precedent. TBH, this one actually intrigues me the most out of all the especs to this point. That, and I already have Eureka, which is a perfect Engineer weapon.
  7. It’s pathetic. I’m sorry that hurts your feelings. GW2 ranked PvP is hardly a serious esport. 😂😂😂
  8. Pity them for the fact they have so much of their ego and self-worth tied up in a kittening video game. kitten ‘em.
  9. Staff… 🤣🤣🤣 GTFO. Thread is about Grenade Barrage and Explosive Entrance. Pointing at Thief staff as justification for Grenade Barrage being busted is disingenuous and ridiculous, to be completely honest.
  10. Always somebody benefiting from the imbalance, more than willing to step up and defend the indefensible. All the while, crying about Thief. 🙄
  11. It’s incredible to me that single-target backstab does 3k damage, while AoE Grenade Barrage does, what, 13-14k? Honestly, that disparity is indefensible. Even if you’re hitting a full-glass build (with backstab), you’re only gonna get around 8k damage. On what planet is that balanced? Honestly, this game is full of nonsense like this. AoEs out-damaging single-target attacks, 1200 range attacks out-damaging melee attacks, etc. Risk versus reward balance philosophy has no place in GW2.
  12. Oh yes! That is super irritating! 😂😂😂 Me: Wants to use bank Random NPC: “I’m rich, you know”
  13. Minor though it may be, placing an Aviator’s Box (or whatever) at a loot spot in order to have a laugh at the expense of someone else, is griefing. The gag may be obvious to some here, but for others, not so much. I don’t see the point of it, to be honest.
  14. How about for roaming WvW? Since you end up outnumbered a fair amount. Thank you for the first reply, btw.
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